Vanishing voices, muted footsteps

What have you done?

Fading hollers, raucous laughter

You left just as the real pain begun

Death at the hands of sick men

I have too many years ahead

But you didn't give that a second thought

Look at all the blood I've shed

A perfect life lost in the blink of an eye

What have you done?

I had plans, dreams and hopes

I wanted my golden-haired son

They'll find me in the morning

With my golden hair tangled in the snow

My violet eyes will be vacant

I hope my mother and father know

I was beautiful, and you knew it

The world was wrapped up in my hands

What have you done?

You ruined my ideal plans

It was only about you, wasn't it?

You wanted to own me

But you never loved me, really

Now you have set me free

I wish you the worst

Don't call me bitter

What have you done?

Leaving me destroyed on the ground

On this very cold night in winter

An Eternity Later

That is my story, fair Bella

It's not a very happy one

So don't be so eager for

Your human life to be done

They all marvel my beauty, sweet Bella

But I would trade my golden waves

Just to be you

So that we could all lie under graves

Why don't you realize, kind Bella

What a blessing it is to die!

It would be heaven, I swear

To become another cloud in the sky

I hope that you understand now, naive Bella

Because those men left me to die

If I vote for your mortality

Well, Isabella, at least now

You know why