She fell.

In the darkness and silence she couldn't tell if she fell for a moment or an eternity, it felt like both.

Then suddenly it was over. She opened her eyes and squinted in the harsh sunlight, where was she? When was she? As more of the world came into focus she realised she was lying on golden sand not far from a river. Did she know this place? It felt familiar in some way. The world span beneath her but that was ok; she was used to feeling the turn of the worlds.

Exhaustion over took her aching body and her eyes fell shut. She never saw the two large men spot and make their way towards her.

As they approached her she tightened her grip around the object in her hand.


Vala awoke with a start gripping the bed sheets. She'd had the dream again; the one where she was falling. At least she thought it was a dream, somehow it seemed more, almost like a memory. Shaking her head she looked over at the clock on the table, the time stared back at her mockingly, glaring at her in red light.

"No point in trying to going back to sleep now" she said out loud to herself. It was pointless to even try, she knew this from experience, even if it was only 05:30 Any other day she would have quite happily settled down for another 2 hours of sleep before getting up to go meet the rest of SG1 for breakfast. Not today, not after the dream.

As she got up and headed for the shower she tried to understand her dream. Ever since she had been freed from being a host she had it. It was always the same, she was falling and then she was on the sand, then nothing.

The dream made no more sense now than they had the last 100 times. Why was she falling? Why did the place she had landed feel so familiar? Even the meaning of her thoughts evaded her. "When am I?" what kind of question was that? Why did the spinning sensation beneath her feel so natural? Like breathing or the beating of her hearts? "Hearts?" Vala thought to herself "definitely going wonko, it's really happening this time. What kind of stupid person thinks they have hearts; plural!"

Drying her thick black hair Vala thought about the other recurring dream she had.

This one was different; instead of darkness there was fire, instead of silence screaming. These two dreams had plagued Vala in the ten years since she had been free. They were all she could remember of those first few days after Tok'ra liberated her, in the days when she couldn't even remember her own name.

Even more recently when Athena had kidnapped her and her memories had been erased she still had the dreams. Unlike the others during that time these were never tinged with lost memories.

Vala hit the on button on the stereo and allowed the music to wash over her as she dressed.

Were these two dreams memories? Vala had no memory of her life before Qetesh. Even her name had been given to her by the Tok'ra. Vala; a prophetess, a sign of things to come.

By the time she finished getting ready and had placed her hair in its trademark pig tails it was near the time she would normally meet SG1. Switching the music off and lifting her jacket she headed for the door. She paused briefly just before opening it, gripping the handle. Allowing her head to rest against the door Vala let out a long slow breath. Once she was sure she had her thoughts under control she plastered on a huge smile and opened the door.

Sam was already there when she arrived in the commissary; she had stayed in her lab all night working on a new project. Vala grabbed her usual breakfast; a bowl of fruit loops, a piece of fruit (banana today), toast (coated in about an inch of strawberry jam), a yogurt (strawberry again), juice and some coffee and sat down opposite Sam. Sam made no comment on Valas breakfast, she had long since given up wondering how Vala ate so much yet stayed so slim, and began to explain the problem she was having with her project.

They were still discussing it when Teal'c arrived, then Daniel and eventually Cam joined them.

They settled into their normal routine of banter and breakfast. Vala went back up for 3 more bowls of fruit loops and, as happened every day, stated that she had no idea why General O'Neill had any problem with them, Teal'c smirked and stayed silent.

In the vortex the TARDIS twitched as a feeling niggled at the back of her mind, she tried to identify it for a moment and smiled to herself when she did. Then she started her search…

The outer spiral arm of the Milky Way, the Sol system, Earth, 2009AD, America, Colorado Springs, Stargate Command, Dr Daniel Jackson's office, the bottom drawer of the desk, under a pile of books and dust….

The pocket watch glowed bright gold for a moment and a pulse rippled through the air unnoticed.

The TARDIS hummed contentedly to herself, satisfied of a job well done.