AN: bam. And we're back. Accredit this one to the fact that team jonas is down :(
Just a short drabble so don't expect anything long, kaaaay? enjoy. it's a bit messed up.
p.s it was because of eles encouragement i posted this – i wasn't going to. so this one is dedicated to her :)

Summary: you can't erase what's written in shiny black ink.

Disclaimer: I don't even have a freaking job, and you expect me to own all this? psh.


When writing with Shiny black ink, it's best to write on plain White paper.

The Grey paper won't do it. You might not know that straight away. But you'll learn.

The gossip magazines called them "Shess" and so did her best friend.

Caitlyn found it absolutely hilarious the press had made names for all of them. She belonged to the paring "Naitlyn" while Mitchie belonged to "Jitchie."

Nate and Caitlyn. Mitchie and Jason.

Shane and Tess.
(she's like shiny black ink.)

Everyone knows Tess. She's the new Angelina. She made her mom proud.
(for the first time in her life, so God dammit she's going to do whatever she has to do to keep it that way.)

She didn't think TJ would be very proud now though.

(they'll all know soon.)

He promised her wouldn't say a word.

The sirens flashed around her. The police man dragged her backwards, away from the scene. She screamed, tears cascading down her face. Time moved in slow motion. Mitchie sobbed over his dead body. Nate cradled Caitlyn in his arms, her face hidden in his chest, tears rolling silently down his face. Shane didn't fight his cuffed hands. Jason lay dead on the wet pavement.

Shiny black ink doesn't show up easy on Grey paper. Shane was composed as they bundled him into the backseat and switched on the sirens. But his eyes burned into her with hate and the last droplets of love he ever had for her as they pulled away.

Shiny black ink is perfect for White paper. It gets everywhere. You can see it. You know its there, with a single glance. Jason clutched a bundle of flowers in his hand with the letters "T E S S" written in large capitals on the paper stuck to the outside of the plastic. In the other hand was a box. A box holding a ring.

The Shiny black ink can never stop itself from getting everywhere. It works well on some things, but not so well on others. Grey paper and Shiny black ink don't work well together, but plain White paper and Shiny black ink do.

Shane loved his Shiny black ink and once upon a time, Tess tried to make her Shiny ink work on the Grey paper. But she fell for the White paper and left her mark all over him.