Ron sat beside Harry holding his new daughter in his arms while he watched Harry play with his children. "How do you keep up with them all? I can barely keep up with my three."

Mrs. Weasley chuckled "You guys were worse, they at least listen to their parents.."

Harry laughed, "We've been blessed with good children." he said with a soft smile.

"How is Lucius?" Sirius asked softly.

Harry sighed. "He's not doing well, it's been four months of hell for Draco, watching his father fade before his eyes.."

Draco flooed through to Malfoy Manor worried. "Severus? What's wrong?"

Severus was standing waiting for him, he held a two potions bottles in his hands and a glass of wine. He looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. "Your Father is worse.." he said softly as they moved to the stairs.

Draco moved with him worried. "How are you?"

Severus sighed, this was not going to be easy. "Draco." He swallowed hard. "Your father, I can't let him suffer anymore.." he said looking at the bottle in his hands. "And I can't be here with out him."

Draco knew what he was saying. "Severus, no.." he wasn't sure if he could handle losing both of them.

"I'm sorry, you're a son to me, and I know deep down you understand.." He whispered. "That's why I need you here, I want you here as we leave.." they had reached the room, "Please, Draco?"

Draco wiped his eyes and nodded. "I love you Severus.." He whispered as they moved into the room.

Lucius was laying in bed his breathing labored and he was coughing badly. "Draco" he whispered, reaching for his son, clearly in pain, his gray eyes were clouded and dark.

Draco moved to his father's side, "Easy Father, I'm here.." he took his father's hand as Severus moved closer to them.

"Lucius, love. I have your potion.." He whispered sitting beside him on the bed. He looked over at Draco then slowly opened the bottle.

Draco moved to assist his Father to drink the potion that would end his suffering. "I love you father.."

"I love you son, and I am so proud of you..." he whispered as he laid back down starting to close his eyes.

Severus wiped the tear away and hugged his 'son' then drank his potion and wine. He crawled into bed beside Lucius and pulled his husband to him.

Draco reached for both of their hands and tried to steam back the tears.

"Don't cry, Draco, we'll all ways watch over you and our grandbabies.." Severus whispered as he slipped into slumber.

Draco watched their breathing become slow, then it stopped. He checked for his Father's pulse, then Severus's, when he was certain they were gone, he bowed his head and cried.

It was two hours later that Sirius went to find Draco. He moved into the master bedroom to see Draco sitting beside the window gazing out.

"I was on the way.." He whispered glancing at the door.

"Are you all right?" Sirius moved to him noting Lucius and Severus laying on the bed clearly gone.

"It hurts..." he whispered. "The coroner will be back in about twenty, and the funeral plans are all ready made. There is really not much for me to do." he sniffled and turned pain filled eyes to him.

"Your father wanted to make sure that you wouldn't have to think about it.." he said moving to him and sitting beside him.

Draco looked at Sirius. "I don't think I can do this, losing mother was so hard on me.." he wiped away the tears wanting someone to take control. Right now he was not the Father of ten plus two on the way, he was not the head of the top hospitial for magical water cretures, no, right now he was a man hurting for the lose of his Father and dad.

Sirius took him into his arms. "It's ok to cry.." he whispered softly.

Draco let himself be pulled into the embrace and let his barriers break and cried.

Sirius held him as if he was his own son and let him cry himself out as the mediwizards moved in to take care of the bodies and prepare them for the funeral. After they left with Draco's permission there was another knock on the door.

Draco looked up the see Blaise standing in the door way. "Draco I'm sorry but Harry's gone into labor.."

Draco looked at his friend as if he hadn't heard him, but then stood offering a hand to Sirius. "Thank you."

"What else is family for, come on Harry need's you.."

All of the kids where in the parlor waiting for someone to tell them if they had brothers or sisters or a brother and a sister.

The floo activated and their Father stepped in, he greeted them all then hurried to his room.

Not even twenty mimutes later Draco stepped into the parlor with a soft smile, holding two little bundles. "Two boys.." he said chocking back the tears.

Sirius stood as did the other adults to get a good look at the new babies, as they children gathered around their Father. "What's their names?"

"Harry and I have named them, Lucius Abraxas Potter Malfoy, and Severus Talbit Potter Malfoy.." He smiled as the babies were past around.

Draco watched as Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, Blaise and the other's held the new babies, the last additions to his side of the family, he and Harry had taken the sterilization potion.

Life went on.....


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