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Rhiannon: I can has steal you?
Jasper: . . .

She was sick of it. The perfection, he was just too perfect. No one should be that perfect.

She wanted . . . someone like him. The brother. The one who was always there, just never part of the main picture. A shadow.

She didn't care about the lack of restraint, or the scars, even the fact he tried to kill her on her birthday.

She just needed to get away from the perfection that was Edward.

When she was with Jasper, she felt the way that way that she used to with Edward. She felt free, loved, happy and in love.

Being with Jasper was just easier. He was a breath of fresh air to a dried up, still, parched desert.

He wasn't over protective, he didn't have close up barriers that would be pushed, he was just so. . . amazing. He was perfection in the eyes of someone who knew that perfection means having something wrong with you.

With Edward she felt so inferior, but with Jasper she felt equal.

Everyone was out hunting – except for Jasper and Emmett.

Emmett was. . . God knows where Emmett was.

He was believed to have gone to the store to get Bella some food; he'd probably be a while, especially as he didn't have a clue what food was edible and what was meant to be used only for cooking.

Bella sauntered up to Jasper and tapped him on the shoulder. He mind was made up, there was no going back.

"You." She said simply. He looked at her with a puzzled expression. Even he wasn't sure what she felt when she said that one word.

She laughed quietly, reading the expression on his face like a book. "I pick you, silly."

He couldn't have smiled bigger how he smiled then.

He pulled her towards him and put his face in her long, mahogany hair, inhaling the scent that would be with him for all eternity "I knew you would." He stated simply.

He chastely kissed her and grabbed a pen and some paper, handing them to her.

Bella quickly scrawled two words on the paper and left it on Edward's couch in his room.

Then Jasper and Bella left to search for Emmett, knowing what he would be capable of doing to the supermarket….

When the others got home, Edward and Alice knew that something was up. Call it instinct. Call it Alice seeing clearly for the first time in weeks. Call it the fact the house wasn't supposed to be empty.

They flew up to Edward's room to investigate, knowing what it would say before they read it.

And there, on the couch they found the note. It simply said.

"We're Sorry."

Somehow, they always knew it would end up like that.

Because, really, they were perfection.