Frontier 02: Rebirthing- Chapter 1: Heading Out

madjack89: I'm baaaaaack! Did you miss me?

Everyone: Madjack!

Takuya: Finally we can get on with the story!

madjack89: Yes we can, Taki! But first…

Kouji: I hate it when she says that.

madjack89: …I'll recap everything that happened in Frontier 02: Home Frontier!

Kouichi: Um, why?

JP: Yeah, if anyone is reading this, it'll be the people that already read F2HF, and I doubt they need a…

madjack89: I WANT TO DO IT!

JP: Um…okay then.

madjack89: Yay! Okay, let's see. It all started about a year after the original series, and everyone randomly got their D-Tectors back! Yay! And there were four new kids that got D-Tectors! Yay! So the gang found these other kids (quite by accident) and told them what the heck was going on. Their names were Kira (Ranamon), Shino (Arbormon), Daiki (Grumblemon), and Hotaru (Mercurymon).

Daiki: Call me Dai!

madjack89: Oh yeah, he likes to be called Dai.

Daiki: Thank you!

madjack89: Here's what basically happened after that. They went to a dance, and there they met Gatomon. They thought she was just a nice little lost Digimon, but she was actually working undercover for Ilsemon, a dark demonish Digimon.

Kira: And Taki was an idiot!

madjack89: I'm getting there, Kira. After the dance, Hotaru got all mad at everyone for not treating Dai like one of the group. But then they saved Dai from a Digimon, so he warmed up to them a little.

Hotaru: Can you blame me? Hotaru's line count: 1 You're counting? HLC: 2 Jeez… HLC: 3

madjack89: After that, the gang forced Taki and Kira into a closet together, and they confessed their love for each other! But on the other side of the romance chart, Kouichi got the feeling that he and Zoe are never gonna get together! No!

Shino: Partially my fault.

Zoe: In what way?

Shino and Kouichi: Uh…

Zoe: Hey, you guys are hiding something, aren't you?

madjack89: Calm down, Zoe. You'll find out eventually…thatshinolovesyoutoo.

Zoe: What?

madjack89: Moving on! After that, Gatomon's brother, Wizardmon, had set up a special attack with Ilsemon, and they decided to do a "test run" on Kouichi. Unfortunately, Kouichi ended up attacking Kouji in the process of this test, got freaked, and ran away!

Kouji: It really didn't require any running away, though.

Kouichi: I'm sorry.

Kouji: Stop apologizing!

Kouichi: I'm sor…no wait…ah!

madjack89: About a week later, Takuya and Kouji found Kouichi being held captive by Wizardmon, who attempted to unleash the full extent of the attack on Kouichi. But before it hit Kouichi, Kouji jumped in front of him and took the attack himself, though the affects didn't come into play until about a month later.

Kouji: Oh, great…

madjack89: Ilsemon, working through the attack, used Kouji's grief-stricken memories of his crush, Seiko, who died in a car crash protecting him, to gain control over him and make him want to kill the others! No! Meanwhile, Kouichi and Zoe FINALLY got together!

JP: And Tomoyo started to sneak her little way into my heart!

madjack89: Takuya, Zoe, and Kouichi confronted Kouji in a temple and Kouichi began to remember something connected with his transformation into Duskmon…

Kouichi: I did?

madjack89: Zoe retreated with the immobilized Kouichi while Takuya and Kouji began to fight! Meanwhile, the burn that Shino got from his fight with Wizardmon is revealed to be able to track Wizardmon! But as Wizardmon is about to deliver the final blow in their fight, Shino found the strength inside him to Beast Spirit Evolve!

Shino: Yay for me.

madjack89: Meanwhile (again), Ilsemon realized she needed to cover up some memories that should have been sealed in Kouichi, replacing them with Kouji's memory of Seiko's death. Horrified, Kouichi rushed to get to Kouji, dragging Zoe with him. Zoe, on the other hand, is concerned about Kouichi not knowing what had happened to him.

Kouichi: What happened to me?

madjack89: To close this arc, Gatomon brought her sister, Witchmon, to the human world to cure Kouji. Wizardmon, badly injured from his bout with Shino, used the last of his strength to kidnap Gatomon and transport them somewhere!

Takuya: Jerk.

madjack89: After another few months or so, Ilsemon sent some of her loyal Digimon servants to provoke the gang! These Digimon were Renamon, Impmon, and none other than Duskmon!

Kouji: Speaking of jerks…

madjack89: After a LONG series of fights (in which Kouichi was taunted by Duskmon, JP and Tomoyo got together, Shino learned about Kouichi's full past, and tons of other stuff) Ilsemon's Digimon retreated, saying they'd see the gang again in the Digital World. Taking this as a challenge, Takuya and the gang decided to head to the Digital World!

JP: Jeez, we've done a lot of crap!

Hotaru: And we'll just keep doing more. HLC: 4 I promise I'll talk more in this, okay? I'm just kind of a shy person.

madjack89: Okay, fine. I understand cause I'm like that, too (shock)!

Tommy: Can we start the chapter now?

madjack89: Sure! But before that, there are a couple things I have to clarify!

Takuya: Like?

madjack89: Well, at this point, Hotaru and JP are 14, Kouji, Kouichi, Kira, and Shino are 13, Dai, Zoe, and Taki are 12, and Tommy has turned 11!

Tommy: Wow, that's the same age you guys were when we went to the Digital World the first time!

JP: You sure are growing fast, kid.

Takuya: Stop growing!

madjack89: Okay, time for all your questions to be answered, because here we go!

Steam billowed from the cave as a cloaked figure stepped up to its opening, peering inside curiously. She stared into the cave for a moment, trying to figure out what was inside. Or who, for that matter.

After a moment, she snickered. "Looks like someone needs a wake-up call," she muttered, a small ball of light appearing in the palm of her hand. She held the light out and began to walk slowly into the cave.

The light illuminated the figure she had been looking for. It looked mostly like a train, the only difference being that it had a face and was snoring loudly, smoke coming from its open mouth.

"Hey Worm! Wake up!" the cloaked figure yelled suddenly, causing the train to jump.

Worm looked around the cave frantically until his eyes rested on the cloaked figure. When he saw her, he relaxed. "Jeez, Witchmon, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought that SHE had finally found me or something."

"Isn't that everyone's fear these days?" Witchmon muttered, getting back to her point. "Anyway Worm, I've got a special mission for you."

"If it involves going to the Dark Area, I already said no," Worm said vehemently, eyes narrowing.

"It's even more important than that," Witchmon said, smiling. "Do you remember the route to the human world station?"

Worm glanced at Witchmon curiously. "Sure, no Trailmon ever forgets a route they've taken. Why?"

Witchmon glanced around her, quickly extinguishing her light. "Because the legendary warriors are about to rise again!"

Takuya stepped slowly out the door of his room, lingering in the opening for a moment. He turned, staring back at his room wistfully. He shook his head quickly, his determined expression returning.

I've got a mission, he thought, walking down the hall as he would any old day. He paused at his door, grabbing his hat and goggles from their hook by the door. He put them on, smirking to himself.

"No one would recognize me without these babies," he said to himself, positioning his famed goggle firmly on his forehead.

"You're leaving now, aren't you?" Takuya turned, seeing his younger brother standing behind him, looking sad.

"Shinya," Takuya began.

"Here!" Shinya suddenly exclaimed, holding out a salamander shaped keychain.

Takuya stared at it for a moment. "Is this for me?"

Shinya nodded, trying not to let his brother see he was near tears. "It's for luck," he mumbled. "It's a salamander, to represent fire."

Takuya smiled, ruffling his brother's hair and grabbing the keychain. "I'm sure it'll give me lots of luck," he said. "Not that I'll need it. Ilsemon won't know what hit her; you'll see."

Shinya nodded, grinning at his brother's overconfidence. "Just be careful."

"I should be telling you that. You're the one who has to explain to Mom where I am when I don't come home." Takuya shuddered, picturing his mother's furious expression.

"Chikao said he'd help," Shinya said.

"Yeah," Takuya said, smiling slowly. "Take care of things while I'm gone, okay?"

Shinya was about to answer when there was a sudden knock on the door. Takuya turned and opened it to the young warrior of ice, Tommy.

Shinya narrowed his eyes as Takuya smiled at Tommy. "Ready?" Takuya asked briefly.

Tommy smiled back. "Of course I am." He then turned to Shinya and said, "Try to be careful, okay?"

"Sure," Shinya muttered quickly, staring at the floor to hide the jealousy he knew must be plastered all over his face.

Tommy nodded, turning around and walking down Takuya's front steps. Takuya stepped out the door and, with a quick reassuring glance at his brother, closed the door and headed out to meet the rest of his friends.

Shinya stared at the closed door for another moment, then scowled. "Yeah, good luck," he muttered angrily to himself, wiping away the tears rolling down his cheeks.

DING DONG! Mrs. Orimoto walked quickly to the front door, opening it for the two boys standing outside. She smiled invitingly when she recognized the boys as her daughter's friend and boyfriend.

"Hello Kouichi. Hello Kouji," she greeted both the boys. They nodded in return. "I'll just go get Zoe for you," Mrs. Orimoto continued, turning in order to call to her daughter.

"It's okay, I'm here!" Suddenly Zoe appeared from the other room, stuffing her D-Tector hastily into her pocket. She turned to her two friends and said, "Guess it's time to go."

"We can give you minute," Kouichi began, glancing at Mrs. Orimoto.

Zoe shook her head slowly, looking determined. "No, I'm ready. Let's go."

Mrs. Orimoto looked curiously at the three children. "Where exactly will you be headed?" she asked, eyeing her daughter suspiciously.

Zoe looked at her mother, then at Kouichi. "You're suspicious of Kouichi Kimura?" she asked her mom sarcastically.

"Okay, maybe not Kouichi," she muttered, glancing in the twins' direction. "But that isn't really what I'm worried about. I just… I worry about you sometimes."

Zoe looked sad for a moment, but quickly covered this expression with a look of reassurance. "Don't worry, Mom. I'll be back soon."

Mrs. Orimoto paused then smiled. "I'll see you later, then."

"Hopefully," Zoe murmured to herself, walking quickly down her walk with the twins following closely behind. She sighed in relief when she heard a door shut behind her.

"Your mom's been getting suspicious too," Kouji stated as the three continued down the sidewalk.

"Your mom thinks something's up, too?" Zoe asked, staring at Kouichi.

Kouichi paused, suddenly looking uneasy. "Kouichi," Kouji muttered sympathetically.

Zoe blinked, confused. "What is it, guys? What happened?"

"…I had to tell my mom…everything," Kouichi mumbled regretfully.

"Everything…as in Spirit Evolving everything?" Zoe exclaimed, eyes widening. "Oh my god, Kouichi, what did she do?"

Kouichi took a breath and said, "I don't know. She…she knew that something was going on with me and…she just dragged the truth out of me…even about Duskmon."

"She even knows about the rest of us now," Kouji added, looking worried himself. "But we still don't know how she took all of this."

Zoe paused, lacing her fingers with Kouichi's. "Your mother's an understanding person, guys," she said, glancing reassuringly at the two. "I'm sure she'll come around, if she hasn't already."

"It wasn't the Spirit Evolving part I was worried about," Kouichi said, glancing anxiously at Zoe. "I told her EVERYTHING…I told my own mother that I almost caused the death of all of you…the death of her other son…if you'd seen the way she looked at me…"

"Oh no." Zoe squeezed Kouichi's hand harder, wanting to comfort him. "Did she…say anything?"

"No," Kouichi choked, holding back tears. "She just stared at me…"

"He showed up at my house last night saying he couldn't go back home," Kouji said quietly, continuing Kouichi's explanation for him. "He told me that he freaked out, Spirit Evolved and ran before Mom could say anything. But she didn't try to call…"

"This proves one thing," Kouichi said slowly, cutting off Zoe's next remark. "I can't tell the other four about Duskmon. I don't think I can handle them knowing the truth."

Zoe paused and then nodded. "Okay. If you aren't ready, we won't tell them. Right, Kouji?"

"Um, right," Kouji said, trying not to sound guilty. Shino…

Shino stepped out his front door, turning back to his sister as he went. "Remember Nanami, explain it to them slowly."

Nanami nodded dutifully. "Don't worry; even if everyone else's parents freak out, ours will remain cool as cucumbers!"

"Even when Mom finds out I stole some of her stash of medical supplies?" Shino asked, gesturing to the bag slung over his shoulder.

"It's for a good cause," Nanami said, smiling. Her smile began to fade as she continued, "I'm going to miss you. All of you. Especially Tom-Tom…"

Shino flinched, trying to fight back his own pang of longing. "We're a lot alike," he mumbled to himself.

"What?" Nanami asked.

"Nothing," Shino said quickly, turning around. "Well, I guess this is goodbye for awhile."

"Good luck," Nanami called as Shino began to walk down the street, headed for the biggest adventure of his life.

"This is gonna be the biggest adventure of our lives!" Daiki said, skipping merrily through the subway station. A camera bounced against his chest as he went down the steps two at a time, a big smile on his face.

"And you'll be taking pictures the whole time," Hotaru muttered, sighing as he, too, came down the steps, though taking them at a much more leisurely pace than Dai.

Dai turned and smirked at his cousin. "Well, someone has to preserve the memory of our fantastical adventures!" he said, taking a picture of Hotaru.

Hotaru blinked, looking amused. "If that picture sucked, please delete it."

"Fine," Dai muttered, pressing a button on his camera. "So, which way to that elevator again?"

Hotaru scanned the station for a moment, then shrugged. "I guess we'll find it eventually if we just walk around."

Dai nodded, continuing to skip through the station. Suddenly, something occurred to him, and he said, "Hey Hotaru, you're getting a lot more lines now. It must be your new haircut!"

Hotaru sighed, looking exasperated. "Just keep skipping, Dai, just keep skipping…"

"Dai, Taru-kun!" Kira cried, spotting her two friends from across the station. "What the hell have you two been doing? We've been waiting here for hours!"

"Actually, it's only been about three minutes," said Kouji, checking his watch.

"Shut up, pretty boy!" Kira said angrily, glaring at Kouji.

"Well, now that we're all here, shall we go?" Zoe asked, glancing at the elevator doors behind them.

"Wait!" Everyone looked up and saw Tomoyo sprinting toward them, holding a big paper bag in her hand.

"Tomoyo, what are you doing here?" JP asked, looking quizzically at his girlfriend. "We already said goodbye."

"Oh, but I still have one mission to perform before you leave," Tomoyo said, grinning coyly. Everyone stared at her as she reached her hand slowly into her bag, pulling out…

"New outfits!" Tomoyo cried, holding up several articles of clothing.

"Uh, Tomoyo, we were just gonna wear what we wore last time," Zoe began.

"I know, but I want to add a new flare to your outfits," Tomoyo said. "Besides, it's about time Madjack started describing what we're wearing!" (Ha ha, very funny.)

"I start with JP, because he's going to need to go change into this somewhere," Tomoyo continued, holding up a pair of pants and a dark blue hoodie.

"And what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" JP asked, gesturing at his…you know what, JP? Don't argue, just change.

"Fine," JP muttered, grabbing the clothes and walking toward the bathroom.

"Next, I got Taki a new hat," said Tomoyo, producing a hat similar to his current hat from the bag. However, this hat black with a red visor-thingy.

"Not bad," Takuya said, replacing this hat with his other one and handing the other to Tomoyo. "What are you gonna do with our old stuff, anyway?"

"Probably sell it on E-Bay to some crazy fans who want to build a shrine to you," Tomoyo replied, shrugging.

After a pause, Kouji said, "You're keeping JP's stuff, aren't you?"

"Well…Kouichi, you're next!" Tomoyo turned to Kouichi, quickly changing the subject. "Off with your jacket, cause I got you a black one!"

Kouichi sighed, taking off his green jacket and replacing it with a long-sleeved black one. "How's it look?" he asked.

"You look awesome!" Zoe exclaimed, hugging Kouichi excitedly. He blushed as Zoe continued, "So, what do the rest of us get?"

"Well, you already took my advice and wore pants this time," Tomoyo began, gesturing to Zoe, "so now I think it's Tommy's turn!"

Tommy stared at Tomoyo's bag as she pulled out a green jacket similar to Kouichi's only small enough to fit him. "Yay, I get a jacket now!" he said, quickly putting on his new article of clothing.

"Why can he have a green jacket but I can't?" Kouichi muttered.

"Not my fault you look good in black," Tomoyo said, shrugging.

"Okay Tomoyo, this has to be the most cliché thing in the world," JP said, walking up to his friends and gesturing at the lightening bolt in the middle of his hoodie.

"But it looks good!" Tomoyo whined.

"She has a point, JP," Takuya said. "Besides, this hat she got me looks pretty cool!"

"Suck up," JP muttered.

"So what do we get?" Kira asked Tomoyo, pointing to her bag.

"Actually, that's it!" Tomoyo said. "The rest of your outfits look fine! Though I would have gotten a new bandana for Kouji, but that one has sentimental value, so I suppose it stays."

"Damn right it does," Kouji muttered to himself.

"Can we go now?" Dai asked, itching with excitement.

Takuya nodded, glancing at all of his friends. "Everybody ready?"

Everyone nodded. Suddenly, as if on cue, the doors to the elevator opened, seemingly waiting for them to enter.

"Yay!" Dai quickly took a picture of the open elevator and went inside, followed by Hotaru and everyone else. JP paused before entering, glancing back at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo's expression softened as she smiled sadly. "You be careful, okay?"

"I will," JP said, smiling back at her. Then he entered the elevator and the doors closed.

Everyone stood still for a moment, waiting for the elevator to begin its descent. Takuya broke the silence, saying, "You know, I think there's something we're forgetting about this elevator."

The elevator began to descend, seemingly normally. "What do you mean by that?" Shino asked Takuya. "This seems normal to me."

"Yeah, but there was something that happened last time," Takuya said, pondering.

Kouji's eyes widened with realization. "Guys, hang on," he said simply.

Before anyone could respond, the elevator suddenly began to drop faster, as if it were falling. Everyone quickly grabbed onto something, eyes wide.

After a moment of freefalling, the elevator came to an abrupt stop and the doors opened. "Oh yeah. That's what happens," Takuya said shakily.

"That elevator sure is a wild ride, huh guys!" Everyone looked down at the platforms of the station and saw Witchmon standing by one, smiling brightly at the group. Beside her sat Worm the Trailmon, who appeared to be taking a nap.

Witchmon smirked at their surprised expressions, saying, "Looks like I got your ride covered, huh?"

Shinya stood at the door, staring up at the man he had answered the door for. He instinctively shrunk back, blown away by the man's immense stature. He had on a brown overcoat and hat the obscured everything but his black eyes.

"Can I help you?" Shinya asked uneasily, taking a few more steps back.

The man stuck out his gloved hand, dark eyes gleaming. "I'm here to invite you to an audience with my lady, the dark beauty, Ilsemon," said the man.

"Ilsemon," Shinya muttered to himself, remembering his brother's warnings about the supposedly evil Digimon that was out to get the Digidestined. Shinya stared at the man before him, slowly coming to a conclusion. "You're not human, are you?"

Suddenly the man seemed to vanish, leaving his coat and hat to fall onto the floor. Shinya stared in horror as a black cat slinked out from under the coat and stared at him with the same dark eyes of the man.

"The invitation was mandatory," hissed the Digimon, leaping at Shinya.

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