Our Night

A Claymore FanFiction.

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Chapter One.

"You two have fun now!"

Helen had quickly scurried to the gates as soon as her crow was launched .The last of the ghosts had set out into the world. They would return, with their souls cleansed of regrets from the past and ready to take up the enormous burden of freeing these lands. Miria stood atop of the watch gate, dampening the pang of hurt before it could erupt in her stomach, her sisters would be safe, she prayed, and of course, she was not alone.

"What now, Miria?"

It was the faithful voice of Tabitha, who had promised to stay with her commander while the other spectres of the north stalked off from the walls of Rabona. Miria turned and peered over her shoulder at the still expression that had come over Tabitha's face, see could see a vision of relief, and, possibly …excitement?

"We make our way back to the church, before the guards spot us"

And with that, like darting swallows they soared over the buildings and streets before stamping to a halt at the balcony of the hollowed building. They paused for a moment to gaze out to the city of Rabona. It was a noisy market day, carts rolled on dirt tracks through the streets, Stalls filled with the morning pick with sellers crowing above the crows, mothers' buying fish and hushing children who saw "a big black bird " upon the roof top. It was an alien landscape for both of them; it was too normal, it mundane. Miria was the first to turn and enter with Tabitha slowly edging after her.


The Church had provided them with dormitories, far away from the roving eyes of young priests, at the top of the building, only a certain nun and the high priests could gain entrance here which gave both of them a chance to relax from their duties. Upon entering their room Tabitha stretched and collapsed into her chosen bed while Miria simply took a seat beside a scarred, yellowing table.

"I'm not used to comfort, it hurts" came the muffled sound of Tabitha's voice from the pillow.

"Mmm.", was the primitive reply from her companion .Tabitha leered over at her fearless commander to see her once again immersed in work, several sheets and an opened ink well with the top of the pen hanging limply of the top due to the excessive biting of its owner. The only sound in the room was the scraping of an ink pen upon paper and Miria's fidgeting causing the chairs legs to moan across the wooden floor.

Tabitha rarely seen Miria sleep. Was she even capable of it? Was it uncontrollable insomnia that bruised the dark circles under her eyes or the constant regret of seven years ago? From what she knew, the half breeds could not age, well, those who lived long enough. But Tabitha could see the years take their toll on Miria, With every day her eyes grew more stoic and distant and what shook her the most was the tiny specs of silver that had begun the bless the soft pines of Miria's hair.

This was Miria's chance to release herself, yet, almost dutifully, she had buried herself in work, maybe that was how she unloaded years of anxiety, no, even Miria ,could not carry that .

Tabitha came to one conclusion.

She would have to save Miria from herself.


It was two hours before dawn, and Tabitha had risen to the sound of two drunken men squabble outside the church walls. Unable to roll back into sleep she pushed herself forward and heaved herself out of the smothering bed. The comfort was indeed killing her .She cast a gaze to the undisturbed bed of her companion, who had also abandoned her position beside the desk. Tabitha would have sighed, maybe grimaced if she had allowed it. But on this day, she would not stand on the sidelines and watch her beloved commander suffer. Rubbing the last of the sap and crust from her drunk, sleepy eyes she pulled on her navy uniform, and readied herself for the task at hand.

As she pedalled down the spiral staircase her eyes caught a glimpse of the wild pines of a certain woman's hair wondering through a dimly lit room. On further inspection the room was a library, lit by a few dying candles to ward off the dark. The silvered eyed spectre moved from one isle to another, seemingly lost, finally she came into full view, and Tabitha spared one moment to look at the bleary eyed wonder that padded around before her.

Miria was not as filled as Deneve, or as slim as Clare, Her long figure was due to her lavish torso and slender back that riveted and coiled under the thin leather suit. Her arms and legs were coordinated in their movements, never mindlessly swinging be her sides. Miria's face was what had always caught Tabitha breath. She was blessed with high cheekbones and a soft heart shaped face. Her long bangs of hair hung down to her chin and elongated her swan like neck.

"Good morning, Tabitha" addressed the calm voice of Miria.

Tabitha nearly jumped out of her skin at the realisation that she had been caught.

"Umm, Morning, Miria" she quickly ejected.

Miria had already turned and had ventured back into the jungle of literature, but stopped at the question now put forward to her

"What ...what're you looking for?" pondered the sheepish voice.

"The history section" was her factual reply, without even turning around.

Tabitha had now already scurried around two isles in search of Miria's promised destination, firstly she wanted to aid her and then, to avoid the deafening silence that saturated the musky air .Within seconds, found the wall of text with "History" carved into the top of the stand.

"Dah..here it is" she hushed over the isles towards rather surprised blonde.

"Oh ...It was right in front of me" and then something Tabitha had heard only seldom, Miria's soft self mocking chuckle. The awkward silence broke, much to the immense relief of Tabitha, as Miria glided over beside Tabitha to survey the sea of writing.

"What were you looking for?"

"History of Religion and the dispute of territories in North, South and West ."


"Hmm? "

"Well I just thought you would be the romance type" Tabitha tittered.

Another wondrous giggle fluttered out of Miria's lips.

"The last romance novel I read was a tragedy."

" Really? How did it end?"

"No I meant it was crap"

It was Tabitha's turn to laugh; Miria's language never leaned to the profane, perhaps, the dormant happiness hormones had now slowly introduced themselves back into Miria's system. Desperate to keep up the emotion, an idea sparked into Tabitha's head.

"Why not find a good one then? I mean you have plenty of time to look through the history" Tabitha stated matter of factly, chin aimed higher as she pondered through the various titles of the history section.

"Hmm…I Think I might." And with that she slinked off again before taking a sharp right which lead to the darker part of the library. Tabitha soon followed to find Miria trailing a gloved finger across the spines of the forgotten fiction that was ruthlessly abandoned by the scholars that studied and quarrelled in theses walls. Her digit paused and landed on a maroon hardback, she peeled it from its dusty lair, opened it and read out:

"The world shall consume the day with its mortal tendencies, but ours is the night."

"Sounds lovely ."

"We'll see."

And before Tabitha could reply, Miria had silently stalked off into the darkness. Tabitha stood for a second wondering if she had conquered up the result of Miria's sudden departure when from the door she heard:

"Found something you like yet Tabitha? It's nearly sunrise" was the loud retort.

"Don't shout in the library!" she bellowed and she jogged to the exit before sprinting back, grabbing a random book and pinching the candles and padded off into the fading darkness as the Sun rose into the Heavens.


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