"He" was there!

The one which my heart wanted to meet. All this time searching, wishing, wanted. Her dream had come true. No! She did not want it to be like this.

The door open to a large round wooden table centred in the middle of a deep blue painted room. She wished to shrug the vibes on the small body. Could she? Of course not. Sitting at the table happened to be the a person to be the exact image of her. Just only much younger. Her jaw dropped, the confusing look she gave overwhelmed her.

"I know what you'r thinking," he said looking deep into her eyes. "You was looking for someone was you? Well you'll have to deal with me for now. You'll meet Vaith later." The grinned emerged from his face.

"Slythfarn?" Mel stuttered.

Slythfarn looked very much he did before he 'disappeared' and Mel took his place. The same old teenager with wisdom beyond believe shown through his eyes.

"What are you doing here? What am I doing here?" Mel slammed both fists onto the table making Slyth jump back. If any thing he was expecting that wasn't one of them. " If you don't tell me what is happening right now I'll…I'll"

"What scream? Good luck."

The men who took her to the room brought a chair and ushered Mel to sit in it and calm down. The glass on water on the table was one of many colours. Deep blue, green and violet. Unsure whether to drink, she left the glass there. In stead she looked at Sylth with wondering eyes. What am I doing her? The question burning in to her mind.

"I guess I should tell you what your doing here? The matter of fact is all the Master Wizards end up here."

"And where is here?" Sylth shot her a shocking look like she should already know.

"God. Yue has taught you nothing. You are in the true mages world. The place where people like you and me belong. I guess I should start from the beginning," Mel nodded with antipation.

"When someone is been given the title as Master Wizard they only have that title for 3 years. After three years, you become 'death' and look after the the world were in now. Yue should have told you this since your 3 years are up. I was hoping to enjoy the rest of my immortality with the rest of the Master Wizards but since that dumb arse Vaith has decided to take your place I have to stay here longer." Sylth looked over at Mel to see if she follows. She tried to over it up and not vey well at that.

"Vaith, is here?" She spoke quietly like she was talking to herself yet expected a response.

"He was, yes. Well… that was until we found out about the note he wrote to you. I had a deal with him. If he came in your place, you could still be the Master Wizard however if he tells anyone you switch back. Normality restored."

"I've got to stay here forever?" A small tear escaped her eye, reject that she never thanked her family, friends and that she took everything for granted.

Slyth nodded, "There's nothing you can do. You can't fight it so then don't try. And before you can't go home. If anyone asks for you, you missing."