After Mizuho's match against East Honmoku, Satomi and the boys packed up their bags to go back home. As they were about to leave, Yuito stopped Satomi and pulled her into a dark ally. There, he told Satomi his true feelings for her.

"What do you want Yuito?"

"Satomi, my love, I just wanted to bid you goodbye."

"Why? Couldn't you wait until we got into the bus?"

"I also wanted to give you something. I didn't want the other guys to see it." (hands Satomi the ring)

"Oh Yuito! It's beautiful!!"

"I have one more thing."

"Really? What is ---"

But before she could finish her sentence, Yuito moved forward and kissed her right in the lips. And instead of resisting him, she kissed him back. Satomi never forgot about that moment and she started crying the whole trip back. When anyone would ask, she didn't answer and just kept crying. Inside, she was confused. Why you ask? She loves Yuito but at the same time, she likes Aika. Her heart is on a roller coaster ride and she can't guess why. Why does she like Aika?

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