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Don't forget this is my take on what happened after the end of volume three; some things I've put in that happened in volume four, but it is my version of events.

So, who watched the finale? Who else is hopping bloody mad at what they did...? It is the most implausible thing they have ever come up with, and yes, that includes people suddenly getting powers after an eclipse!



Chapter eight

Noah Bennet wrinkled his nose at the putrid stench of blood, urine, and faeces, and glanced at the naked, broken bodies of the two men who had had the misfortune to loosen their tongues within hearing distance of Sylar, and had paid the terrible price. But he and his companions had all the information they needed, plus the added bonus of two sets of uniforms and passes, which Noah had the foresight of removing from the men before Sylar set to work on them.

"We must hurry," the Haitian urged. "The next shift; their shift will be starting in a couple of hours."

"Let's just hope they haven't been reported missing," Bennet worried, "else our break-in is going to be a very short one."

"You two put on the uniforms," Gabriel ordered, his calm exterior belying the turmoil within as he fought against the feeling of euphoria the torture and killing of the two men had given him.

"Who put you in charge?" Bennet sniped.

"My face is probably plastered on every wall in that fucking building!" Gabriel snarled. "If they think they have taken Sylar, they will probably be excited, scared, distracted... all of which will work to our advantage. Now, as the man said, we don't have a lot of time, so put the uniform on!"

Noah Bennet bridled as he slowly did as he was bade, shooting dark glances towards his nemesis, and now cohort. "It's going to look strange two mere guards bringing in the infamous Sylar..." he retorted.

"By the time they figure that out, it will be too late."

"You hope."

"You got a better idea?" Gabriel growled, clenching his fists in an effort to stop himself from lashing out. Much as he hated having to work with others, he knew that it would be impossible for him to take on a complex the size of the detention centre alone. He prayed that it was the one Eve had been taken to. The fact that Bennet had not known of this centre nagged at the back of his mind.

"Let's go," the Haitian urged once he and Bennet had changed into the uniforms of the two dead men.

"Not so fast..." a voice warned, and Bennet and the Haitian looked in horror as Gabriel cried out and fell the the ground, his body twitching. Noah automatically reached for his gun, but was instead looking down the barrel of several others as they found themselves surrounded by black clad figures.

"You're not them..." Bennet frowned, looking around the group and realising that they were not members of the hit squad of the government forces, even though they were dressed as such.

"No, we're not," one of them replied, pulling off his balaclava and revealing himself to be Mohinder Suresh.

"What?" Noah exploded in astonishment, his shock compounded when Peter Petrelli revealed himself also. "What the hell is going on?"

"You can't try and take the unit," Peter told him as he injected Gabriel with a powerful paralysis drug. "We have someone inside and you would jeopardise them."

"And not only that," Mohinder added, "there is no way three of you could take the unit alone. "It would take dozens."

"Not even with him?" Noah frowned, nodding to the unconscious Gabriel.

"You might get further than most people would, but no," Peter replied as he checked his nemesis' vital signs and moved him to the recovery position. "What the hell is he doing here, anyway? And working with you...?"

"His girlfriend has been captured, so he says," Noah shrugged. "My Claire is in there and we agreed to join forces."

"Girlfriend...?" Peter queried, raising an eyebrow in surprise. "You believe him?"

"I really don't know," Noah sighed as he watched the other members of the group take off their disguises; some of whom he recognised as people he had taken for the Company when he worked for them. He exchanged worried glances with the Haitian. "He seemed pretty adamant that he was going in, with or without us."

"That will keep him unconscious?" the Haitian pondered, looking at Gabriel.

"It's not a sedative; it's a paralysis. He should recover from the taser pretty soon, but he won't be able to move."

"You hope..." Noah commented dryly.

"I'll deal with him if it doesn't," Peter shrugged, smiling to himself as Gabriel's eyes sprang open and he could see the frustration and anger in them as the other man tried to move. "We can't let you try and enter the unit," he explained. "We're gonna take Bennet and the Haitian, and by the time you can move, they'll be long gone. If you try to break in alone, you will be captured, and believe me, Sylar, not even you can fight them."

"You are not taking me anywhere!" Noah Bennet exclaimed. "I am getting my daughter back, and you are not doing a damned thing to stop me!"

"Noah..." Mohinder sighed, "you really don't have a chance; you of all people should know that."

"I will think of something!" the bespectacled man growled angrily. "If you hadn't kidnapped me when you did, I wouldn't have lost her!"

"She was jeopardising herself and you," Peter pointed out, "she would have been captured sooner or later, and that would have put you in an untenable position. This place is different," he added. "This is where they bring all the special specials... you would never get close enough to rescue her." He frowned as he looked down at Gabriel, making strange noises as he struggled to move.

"You got an antidote to that?" Noah mused.

"I am not letting him lose..."

"You could hold him with your power," the older man suggested. "The others could train their tasers on him..."

"Why? Why are you doing this; why do you trust him?" Mohinder frowned. "After all that he has done, to us three especially."

"Because he has a stake in all of this. And because he has something I think he wants to say to you, Peter."

Peter looked at Mohinder, indecision clearly showing on his face. "I... can't..." he replied hesitantly, looking at the stricken man who was clearly getting distressed.

"You might not have a choice, Peter," Noah shrugged. "He's gonna suffocate if you don't."

"He'll recover," Peter replied, "won't he...?"

"Makes no difference if he doesn't," Mohinder snapped. "He doesn't deserve to live!"

"Which makes you little better than them!" Peter rejoined, going to his backpack and taking out another syringe and handing it to Mohinder. "I need you to inject him..."

"I'll inject him," Noah offered. "I do know how to do it."

Peter held Gabriel with his telekinesis power whilst Bennet gave him the antidote, jumping back just in case Gabriel was stronger, but the effects of the taser and the paralysis drug had made him slow and disorientated.

You... said... special specials..." Gabriel gasped, struggling for breath. "Eve... wasn't special special..."

"Then maybe they know she is connected to you?" Peter suggested, staring in shock as Gabriel groaned and screwed his eyes shut.

"No..." Gabriel whispered, "please, no..."

"You really are here for a woman, aren't you?"

"I have to get her," Gabriel insisted, already trying to fight against Peter's hold.

"Didn't you hear anything of what he said?" Mohinder snapped. "Although I'm tempted to let you try and break in alone; you deserve what they'd do to you!"

"Mohinder... he is still one of us," Peter reminded him. "If we start fighting each other, even Sylar, we're lost."

"One of us...?" Gabriel mused, looking at Mohinder.

"I... have a... power," Mohinder told him haltingly. "I injected myself with an early version of the formula."

"You're no different from me," Gabriel chuckled wryly. "None of you are any different from me..."

"We'll never be like you!" Mohinder spat.

"You coveted power, Mohinder," Gabriel snarled, feeling his strength return. "So did I."

"D-do you h-have any connection to Arthur Petrelli...?" one of the female rebels asked Gabriel hesitantly, hoping to throw him off track. His growing anger terrified her, and she tried not to look at the bodies of the two guards; the thought that he might do that to any or all of them, was too horrific to contemplate.

"Why?" Gabriel demanded sharply, turning his attention to her. "What do you ask?"

"T-there's a rumour that a man with a power teleported in to one of the women's cells and took a woman out with him the same way. If... they knew she was connected with you, maybe it was her he took."

"And what makes you think it was Petrelli?"

"From what I've heard..." she offered, casting a quick glance towards Peter, "he would be the only one powerful enough to bypass their systems and blocks."

"What? Arthur's dead! You killed him so I didn't have to!" Peter exploded, forcing Gabriel against a wall and pinning him there.

"Yeah, and I found out afterwards that that was the wrong way to kill him!" Gabriel rejoined. "But you knew that, didn't you, Peter? Why didn't you say something, hmm?"

"I... I didn't think about it until later," Peter fumbled, shaken by the revelation. "And by then, they'd... moved his body..." His frown deepened and he took a step towards the immobile man.

"Yeah?" Gabriel replied, arching an eyebrow as he stared into Peter's eyes. "How convenient..."

"How do you know he's... in fact, how the fuck are you still alive? Claire killed you, properly!"

"Arthur rescued me. Poetic don't you think?"

"Why would Arthur rescue you? You're not even his son!" Peter spat.

"No, but I am his nephew," Gabriel replied in an even tone. "His brother David is my father... did they ever tell you about David?"

"Only that he and his wife died in a car crash when I was about a year old," Peter frowned, no longer being aware of anyone else in the disused building, only Gabriel and himself. "David is not your father; Arthur fed you another lie, and you fell for it!"

"Nothing else, no children or anything?" Gabriel pressed, ignoring Peter's outburst.

"No! Nothing!" he insisted.

"Ah, well this is going to come as a bit of a shock then..." Gabriel taunted. "Y'see, you and me... we're... twins."

"No!" Peter screamed, sending Gabriel flying through the air and crashing into another wall.

"Leave it!" Noah hissed as the other members of the group went to move forward to defend Peter, their tasers aimed and ready.

"Peter..." Gabriel gasped, picking himself up from the floor, aching until his regeneration power kicked in and eased his muscles. "It's the truth..."

"And I suppose Arthur told you that, huh?" Peter shouted, advancing on Gabriel. "And you believed him, after all the lies he spun you, you believed him?"

"I can detect lies now," Gabriel shrugged. "He was telling the truth."

"And he told you that I was your twin brother? I don't believe it; I don't care what you say!"

"Ah, no... he didn't actually tell me who my twin was. He wanted me to join forces with him again, and that was to be my bait. But you think about it, Petey... we're the same age, we have the same powers, different, but the same... we're two sides of the same coin. For every ounce of bad in me, there's good in you," Gabriel urged persuasively. "And you; you never fitted in to that family, did you? Always the odd one out..."

"That's... ridiculous..." Peter gasped, looking wildly around the building, as if searching for the truth, before focusing his attention back on Gabriel.

"Is it?" Gabriel asked, blocking Peter as the other man went to stop him again. "You think about it, Pete, and let me know when you decide that you want to help me stop Arthur for once and for all."

"It's not Arthur that needs stopping," Peter sighed, his senses reeling. "It's Angela and Nathan."

"So why the hell would Arthur kidnap Eve, if that's what he's done?"

"To force you to join him?" Noah Bennet suggested. "He needed your help against Angela before, perhaps he needs it more so now, and knows that Eve is good leverage against you?"

"Do you think Arthur is organising all of this?" Mohinder frowned, hiding his own shock at the revelation. He was certain that Sylar was lying, yet again. "The resistance movement?"

"Right up his alley," Noah mused, still watching both Gabriel and Peter as they faced each other.

"I don't believe you!" Peter hissed. "You're lying..."

"You can always ask your... parents..." Gabriel taunted as he released his hold on the other man. "Why are you so upset, Pete? You don't still consider Nathan your brother, after all that he's done, do you?"

"Go to hell!" Peter snarled, shooting a dark look at his tormentor before walking away from him, wanting to put as much distance as he could between them.

"We have to go," the Haitian urged. "It will be dawn soon and we will be discovered."

"I'm breaking in," Gabriel declared, "with or without any of you."

"Your woman might not be there!" Mohinder exclaimed. "It would be stupid!"

"What the hell do you care, Mohinder?" Gabriel sneered. "You want me to be captured, remember?"

"And you could reveal to them who is in the resistance, who could be leading it... we can't risk that!"

"I am not leaving without my daughter," Noah Bennet added. "And I know she is in there."

"This is madness!" Mohinder declared, throwing his hands up with exasperation. "Come on Peter, we have to leave, now!"

"I will help you break in," Peter announced as he re-joined them, "then you will come with me to see Angela."

"I... really don't think it would be a good idea to let me anywhere near that bitch..." Gabriel mused. "Not unless you want her blood on your hands?"

"That's the deal, take it or leave it!"

"Peter!" Mohinder cried. "What in God's name are you doing?"

"Think about it! If we succeed..."

"That's a bloody big if, Peter!"

"If we did though, imagine what a coup that would be? If we could wreak enough havoc, maybe destroy as much as we can of it, they might even pull funding for the programme..."

"And our mole?" Mohinder demanded. "You know how long it took for us to get someone successfully infiltrated in there!"

"And what are you going to do in the meantime, huh?" Gabriel queried. "We know everything about the place; the layouts, the working practises, security codes... what do you know, Mohinder?"

"We know where the control centre is; if we can reach it, Gabriel, and Peter could control everything from there," Noah Bennet added. "If they could release the holding cells, there is no way the guards would be able to contain that many people."

"They would put their contingency plan into place, and many people would die!" Mohinder insisted.

"What is their contingency?" the Haitian asked.

"Tear gas," Peter sighed.

"But if we're in charge of the control room..." Bennet argued.

"And just where is the control room?" Mohinder demanded. "I doubt it's going to be right by the front door!"

"In the centre of the unit," Gabriel grinned ironically. "Be boring if it were too easy..."

"We're not going to be a part of this insanity!" the Indian insisted. "Come on," he urged to his companions as he made for the door.

"Who are you to speak for them?" Gabriel asked. "Why not let them decide whether they want to continue to pretend to be a resistance movement, or actually do something against the government."

"And if your girlfriend isn't there?"

"I'm praying she isn't; I'm praying Arthur has got her," Gabriel shrugged.

"And if he hasn't; if she is in one of the smaller units? Do you know how many of them there are in this country? You'd never find her!"

"Then I'll attack them one by one until I get her back..."

"On your own?" Mohinder snorted with derision.

"We are wasting time!" Noah Bennet hissed angrily. "Raise your hands those who want to join in the attack."

Mohinder looked around with a resigned sense of bewilderment as one by one, all bar himself and one other person, raised their hands.

"What is your power?" Gabriel enquired, looking at the Indian.

"You want it?" Mohinder snapped caustically. "Super strength."

"We could use you in there with us," Gabriel urged. "Please, Mohinder."

"All right," he eventually sighed, unable to believe that he had agreed to help the person he despised most in the world. "But you put one foot wrong..."

"He's been warned," Noah Bennet put in with a sarcastic smile. "And several of us know how to take him out, don't we...?"

Gabriel shot the bespectacled man a look as he followed the Haitian to the door, the others following behind them.