In the year 2003 Buffy Summers and Faith LeHane destroyed Sunnydale, California, thus, saving the world from the Hell mouth and all it's holdings and giving the power and strength of the Slayer to every girl in existence.

Or so they thought anyways.

When they had thought to have given the power of the Slayer to every girl Willow's spell had backfired and worked on only those in close range to the Slayer. It and now it seems that only two Slayers must be allowed now and when the girls, Kennedy, Amanda, and all of the others, had sadly passed no new Slayer had appeared. Buffy was frightened and tracked down them all after they had departed and gone their separate ways only to find them all dead. She and Faith had walked right into a trap tracking down the ones who'd killed the others and died that night, attacked by over 100 vampires. They fought down 32 before they'd ultimately given up.

It's now January of the year 2009. Many have died and it's only getting worse with every single passing day.

Four sets of slayer's have now come and gone. All of them had been caught of guard. With every passing Generation the Slayer's seem to get more and more and more lazy. The Watcher's council was reinstated by Giles. But, Watcher's have been giving up and disappearing, some not even bothering to show up to guide their Slayer's after the death of Wesley Windom-Price. Now all that's left is the Council's head watcher.


My name is Sydne LeAnne Rice. I was called as a Slayer only 4 days after my 14th birthday; I worked alone, training, fighting, and slaying all by myself until Giles figured out my secret one night on his way home when he caught mid stake of a vampire with one bad hair do. I'm 18 now as of two and a half weeks ago. Only Giles and my three best friends of all time know about me being the Chosen One. Those three people happen to be the best three people I know. Delia, one of the best, and only, witches in Alameda County California, she's utterly amazing, as a person really, her magic is a little shaky. I still have the pencil lead scar on my arm to prove it too. She got into witchcraft through Giles after they'd done a protection on the Library. Next up is Myles who is and always will be my best guy friend ever. He's not very strong but he's a fast runner which comes in handy, you know being the best friend of the Chosen one and all. And of course, last but not least, Skylar. Ah Skylar. How to explain him? Hmm. He's pretty strong even though he may not look like it. He's very book smart and well versed in the knowledge of the demon variety. Skylar was odd even before I met him. His cousin Willow and her friends used to tell him stories of demon's and vampires and tons of other big bad creepy things when he was growing up. Skylar befriended Giles in tenth grade when he caught him with some big, old, dusty, scary looking book, WHICH has turned out to be quite a insightful big, old, dusty, scary looking book us at times…along with all the other big, scary, dusty books in the library…and at Giles' flat, and it turned out Giles knows Willow. They worked with another Slayer. Buffy to be exact…

Up until now we've only dealt with Vampires and a demon or two here and there. Giles serves as my Watcher and we're what we he calls the new and improved Scoobies. But lately, things have gotten worse.

Much worse.

Demons every week, twice the amount of vampires, triple the deaths.

To be honest... I'm afraid.

Very afraid.

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