Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Some quotes included in this story are from the original What I Like About You show, which I do not own either. I do however own the plot of this story and any other original characters involved in the story.

Summary: A series of major secrets are too much for Gary and Vince to handle.

Please Don't Tell

Lauren paced behind the counter of the bakery. She knew it was bad, but she had to tell someone. But who? Who could she trust? For one thing, she couldn't tell Val. And even though Val was the only one who would know how to handle this, she would be so mad at her.

"Hey Lauren." Gary greeted.

"OKAY OKAY FINE I'LL TELL YOU!" Lauren exploded under pressure.

"What are you talkin' about Lauren. I just came to…"

"Rick left Julie for real this time and asked me to marry him!"


Lauren covered her face with her hands, and peeked between her fingers to see if it was safe.


"Gary, please say something." Lauren pleaded, but Gary stayed frozen in his tracks.


"Oh. My. Damn." Gary managed to get out. "Oh my damn, oh my damn this is not good. Do you know how bad this is? 'Cause Rick is Val's old boyfriend from high school and ex-fiancée, and then Val found out he was seeing HIS ex-fiancée Julie, who he got married to after Val left him. And then you had an affair with him while he was still married to Julie. And now Julie is his ex-wife and now he asked you to marry him! Do you know how pissed Val would be if you said yes?" Gary spit out within 25 seconds flat.

"Umm…you see, that's where it get worse." Lauren squeaked.

Silence. Again.

"You. ?" Gary shouted.

Lauren hid her face again, revealing the rock on her ring finger.

"Oh, I know you did not!" Gary lectured.

Lauren sighed, "I did Gary. I love him. We're going down to City Hall tonight to finalize the papers. But please, please, please don't tell Val"

"Oh I won't." Gary started.

"Oh, thank you." Lauren thanked.

"You will." And Gary left.

Tina went to knock on Holly and Vince's new loft, then hesitated. Could she trust Holly? Would Holly tell anyone? Given, Vince most definitely. And that would lead back to Gary. And she and Val weren't close enough.

'Ugh, screw it, I'll tell who ever answers the door first.' Tina thought. She knocked, and Vince answered.

"Oh hey Tina. Holly's not here." Vince greeted.

"That's okay. Can I talk to you?" Tina asked.

"Uh, sure." Vince replied, confused.

Tina stepped in and Vince shut the door.

"Okay Vince, nobody knows this but you, but…" Tina started.

"But…" Vince repeated.

"My mom wants me to move to Europe with her. And I told her I would." Tina winced.

Vince stood with his eyes wide for a second and finally managed to say "What? Does Gary know?"

Tina looked at her feet for a moment, then looked back up at Vince. Vince's eyes went wide again " He doesn't?"

"Well, know, not exactly." Tina studdered.

"Tina, he need to know. He's madly in love with you, you can't just pick up and leave." Vince said.

Tina looked at her feet again. "Maybe I could just do what Jill did to him. I could say I'm only leaving for a few weeks, and then never come back"

"Tina, if you don't tell him he'll never want to see you again when you decide to come back." Vince lectured.

"Vince, you don't understand. I can't tell Gary." Tina pleaded her case.

"Fine, if you don't, I will."

Tina jumped "No, don't! I'll tell him."

Vince glared at her.

"Tonight." Tina added, with her fingers crossed behind her back.