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AN: This chapter is written from Naruto's point of view, but there will be different chapters written from Ebisu's point of view. Naruto is a little AU, but hopefully not too much.

Chapter One

Naruto POV:

Ugh I was so mad at Kakashi-sensei, and kinda hurt it I was honest. Yet again someone who didn't think I was worth their time. I mean I know I'm not the smartest ninja, or the most skilled and I can be pretty dumb, but I really thought Kakashi-sensei liked me more.

I really felt like I had been stabbed in the chest with a kunai when Kakashi-sensei said it, and I know I was ranting on loudly, I just felt a numb buzzing inside though. Sensei didn't even seem to care though, but I'd show him, I'd beat that Neji-bastard and then his precious Sasuke-bastard if it was the last thing I did. Dattebayo!

I quickly suppressed that last thought, along with the resentment I often felt for the majority of Konoha. I knew if I didn't I would have gone on a giant killing spree long ago, bet the fox would have loved that. Far too troublesome as Shikamaru would say, 'make ramen, not war' was my motto, or rather 'eat ramen' but it's all good.

I was making such a big deal of this, but kami this was unexpected. I had trusted him. He just stood there leaning against the wall with his damn porn book and didn't even have the decency to look like he cared.

I wondered if it was because of the damn fox. You know what,fine, Kakashi-sensei could be like this, I'm not going to beg anymore. In the words of the whore who lives downstairs 'He can go fuck himself up his own arse 'til his dick came out one of his eye sockets.'

I'm a super awesome ninja, I don't need him. I can do this on my own. Dattebayo.

The stink of the antiseptics of the hospital was cloying, and I know I'll always associate them with Kakashi-sensei showing what a bastard he really was.

Huh closet-pervert. He did get beaten by my harem technique, probably weaker than me. He is a jounin though, and does seem willing to train me. He never liked me before though, one of those fox-haters. Maybe I'll just go along with this, for today anyway, and if he's useless then I'll just ditch him.

He led me to a training ground that was pretty far out of the way, it was nice and secluded though. Really a typical training ground, grassy and surrounded by tall trees, although there were four training pots with heavily scarred targets in them and a nice stream at the one end of the field. Sitting down first he gestured for me to join him.

'All right Naruto-san, sit down. First I would like to apologise for how I acted towards you previously. I was incorrect in my assessment of you. I would also like to thank you for helping the honourable-grandson, he began paying far more attention in his lessons since you talked to him.'

Honestly I was surprised, and I squinted up my face to let him see it, but he seemed to be telling the truth. Oh well, he had the day to prove himself to me. People change all the time, I mean Iruka-sensei used to give me nasty looks but now he's one of my most precious people. He did have the balls to apologise after all.

'Yeah alright closet-pervert. Clearly being around such a cool ninja, the great Uzumaki Naruto has shown you the light. You need to wear more orange though. Dattebayo.'

Orange is awesome. It is the most awesome-st colour in the history of colours.

'Ah thank you Naruto-san. I hope being your sensei for the next month shall at least make it up to you a little.'

He ignored my comment about orange! Oh well, he's not ready for the greatest colour of them all yet anyway.

'Sure, what cool jutsu are you going to teach me?'

Explosion-time...bet I could impress Sakura-chan with a really cool jutsu.

'Why don't you let me know what jutsu you know, then we'll spar and test your stealth and accuracy. Then I'll see what I need to teach you.'

'I know kage-bunshin, henge and kwarmi.'

'I see, Kakashi-san has thought you no other jutsu?'

He's just a lazy pervert.

'Well, how about a quick tai-jutsu match, then accuracy testing and finally a quick test on stealth test if we have time. Begin.'

Yeah he's fast, and dammit he's not really pulling his punches very much. I keep dodging and trying to deflect his punches and kicks but I am going to be bruised for the rest of the day. OW! FUCK-IT! I need my hands for important stuff, like holding chop-sticks. Well my ass was handed to me, at least my stealth rocks, my accuracy is pretty good too though. Soon it'll be better than Sasuke-teme's.

'Now, you have five seconds to hit the four targets on the training posts.'

I got them pretty close to the bulls eye. The closet pervert's face had gotten pretty blank. Oh well, no-one is as stealthy as me!

'Stealth now'

Bastard found me in a few moments! No-one, not even Iruka-sensei has ever found me that quickly.

'Oi, how did you find me so quickly?'

'I put you under a simple gen-jutsu when I told you to hide. It made you think you were hiding far deeper in the brush than you actually were. I know enough now. Your nin-jutsu repertoire is basic at best, you have absolutely no gen-jutsu or kin-jutsu.'

'My kage-bunshins are awesome! Dattebayo'

'Yes, but be that as it may, it is only one nin-jutsu. Now your accuracy is tolerable for a genin, and that you can improve on your own but your tai-jutsu is horrendous. You show good ability at thinking on your feet but cannot recognise a basic gen-jutsu. I have heard enough of your stealth abilities to believe they are above what is required for an entry-level chunnin.'

'Shut-up. I'm not that bad'

Yep, he's a bastard

'If you would let me finish? Yes you are that bad.' He put up his hand to stop interruptions 'I believe though you have a good deal of potential, and with time and hard work would have little difficulty achieving the chunnin rank.'

'YATTA! I rock. Dattebayo!'

No-one apart from Iruka-sensie or Hokage-jiji has ever said I have potential before.

'I do not know if we will have enough time to get you up to the appropriate standard before the third round of selections'

'I have to fight, that Neji-teme hurt Hinata-chan and I promise I would kick his ass. Dattebayo!'

He sighed at me and adjusted his weird little sun-glasses.

'Fine, but we are going to concentrate on the basics for a while. I know you will need some higher level abilities for the exams, but you will have to earn them. I will not have you slacking off, do you understand?'

'I'll earn all your techniques by the time the next round comes along. Dattebayo'

'Hmm, we'll see. First a few rules. Every time you say 'dattebayo' you will do fifty push-ups. There will be no whining for jutsu-you will get them when I believe you've earned them. You will not be late and you will give me at least 110% everyday. You shall call me Ebisu-sensei and finally, the orange has to go.'


'Never, not the orange. It's my trade-mark. I can't do that, that would be like Hokage-jiji not being old. Nuh-uh'

'I see. Perhaps you could earn the orange'

He had a really creepy glint in his eyes

'These are training weights' he said as he handed me what looked like black arm bands and leg warmers.

'They help increase speed and strength over time if used correctly'

'How can you use them incorrectly?'

'Too much weight added can tear and damage your body, sometimes permanently.'

'Ok, no damaging my body by adding too much weight-gotcha'

'Put them on and start running around the clearing. If you can keep going without stop until the sunsets, you can keep the orange'

'But it's so early!'

My beloved orange, I shall stay faithful and true

'I thought you were willing to earn the orange? No?'

Sneaky bastard. That grin is so smug. I'll show him.

'I won't fail, dattebayo!'

'First drop and give me fifty push-ups though'

He was actually serious! I couldn't believe it. At least I'm fit though, I mean I do run and exercise for hours everyday. I should be able to do this. The weights aren't so bad.

'Good. Now run'

I spoke too soon, these weights are hell.

'I said run, not walk. Faster'

Yep, bastard.