So, because Ink Me, Baby got such a great reponse, I thought I'd do a story with Edward and Jasper's history.

How did they get to be in Miami with Alice and Bella?

The chapters won't follow each other, they're more stages of their lives.

Enjoy. And feel free to let me know if there are certain scence you'd like to see. In the final chapter of Ink Me, Baby, Alice looks through some photo albums. Would you like to see the story behind those pictures

And if you haven't read Ink Me Baby, you should!

Edward's POV

I tapped my pencil against my drawing board in frustration. It had been the same thing day in and day out before we had left for summer break. Still life. There was only so many bowls of fruit I could draw.

"I don't see any art in motion Edward!" My teacher, Mrs. Coady thrilled. She worked hrd on her suitably eccentric art teacher appearence, thevoice was part and parcel of that.

"That's beause I can't do this anymore, we've done the same thing every lesson since the start of March! All you've done is slightly varied the angle of the apple!" I snapped.

"What do you suggest we do for class then Mr. Cullen?" Her voice was no longer bird like, but short and harsh.

I sighed, "Forget it. I'll draw the fruit." I was not in the mood for a fight. I was tired, I'd been kept up all night by this strange feeling, a feeling that something was going to happen today. Almost as if I were excited for something. I just didn't know what it was yet.

"That's the spirit! You have talent Edward," So it was Edward again, I was back in the good books, "don't waste it."

"I won't." I muttered, more to myself than her.

I half heatedly returned to sketching out the shape of the pineapple.

"You know, I sometime hate you in this class Eddie." Rosalie sighed from beside me.

I smiled, "Don't call me Eddie. And I can't help it if I'm just better than you at everything."

"Whatever Edward," Rosalie tossed her hair over her shoulder, her wrist moving quickly across the page, "Besides, my orange is loads better today than the last one."

I let out a guffaw, "It's a circle Rosie, there's not much to get wrong."

She crossed her arms with a huff, turning her face from mine. I knew better than to think she was seriously offended. Rosalie and I didn't hang around together outside school much, but she was always up for a chat in art class. And for that I was eternally grateful, it broke the monotony of serial fruit drawing.

Liam sat on my other side, his head and forearms resting on the drawing board. His wild black hair was splayed out all around him, some strands rose and fell as he lightly snored. He was wearing his usual dirty overcoat and worn Doc Marten's. Who says grunge is dead? He was the only sixteen year old I knew with morning stubble, I ran my hand over my own jawline self consciously. Fluff.

There was always an odd smell off Liam. Although I was used to it now, we had been friends a long time. He smelled kind of like burning hair.

Mrs. Coady was making her rounds of the classroom again, I hastily jabbed Liam in the arm with my pencil, he awoke with a snort.

"What the fuck man?"

I jerked my head in Mrs. Coady's direction, he hastily scribbled a vague outline onto the page.

"I'm not the only one who didn't sleep well then?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Apparently not, although I was more than likely awake for a much different reason. I'm talking Jessica Stanely." He made cupping motions in front of his chest, "You should see those tits Cullen, I'm telling you, DD's. Wanted my last day of vacation to go off with a bang."

I rolled my eyes.

"Oh yeah, forgot, you're into guys now. Whatever. She didn't seem to mind me sticking it in her ass last night anyway, wouldn't you like to replicate that?"

"Thanks but no thanks." I shuddered, "Besides, you're only back in school two days and you're tapping already?" I added.

Liam pushed his hair back from his face, his fingernails dirty, "Suit yourself. And yes, gotta keep ahead of the crowd."

"Are you just constantly too stoned to wash yourself or is that just from Stanley's pussy?"

"Edward don't be vulgar." Rosalie scolded.

I ignored her, "I'm blazing up with you at lunch."

"High strung eh?" Liam said, "That's from constantly taking it up the ass."

I groaned, fisting my hands in my hair, "Just shut up and have a joint rolled."

The bell rang, signalling the end of class.

"I'll see some of you before lunch for Art History!" Called Mrs. Coady, her glasses jumping wildly off her chest on their beaded string as she jumped to shout over students' heads.

As we walked out of the classroom I turned to Liam, "I forgot to show you, look what I got done last weekend." I pulled down the collar of my shirt.

"It's not a hickey is it?" Liam asked apprehensively.

"No, idiot. It's another tattoo." I showed him the traditional nautical swallow now on my collarbone, "Do you like it?"

Liam ran his finger over it, "Yeah it's cool. Very Sailor Sam."

"And you call me queer." I muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." I said quickly.

I made my way back into the art room alone later, neither Rosalie or Liam had opted for Art History. I slumped onto a stool beside Eric, "Hey man."

"Oh hey Edward, how's things?" He asked, taking his books from his bag.

I threw my own textbook onto the board, "Not too bad, good summer?"

"Yeah, pretty cool, spent a lot of it at the beach. Wake boarding at stuff. You?"

"Working in this tattoo shop downtown mostly." I said, "It was - "

I was cut off by Mrs. Coady calling the class to attention, "Class! CLASS!"

We looked towards her desk at the head of the room. My knee shot upwards and struck the underside of the table, I swore loudly, and with just cause.

"We have a new student today, this is Jasper Whitlock."

Fuck. Me.

Or rather, fuck him.

Jasper Whitlock was tall, taller than me though not by much, an inch maybe. With honey blonde curls and blue eyes, he wore a long sleeved green t-shirt with dark jeans. And, did I mention he was fucking gorgeous?

"Take a seat Jasper." Mrs. Coady gestured towards me.

I quickly glanced around, there was a spare seat beside me where Rosalie sat for regular Art class. No where else. He slung himself onto the stool, his worn leather satchel bag hit the floor with a muffled thump.

"Hi, I'm Jasper." His voice had a Southern twang to it, something that had never appealed to me, until now. He grinned at me. A grin that sent a rush of blood to my cock.

"Edward." I managed to choke out in a voice somewhat similar to my normal one.

He pushed up the sleeves of his shirt as he took a refill pad and pen from his bag. I could see the ends of a tattoo just above his elbow. Jesus Christ. God, is just trying to fuck with me now. Not only is he handsome, he's into ink? Sick joke.

"I haven't had chance to get a book yet, do you mind if I look in with you?" Jasper whispered, class had started.

"Yeah, sure." I nodded, pushing the book to the centre.

He shifted his chair closer to mine, one hand taking notes, the other supporting his chin. He smelled good, really good. The fluorescent lighting over our heads caught every strand of his honey coloured hair, highlighted his cheekbones and his long straight nose.

Oh God, what was that?

His leg was touching mine. I felt as though heat was spreading from my knee up, filling my body, surging through my fingertips. He aligned his calf with mine as well. I looked down, his old brown jazz shoe was toe to toe with my holey plain black vans. I tensed in my seat, my back stiffened and I thought I heard Jasper stifle a laugh.

I heard a ripping sound, then the quick scratching of a pen. Jasper pushed a note to my side of the table. I shielded it from Eric's eyes with my forearm.

Up for it?

My eyebrows shot into my hair.

"Are you serious?" I mouthed.

He nodded, his marine blue eyes twinkling.

I wrote back quickly, Lunch, and slid the note the short distance across the table to his side. I gave him a lop sided smirk as I saw his fists clench slightly by his sides. I was turning him on. I nudged my chair slightly closer to him, under the pretence of disentangling it's legs from the strap of my bag. Our lower thighs were now touching. Too close, he was much too close. I couldn't be held responsible for what I would do to him. I shoudl not have moved my chair. Mrs. Coady wouldn't take it too well if I just bent him over the table and fucked him.

The remaining minutes of the class wore aware, I grow gradually more panicky. Lunch. What would he expect? I highly doubted it would be just a hug and a kiss.

I trained my eyes on the Arnolfini Marriage, resisting the urge to look at Jasper again. I knew that grin would be firmly in place. If he could turn me on with just one look, I wondered what else he could do to me with that mouth.

The bell rang. It seemed louder than usual.

Jasper rose to his feet, rolling his shoulders, he turned to look at me, "Ready?"

I nodded. I ran my hand through my hair, ruffling it. Jasper's tongue darted out over his bottom lip. The hair, worked like a charm every time. I shouldered my bag and made my way out of the classroom, Jasper following closely behind. We didn't speak as we made our way through the crowded hallways, some part of our body always touching.

Liam accosted me near the Geography room, "Hey man, c'mon if you wanna light -"

I waved him away, trance like. Muttering a quick, "Later."

One of my favourite things about Liam was he didn't ask a lot of questions. At least not right away.

I led the way out through the emergency fire exit, to the back of the school building. Much of the space out here was used for storage, failed wood work projects, boxes of printing paper, easels, and an old piano, most of it's keys were missing. Students very rarely came back here, it was strictly stoner country. Although, being only our second day back, most of Liam's 'accquaintances' were absent.

Before I could even turn to face Jasper, he fucking jumped. His stomach pressed flush to mine, backing me against the cool red brick. He grabbed both my wrists in his hands, pushing them up beside my head. His mouth sought mine, roughly sucking on my lower lip. I felt immediately powerless, this was not how things normally went for me, I was used to being in charge. I attempted to assert some dominance, pushing my tongue against his, grazing the roof of his mouth.

"Fuck." I panted as he momentarily pulled away.

His hands released my wrists, moving instead to tangle in my hair. I placed my hands on his waist, twisting my fingers into that bottle green material, pulling his body closer to mine. I trailed my tongue across his jaw line to his neck, wrapping my lips around his Adam's apple.

I felt pressure on my head, his hands pushing me down. I immediately knew what he wanted me to do, having given similar gestures myself. I sank to my knees in front of him, the September ground was damp, it seeped through the material of my jeans.

My hands went to his buckle, shaking slightly as slid the leather from it's loop. I had never done this before. Sure, I had received head, but I had never reciprocated. I could see his jeans straining as his erection pressed against the cloth.


I tried to keep my breathing even as I drew down the zipper. First time for everything I reminded myself. Jasper's fingers tugged at my hair as I pushed his jeans down along with his blue plaid boxers. His cock sprang free and my mouth watered. He was big. I had no chance of fitting him all down my throat without throwing up all over him.

Nervously, I drew him into my mouth. I decided to try and replicate what I liked. My hands went to the base, one stroking what I couldn't fit in my mouth, the other rubbing tight circles on his balls. I heard him let out a groan and his hips thrust forward. I gagged slightly as I felt him hit the back of my throat. My tongue snaked out to run along his shaft, my lips pulling at the tip.

He thrust again, and I pulled back a little. I hoped I was doing this right, although judging by his increasingly more laboured breathing, I wasn't doing too much wrong. My hand moved quicker, pumping him as he started a rhythm with his thrusts.

When he came, he flooded my mouth with his cum, salty and sticky. I sank bank onto my heels, turning my head, and spat on the ground, unable to swallow. I looked up at him through my lashes, slightly nervous as to whether or not he had realised I was a first timer.

He looked pretty shaken, leaning on the body of the old piano for support. I pulled his jeans and boxers back up, quickly refastening them before getting to my feet.

I grabbed his face between my hands, roughly kissing him, "Welcome to Washington."

Then, I turned on my heel and walked back into the main building. I found Liam in the cafeteria, sitting with Emmett, both of them surrounded by a small crowd of younger onlookers, from their hand motions, they were giving "Joint Rolling 101."

"Move." I said harshly, pushing my way through to the table.

I collapsed into a seat opposite Emmett, the full realisation of what had just happened washed over me.

"Where were you, fucker?" Emmett asked.

I just shook my head, "I'll tell you late."

I had just given head to a total stranger. And not even in a kind of, 'drunken nightclub head' way. In school, with the new kid.

That evening, I walked home with Liam. I had not seen Jasper again, and were it not for the stains on my kness, I could have sworn I had invented the whole thing.

"So, you planning on telling me why I saw you drag some blonde randomer out to the back today?" Liam question as we made a shortcut through the park.

"Guess. For once you may be right." I said, smiling despite myself.

"I know that smile." Liam said triumphantly, "You got laid."

"Not quite, I didn't even get off." I said coyly.

"Then what? A steamy make out?" Liam asked, kicking the autumn leaves from his feet.

I took a cigarette from behind my ear, borrowing Liam's lighter. I took a deep inhale, before blowing rings into his face, "I gave him head. My first time."

Liam raised an eyebrow, "Randy fucker."

"As if you can fucking talk!" I said indignantly, "What about the time you banged Robyn whats-her-face against my fucking car?"

"Oh yeah," Liam mused, "I'd forgotten about that."

"I didn't." I said darkly, "I wasn't too crazy about having your ass print on my side window."

"Rather it was the new blonde's?" Liam teased.

I punched his arm lightly, "Shut up. C'mon, I wanna get to the shop, they're meant to have a stencil done up for me today."

We picked up the pace.

So, there it is! The first snapshot! What do you think? Should I continue it?


- Ciara