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They stayed on Vala's bed that night, simply holding each other.

While Daniel slept Vala was content to be held in his arms. There had to be a way for this to work out. Surly she had lost enough both as Celesia and Vala that the universe owed her something in return? She spent the whole night thinking about a way to keep both all of herself and keep Daniel also.

She knew that one way or another she would lose him someday; either by time or fate.

Vala was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn't feel Daniel wake up behind her.

"Did you go to sleep at all?" he asked her, his voice rough from sleep.

"I don't need to sleep like you do darling, besides I had quite a nice view for the night." She rolled over in his arms and stared into his clear blue eyes. Daniel looked like he was going to say something but Vala cut him off. "I'm hungry." She stated simply.

Daniel laughed and kissed her on the temple before rolling off the bed and looking for his shoes. After he had asked her to stay with him last night neither of them had spoken, they had simply lay down on top of the bed holding onto each other as if this would be there only chance.

They made there way to the mess and found the rest of SG1 eating breakfast with the Doctor and his two companions. They seemed to be swapping stories. Vala groaned at the thought, wasn't it her that was supposed to torment the Doctor with stories from his past?

When they had collected there breakfast and sat down at the table Sam was in the middle of telling the story about the time the team had been sent back to 1969. The Doctor, Donna and the rest of SG1 where laughing but for some reason Martha didn't seem to be finding it as funny as them.

Donna looked over at where Vala and Daniel had just sat down, then over to Teal'c. She raised her eyebrow at him and he did the same back, she grinned. Then turning to look properly at Vala said "You must have some pretty good tales from when he was young."

The grin that appeared on Vala's face and the groan that the Doctor let out had Donna and Martha waiting eagerly.

"Well… there was the time when he was only in his 60s and…"

The doctor knew what she was going to say and interrupted her while he would still be able to look his companions in the eye. "Don't you dare Celesia! If you tell them about that then I'm going to tell SG1 here what happened to you at Lake Abydos with the singing fish!"

That shut Vala up pretty quickly, she glared at the Doctor and huffed. "Fine then, I shall just have to tell them that you never actually passed your test to be able to fly a TARDIS" she stuck her tongue out at him.

"HA! I knew you didn't know how to fly her properly." Martha told him, a grin on her face.

The Doctor tried to cover his blush and tried to take the attention off of him. "Isn't it about time you where getting back to U.N.I.T. Martha? There must be lots for you to do."

"Spoil sport" she said to him "I'm going back this afternoon; the Daedalus is going to send me before it leaves for Atlantis but I'm going back to Cardiff, not straight to U.N.I.T. to see Jack for a bit."

As the talk between the two companions turned to leaving and what they where going to do next Vala got up and left the table. At Daniels questioning look she shook her head that he shouldn't follow.

The TARDIS wanted to talk to her. Apparently she had found a solution to Vala's problem.


Vala looked at the devise in front of her.

"I'll have to talk to them about it first; I'll have to talk to him about it first."

"You could have it all." The TARDIS answered.

"But what if it's not what he wants? And what about the Doctor? It would be like abandoning him. He needs guidance if he is going to find The Child of the Vortex."

The TARDIS gave a sigh that was akin to a mother dealing with a tiresome child. "He already did, but he lost her again. She is as lost as you where, but she will come back to him eventually. You need not worry, I know how to deal with my Time Lord"

Vala chuckled, the TARDIS had always been able to manipulate Theta into doing her work. She looked back down at the table. "Are you sure about this?"


"Ok then. But only once I've talked to them, clear?"

The TARDIS hummed in response but didn't say anything.


"You're mad!" the Doctor exclaimed when she told them all her plan. He was the only one to remark on it as everyone else hadn't understood it. "You want to induce a Human-Time Lord metacrises! That could easily kill you and I think one identity crises is enough for one week don't you? You know you don't handle regeneration well."

"Well some of us don't have as much practice at it as you do!" Vala shouted back at him "And it wouldn't be a full metacrises, the Chameleon Arch would store my Time Lord DNA and information while allowing me to keep my memories. The TARDIS wouldn't have told me about this if she wasn't sure!"

"The TARDIS can be an interfering old bat when she wants to be, it doesn't mean she's right."

"Excese me" General Landry interrupted "But would one of you like to explain what you are talking about."

"I want to be human again General but keep my Time Lord memories. The TARDIS has built a device that will allow me to do that and to return to being a Time Lord when I choose to."

"And you, Doctor, think that this is dangerous?" He questioned.

"Yup" he responded, popping the 'p' "Could all go horribly wrong and she'll burn her brain up and regenerate."

"You don't know that Theta!" Vala shouted across the room at him.

The General rubbed his temple; it was like dealing with 2 children. He was glad that Carolyn had been an only child. "Vala, if you really want to do this then I can't stop you. You have my permission to go ahead."

"Well she doesn't have mine and it's my stuff she wants to use." The Doctor grumbled like a petulant child. Donna and Martha smiled at his tone of voice; they knew it was the one he used when he didn't get his own way.

The General continued as if he hadn't spoken. "Get it set up, use what ever you need off the base. You can do this Vala but I want you to do it as safely as possible."

"Yes General, thank you."

"O.k., everyone get to it, you're dismissed."

When the briefing room had emptied only Vala and Daniel where left.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked her, coming over to stand in front of the chair she was sitting in.

"This is the one thing I have always been sure about my Daniel, you are my one constant. I want to be with you." He nodded in reply and lent down placing a kiss to the forehead.

"Lets go do this then." He took her hand and led her out of the room towards the infirmary and the future.


"AAAAAARRRRGH!" Vala screamed. This hurt more than she remembered.

The others stared on in horror as Vala screamed in pain, only Martha had seen the Chameleon Arch work before.

Then it was over and she collapsed onto her knees.

It was Daniel who rushed to her side and helped her up. Doctor took the device from her head.

She beamed back up him, a full 100 watt grin. "Ask me my Daniel, ask me again."

"Stay with me Vala?"


He lent down and, right in the middle of the TARDIS in front of everyone, kissed her properly for the first time.



In the end they had stayed together for almost 70 years. Vala never regretted a day of it except maybe the last.

Daniel died in his sleep next to his wife. He was the last of SG1 and there old friends to go. General Landry, Samantha, Jack, Cameron, even Teal'c and Carolyn had all been dead for many years.

When she stood at his grave side surrounded by her children, grand children and even some great grand children she knew it was finally time.

That night she said goodbye to her family. They had known that when there father died there mother would go too. There love for each other had been so great that to live without the other was unbearable.

Daniel and Vala had been bound together since before they had ever met. Working towards each other their whole lives and now it was over.

Vala sat in her living room and waited as the TARDIS materialised. She played with the watch in her hands as the Doctor and Rose came out.

"I'm so sorry Vala" Rose said and hugged her tightly.

When she let her go Vala took a step back. Her bag was packed and everything she had wanted from the house she had shared with her husband was in it.

"Goodbye my Daniel" She whispered.

Vala opened the watch.

This time the Golden light that engulfed her was more like a raging fire. It shot out of her in all directions. She was regenerating.

When it ended Vala was gone and Celesia stood in her place.

Vala had belonged to Daniel and had died with him.

They had got their forever.