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Summary: Val and Vick Celebrate their anniversary. Holly and Vince decide to move in together.

Moving Out? Moving In!

Vick added the finishing touch to dinner. It had to be perfect, it just had to. After all, it was exactly a year ago that Val had escaped a locked down spa for him. In other words, it was their anniversary.

'Candles, check. Flowers, check. Champagne, check. Dinner, check. Then what am I missing?' Vick thought. Just then, Val unlocked the door, looking as stressed as usual. 'Oh, yeah that might be important.'

"Hey baby." Vick greeted.

"Ugh, Lauren is so immature. First, she shows up an hour late for work! Yeah. AN HOUR! And then she burnt a whole tray of cookie, and then she chose to take a break without letting me know. And she went out shopping with Gary. Then she forgot to close the cash register and she…" Val rambled.

"Hey, baby…" Vick cut her off.

"What?!" Val snapped, unaware of her romantic surroundings.

Vick raised his eyebrows and gestured to the dinner he slaved over.

"Wha-W-What?-Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh." Val stuttered, eyes wide in amazement that she had forgotten. She ran to the calendar. Yup, it was June 2nd, their anniversary.

"You-you-you did all this? For me?" Val questioned.

"Well, it is our anniversary."

"Oh, I completely forgot! I am sooo sorry! I've just been so stressed with Lauren, and, and, and work, and I never thought about it. I'm so sorry, can you forgive me?" Val rambled, again.

"Of course I can forgive you baby. I love you." He ran his hand through her blonde hair

"You just need to relax. Here, sit down" He sat Val down, put the dinner in front of her

and poured her a glass of champagne.

"To us." Vick toasted.

"To us." Val repeated.


Holly turned her MacBook off and clocked out of work. She slung her purse over her shoulder and headed for the elevator while looking down at her feet. 'Look how funny my feet look' she thought. As she continued to think about her feet, Vince turned the corner and smiled. He stood there until Holly realized he was there.

"Oh my god! Vince, what are you doing here?" Holly shrieked, partly amazed, but mostly startled.

"My business trip was cut short, so I came back to see you." Vince replied.

"Aww, are you the greatest or what?" Holly cooed.

"Anything for my baby" He kissed her forehead. "Hey, follow me."

"Wait, Vince, where are we going? Vince!" Holly ran after him.

She followed him outside where he was waiting for her.

"Vince, what is it?" Holly panted.

"Holly, I've been thinking about this the whole ride home," he grabbed her hands, "I think its time that we start living together."

"Oh, Vince, I would love to live with you, but I don't think I can live with Gary too. That would just be too…weird." Holly said.

"I know, that's why…" Vince

" That's why what?" Holly asked, curious.

Vince took her hand and brought her up to the 4th floor of their building. He unlocked the door to a loft. "Bam!"

"Oh my gosh, Vince, how did you…" Holly gasped.

"Remember Robin?" Vince smiled.

"Ugh, yes. The she-devil."

Vince laughed, "Well she was at the meeting the other day, and she said she felt really bad about trying to break us up, so she gave me a deal on her old loft."

Holly faked a smile, "Oh, that's… so nice of her." Holly then walked in and started ransacking the loft.

"Holly, Holly, baby, Holly, what are you doing?" Vince questioned.

"There's something wrong with it Vince, I know it, I just know it! She's out to get me again. You know she is." Holly explained in a stressed tone, while rummaging in the coat closet.

Vince chuckled, "Holly, trust me, there's nothing wrong with this place. All right? Trust me. And on the bright side, we have this whole loft all to ourselves." He put his hands around her waist.

"Okay. And that does sound nice. Wait, does Gary know? You know he'll be heartbroken."

"Are you kidding? He'll be thrilled, now Tina can move in with him. Tell you what. You go tell Val, and I'll go tell Gary." Vince reassured.

"Oh, okay." She kissed him and left.

"Hi Val!" Holly said cheery,

"Hiya Holly, what are you doing with all the suitcases?" Val asked.

"Oh, nothing really. I'm moving out , that's all." Holly said, and continued packing her suitcases.

"What? Where?" Val asked astounded.


"All alone?"

"No, I'm moving in with Vince." Holly answered.

"Oh, no Holly, I don't think that that's a good idea. You're not…" Val was cut off.

"Byee Val!" Holly said.