This is my new story, A Letter for My Love.

Edward goes off to war in 1918, while his betrothed, Bella, stays back. They write letters to each others, so it will be in letter form. But danger strikes anyway.

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I sighed deeply; I wanted Edward to return home from war now. I simply could not bear it, being here, alone in this town. It was as though I was dead with out him. Bu time passes, even for me.

I had my friends, and my mother and father, though the former were of absolutely no comfort to me. They were far too wrapped up in their 'superb' social life, whether it was beguiling the Newtons and their horrendous son who has taken to me, or having a tea with the Webbers, it was of little consequence to me.

My papa, on the other hand, was wonderful. I most definitely took after him. He longed not for the posh society, bit for simplicity. It was at my mother's request we came here, he lived to make my mother and I happy. I would happily leave it all in a moment, particularly if my love, Edward was next to me, by my side, as he promised, not fighting in some silly war which does not involve him.

I shall write him a letter.

I got up from my garden seat from where I watched our manservant Jacob toil in his daily duties. I went to my vanity, where I took out a pen, paper, and ink.

"My dearest Edward," I wrote,

It pains me that you are far away where I can not feel strong arms around me, see your dazzling smile, hear your sweet whisper in my ear, whispering mellifluous words of our love, pure and sweet. I wish you were here; I shall not hide my feelings.

I pray you are safe, I wonder privately to myself if you are unhurt. I beg of you to come back safely; take every possible precaution, my love, so as to come back to me whole and unscathed.

When you return, we shall make wedding arrangements. My papa is bursting at his seams with happiness. And my mother, well, you know her. She has been boasting to all of her ridiculous friends that her daughter is marrying Edward Masen, the son of Chicago's most prominent lawyer.

May she and all her friends choke on their lukewarm tea and stale biscuits and cakes them seem to so love.

My love, I long for you to be by my side, with me in this tedious time of war. You would dull the pain and ease my mind. I know not why we must be involved in a war, it seems silly to me. To war on another country simply for boredom seems wrong and unfair.

To war for any reason seems to be excessively iniquitous. What of the young men who are killed? What of their families? What of the widows, the mothers, the sisters, the brothers? It seems to me that war especially plagues the women in a country.

But I shall no longer waste your precious time on this war, my opinions matter not.

I pray for your safe, timely return.

I love you, forever and always.

With all of my heart, body and soul,

Your Bella.