Harry sat in his rooms at number 12 Grimwald place wondering what was going on. All he knew was that Lucius Malfoy had shown up and told Sirius that they had to speak. Sirius had asked Harry to go up to his room and now he was left in the dark. He sighed it was nothing new and he knew Sirius would fill him in later if he needed and Harry knew that but he was so tired of being treated like a child, he was 17 tomorrow he would be 18! He stood and began to pace his rooms that he had come accustomed to over the past few months. He was grateful when Sirius had come to collect him from the Dursley's and told him that he did not have to go back ever again. He sighed and picked up a book that he had been reading and tried to wait patiently.


Sirius looked over at the blond aristocrat frowning "So? What is so important that you had to come over here and ruin the day before Harry's birthday?! He demanded.

Lucius glared at the man as he locked the door and set a silencing charm. "Believe me Black I wouldn't e here unless I had to be here." he looked over at Remus "Does he need to be here, this matter really just concerns Harry"

"YES!" Sirius snarled "Remus is my mate and if this mater concerns Harry then he needs to be here as well."

Lucius sighed "Very well, as you know Draco had his birthday this past June.."

"Yes, over a month ago" Sirius frowned. "What has this got to do with Harry?"

Lucius sighed "I received a letter from Gringotts." he said slowly "It seems that Draco and Harry have been betrothed."

"WHAT?!!" Remus snarled

"That's impossible without parental knowledge, or consent." Sirius glowered at Lucius.

"Or grandparents consent" Lucius said softly "It appears that my father took it upon himself to approach James about Harry before he was born. They entered into this agreement that Harry and Draco would marry or both children will not receive their inheritance…" he said handing the letter to Sirius. "I went down to the bank and to the ministry, trying to get them out of it.."

Sirius took the letter and read it slowly as Remus came up behind him to read over his shoulder. "And what did you find out?" Sirius asked softly his heart clenching.

"There is no way out of it, I thought that since my father did it and not I; I could find a loop hole but my father made dam sure I couldn't. On top of that the minister at the time backed the contract, it's legal, it's binding, and there is no way out of it.." Lucius looked pained he was now saddled with this 'family' and he had to accept it of his son would be cut from his will and his fathers will, and not by Lucius' choice.

"Why haven't we got anything?" Remus asked glaring at the man.

"I got Draco's on his 18th birthday, you'll get your tomorrow.." Lucius said "I wanted to forewarn you. I don't want my son to lose everything, Sirius, and if they're not married he will. They both will be cut from the will's.." He looked over at the man he had come to hate so much. "I am willing to put the past in the past and start again but I won't lie it's for my son.."

"Does Draco know?" Remus asked softly.

Luicus sighed "I told him," he nodded "He.. Is happy about it believe it or not. He said he wants to"

Sirius sighed softly "We need to tell Harry. How long do we have?"

"They have to be married before September 1st."Lucius sighed "I don't know why there's a deadline but there is.."

Sirius sighed softly "Why didn't James tell us?!! He demanded.

"Probably for the same reason my father didn't tell me. Fear that we would interfere with what they wanted. Why they wanted this? I whish I knew." Lucius said softly. "You need to speak to Harry about this, I know he'll be mad but please make him think about it.."

"I will." Sirius said softly. "I guess shopping and dinner is out now.." he looked over at Remus.

"I don't think so." Remus said placing a comforting hand on his lovers shoulder. "I think it's best that we don't change our plans. Lets take him out and shop for clothing and the things we know he needs and then after dinner we'll sit down and talk to him." Remus said softly

Lucius nodded "I'll be in touch.."

"Yes, thank you Lucius." Sirius showed him out "We will need to speak further about this."

"I know Sirius. I will be in touch." Lucius moved out the house and as the door closed behind him he moved to the end of the street and with a loud crack dissaperated.

Sirius turned back to Remus "I just can't believe this is happening"

"It is and we have to work through it, we'll take to Harry." He pulled Sirius into his arms and kissed him softly "Come love lets get ready to go.."

"Yes.." Sirius smiled softly "I hope James knew what he was doing." he muttered

"We have to trust that he did.." Remus said softly "Come on, before Harry think we forgot about him" he chuckled as they moved up the stairs and to Harry's bedroom.