"Ring Ring"

As his alarm went off; he lost his connection to her face. He had only 5 minutes left before he had to leave. Somewhere new was calling him. He headed for the door; turned around for the final time to glance at the new Master Wizard. He had grown accustomed to her over the time he knew her. He had grown accustomed to her over the time he knew her. Better than accustomed. He didn't want to leave. He had no choice. It was for her own good. If she knew the truth, it would kill her. He walked over to the sleeping girl. Her pale face, her sliver hair. Her innocent red lips pulled him closer, closer until the point where he bent down to the young girl's lips and kissed her lightly. "I love you," he whispered pulling the door closed. Trying to fight back the tears was hard enough but trying not to look back was worse. He loved her

Walking out the backdoor, -a feeling he knew so well-, was one of the hardest things he had to do. Looking at the castle for the last time, a single tear escaped the enchanted imprisonment.

A sleek, black car with tinted windows pulled up beside him. It was time. Bracing himself, the door swung open. A hand gestured him into the car. Vaith put his hand out and clutched his savior. It's only to save her he said to himself. No other though ran through his head.

Waking up to the sound of her alarm, the girl stretched out and reached for the snooze button.

"Vaith, it's time to get up," said the girl who was moving from the bed to the bathroom. By this time she would get a grunt or a groan but nothing. Pure silence. Deadly silent. It was just thought of the innocent girl, but maybe he wanted five more minutes and left him to get herself ready. When she was ready she went back to wake her vaith up. "Honey, it's time to get...Vaith?" She looked around. She knew he was there when she went to sleep. Maybe he went to breakfast she thought. Leaving the room she noticed that there ware no remands of Vaith. Looking puzzle she left the room in order to search for him.

She looked at her watch.

"Oh my god! Is that the time? I'm going to be late," she said to herself. She normally was late even though she tried to be on time. She walked down the corridor which she knew so well. The purple walls and green carpet, so what the colour scheme doesn't match. She still loved it.

"Mel, where have you been? I've been looking for you for ages," said a man in very formal clothing and a look on his face like he wasn't playing about.

"Yue… whatever is the matter?" said Mel with her head turning to one side looking confused.

"I wanted to know if you've seen Vaith. He's missed training today and there's an invasion being planed by Caldia. We need his help to stop this." Yue stated.

Mel could only reply with "Well, I will sort out Caldia as I am the Master Wizard after all. About Vaith…well…I've not seen him either. I thought he went to training early,"

Mel was now utterly confused but very cleverly covered it up with a serious look. She often done this when she had no idea what people was talking about.

"Maybe if we look in his office it might tell us where he is or even a clue. You know how childish he is. I was going to do this at first but I thought he might be with you but that's why I held it off for a bit. So shall we?" Mel nodded. She agreed to Yue's proposal. Yue grabbed the spare key from his office draw and made his way to Vaith's office.

Vaith's office was surprisingly tidy for once. Normally it has papers all over the desk, all over the coffee table and on the floor too and clothes which he needed to put in the washing or even away. This time it was all tidy. No papers. No clothes. No nothing. It was like it was an empty office. Yue and Mel both looked at each other. Communicating through movement and facial expressions. Both thinking the same thing, what's going on here?

Mel was walking across the room hoping the find something which could solve the mystery of the missing man. She stopped by the oak desk with gold detail around the edges. A letter? A letter was neatly placed on the desk being help up by the lamp. Her name was on it.


It caught her eye. She looked at Yue. He saw it too. She put up the letter and they both sat on the coffee table together ready to read it the letter. "Open it," Yue said looking very concerned but his eye told a different story. Carefully the letter opened.

My darling Mel,

I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I wanted to tell you in person but it was just too hard. I'm not coming back. I want to but I can not. Someone wanted you. Someone needed you. I couldn't let them take you. I didn't want them to take you. I loved you too much.

You're stronger than me. You will pull though. However where I am, I cannot come back from where I am nor can I change who I have now become.

I will always love you. I will see you when your soul is free.

I am now death.