Drive me Crazy

Author's note: I have been on this Zaddie kick and had the urge to write a short but very passionate fic about this enticing couple! To those of you all who read my Zekepay "ASSIL," I am working on it guys and will hopefully be updating this weekend. It's turning out to be a much harder update than I anticipated. I am so sorry for the wait but thank you for sticking with me!.....Okay, this story will be a three or twoshot, I haven't quite decided yet! I was reading Zaddie's last night and just had to write one. I had an awesome idea of one and a synopsis full of lust and passion and so here it is, hope you like it!

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Chapter 1

"For you"

18 year old Maddie Fitzpatrick awoke that morning, eyes fluttering open. She hissed out in pain, the distinct starts of a nice hangover headache in her head.

She rubbed her temples before deciding that she needed to get some Tylenol before the pain increased. She moved to get out of her bed but noticed right away that there was an arm around her waist. Maddie's eyes widened with shock at the realization and right at that moment, Maddie also realized that she was stark naked, the pain from the oncoming headache having previously distracted her.

Maddie's eyes widened in fear as she took in her surroundings. She was in her bed, lying on her side and could see, from her spot, that there were various clothes thrown carelessly around her normally clean room. She took note of the obvious head that was nuzzled into her shoulder and began to panic. She had been drunk last night. This much she knew. She had gone to a sorority party that a friend of hers had invited her to and had gotten a little, no a lot wasted. She couldn't remember anything after the party.

The 18 year old's heart began to quicken as she realized that one of her worst nightmares had been brought to life. She had had sex last night; that much was obvious. Madeline Fitzpatrick had had a one night stand. Maddie frustratedly hit herself in the head before sucking in a breath at the pain this action elicited.

How could she have been so stupid?! How could she have been so stupid to have gone out and gotten so drunk that she ended up sleeping with a stranger?! Maddie became stiff as she felt the around her waist arm tighten its hold on her. Who in the world was this guy she was with??? Maddie was afraid to turn around and see.

She stared at his slightly hairy arm for the longest time she couldn't seem to bring herself to actually look at the guy himself. She simply stared at his arm. The hair on it was blonde. She wondered if the guy was a blonde, or was he a red head or a brunette who just so happened to have blonde arm hair. Her curiosity was driving her crazy!

Finally Maddie took a deep resolved breath and decided to finally look and see who her mystery guy was. She turned her head, eyes big in fear, and was met with the sight of blonde tresses. The guy was a blonde. There was something so familiar about his hair to, but Maddie just couldn't seem to place it, but it seemed to somewhat calm her and send a shiver down her spine at the same time.

It was only when the guy moved in his dreaming slumber, mumbling incoherent words that Maddie got a glimpse of his face and realized that it was non other than Zack Martin who was in her bed.

At first, Maddie actually breathed a sigh of relief at this discovery. She was happy that it hadn't been a complete stranger who was in her bed. But then she did a double take and began to panic. She had slept with Zack! Zack Martin! He was a minor. She could go to jail! Not to mention that he was her friend, her friend whom she really valued and cared about; the friend she knew had a very huge crush on her.

She had kept boundaries between them for so long. Had she ruined all of that in one night? Was all of that shot to hell now?? Would they ever be able to be friends again? Would he be furious with her? Had she taken advantage of him?!?!?

Maddie began to hyperventilate at the sickening thought. Her breathing quickened and before she knew it, she had worked herself up to the point where she was now having an outright asthma attack. She gasped, trying her best to calm herself and compose her breathing but it was all to no avail.

She began to panic and hastily scanned her room for her purse which held her inhaler in it. She was limited to movement, seeing as Zack's arm was pinning her down, and she just couldn't seem to find it anywhere.

Zack suddenly woke up with a start, Maddie's gasping having awoken him. He looked at the gasping Maddie, noticing right away that she was naked, but this was quickly forgotten as he noticed her gasping state. A look of utter horror and fear made its way onto his face. He knew what was happening. He knew that Maddie had asthma and had witnessed an attack like this before. He quickly scanned the room, knowing that Maddie kept her inhaler in her purse. She looked at him with big brown; pleading eyes full of panic. She needed his help. She had to get her inhaler.

Zack was about to get up and search through the entire room, his naked state not even thought of, but he just so happened to look down and there it was. There was Maddie's purse on the floor beside his side of the bed.

He quickly bent down and picked it up. He poured the contents on the bed, finally finding the inhaler, and thrusting it into Maddie's hands. By this time, Maddie had been gasping so shortly that they sounded more like extremely fast pants.

She quickly brought it up to her mouth and hurriedly pumped. Her panting finally stopped and she closed her eyes, a relieved expression overcoming her face. Her breathing soon became normal and she opened her eyes to see a very distraught looking Zack before her. Perhaps he was going to address their naked state now......

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" he told her, a look of serious fear and concern on his face.

Maddie was caught off guard by his caring/demanding tone and all she could manage was a nod.

This was when Zack seemed to finally take notice of their naked state. He looked down at his naked body, a perturbed look on his face, before taking notice of Maddie's body. He looked her over eyes big in shock at her naked state but his stare was appreciative, eyes lingering on her breasts. Maddie quickly wrapped the covers around herself, feeling extremely self conscious under Zack's gaze.

"Zack, what happened last night?" she finally asked the 15 year old, after getting her heart to calm down from Zack's intense and wondering eyes. She couldn't believe that Zack was in her bed…next to her…naked!!

Zack looked down at the white sheets on the bed, trying to divert his mind from Maddie's naked body that was only inches away from his as he thought. He remembered him and Maddie sleeping together. Suddenly all of the events from last night came flooding into his head. Well most of them. To Zack's dismay, he couldn't remember every detail like he'd wanted. All he knew was that he and Maddie had slept together. He had slept with the woman of his dreams. The realization definitely had him on cloud nine.

Zack fought to hold back his smile, knowing that Maddie might not feel as happy about the situation as he did. He fixed a serious expression on his face and began to explain to Maddie.

" I had just come from my friend's house. I was supposed to spend the night over there last night and I was drunk. We had been playing beer pong on teams and my team lost miserably." Zack explained. The friend, Marques Jackson, was the captain of the basketball team so the game hadn't really been completely fair; considering Zack's teammate had been non other than Zack's "tough" friend Mark from Summer school.

"I left the house to get some food from the store. Marques didn't really have much junk food at his place. His mom's a health buff. Anyways I remember I had to pass your apartment building to get to the store I was going to and I saw you." He continued.

Maddie suddenly gasped as a memory flashed through her brain. She had obviously been slightly more wasted than Zack and was having more trouble remembering. She suddenly remembered Zack saying "hi" to her and her abruptly grabbing and kissing him (well making out really) before pulling back and saying a seductive "hi" to him also.

"Don't say anymore!" she stopped Zack from telling his story. She had suddenly remembered it all and became deeply ashamed at her actions.

They had made out in front of her apartment building, both drunkenly kissing and groping one another. She had then begged him to come upstairs to her empty apartment (due to her family being on vacation and her not going because of work.) and that's where they had done the deed.

"Zack," Maddie gasped out, horror stricken. "I'm so sorry. I took advantage of you." She said, eyes big in shock.

"No no." Zack quickly objected. "You didn't take advantage of me! We were both drunk…" he seriously told her before suddenly changing his tone into a flirtatious one. "And if you did take advantage of me," he started. "well you should certainly do it more often." He smirked at her, trying to lighten the mood of the room.

Maddie shook her head vehemently at Zack's words.

"Zack this can never happen again." She told the 15 year old.

Zack sighed before nodding his head in understanding. He'd already been half expecting that so he wasn't too disappointed.

"Fine" he groaned.

Maddie then bit her lip, unsure of how he would take her next request.

"Zack…can you do me a big favor?" she asked.

"You know I'd do anything for you." He answered sweetly, making Maddie smile thoughtfully. How she managed to smile during this awkward situation, she would never know. His reply was just so….so Zack. He was always so sweet to her. How could she have jeopardized their friendship like this???

"Can we never mention this night? I mean ever. Please? Can we just forget it ever happened?" She pleaded. She just wanted to forget about it all. She didn't want her and Zack's friendship to become awkward and she just wanted to erase the events, from the previous night, completely from her memory.

Zack scratched his head in thought. He was definitely not going to forget this night, ever. It had brought life to his many fantasies about the candy counter girl he loved. He was not going to forget it. But he'd do anything for the blonde beauty and if she never wanted this night mentioned, he wouldn't mention it; no matter how hard it was not to.

"Okay sweet thang." He said softly. "Only for you." He told her.

"Thanks" Maddie said softly, silently saying a prayer of thanks. If she had to have a one night stand with anyone, at least it had been Zack; at least it had been someone who actually cared about her and wouldn't hold it over her head.

Zack nodded before reaching down and retrieving his underwear. He put them on and then changed into the pair of skinny jeans he had been wearing the previous winter night.

"I'll get you some meds." He told the 18 year old before getting up from the bed and grabbing his shirt in the process.

"Third cabinet on the right in the kitchen!" Maddie thankfully called after the retreating boy before sighing in relief. They would never mention this event ever again and she couldn't have been more thankful. This night was as good as ancient history and Maddie couldn't wait to forget all about it. Now if she could just get her head to stop pounding…….

A little over a year later………

16 year old and junior in High School, Zack Martin, stood in front of the mirror of his bathroom looking at his reflection. It had been a little over a year since "the incident" and neither he nor Maddie had yet to mention it but Zack did frequently think about it.

Speaking of Zack, he had grown a lot in the past year. He'd cut his hair short again, but it still had a good length to it. He'd also gotten taller, he was now a good 5ft and 7 inches. He'd also gotten muscles; this was largely due to his intense weightlifting, made easier by his dad's purchase of his own at home gym for his 16th birthday.

Zack looked himself over, running a hand through his short hair. He was wearing long dark blue jean shorts and a black polo shirt. He looked very nice; just a little better than casual. He was about to go downstairs to see his woman; well the woman he wished was his anyways. This was part of his daily routine.

Every afternoon around 11AM, Zack would go downstairs to the candy counter (This was around the time after he normally woke up.) and chat with Maddie. He would just catch up on the events of her day/life and she would do the same with him. It was definitely the highlight of his day. Sometimes he would even tease her by acting as if he didn't see her and having a conversation with Moseby or another Tipton employee. He always found pleasure in her annoyed/amused reaction to this. She knew that he only came down to talk to her and got annoyed when he teased her by not doing everything but that. Zack loved talking to Maddie. He just loved her.

The two had both been extremely happy to find out that things had not become awkward between them after their "sexual escapade;" in fact they had strangely become more comfortable. The two had become so comfortable around each other that it was surprising to the both of them. They had become extremely good friends, though they frequently flirted. But things weren't awkward at all. He knew Maddie's boundaries and that she only saw him as a friend and she was sure to be careful of Zack's obvious feelings for her. Their relationship was strange. They had an undeniable connection, though they were completely oblivious to this; well Maddie anyways. To sum things up, they were just really great friends…..who flirted a lot.

Zack exited the bathroom and walked through the living room of the suite. Carey was already gone due to the rehearsal of her lunch time cabaret show. Cody was sitting on the couch reading a book.

"Going to see Maddie?" the bookworm questioned, knowingly.

"Yup" Zack confirmed. "I'm going to see my baby." He replied, the regular pep in his step as he walked towards the door.

"That's right bro. Wear her down." Cody encouraged.

"Oh I plan on it." Zack grinned before grabbing his cell phone. He gave Cody a fist pound and then exited the suite.


Maddie Fitzpatrick stood at her spot, behind the candy counter, looking up at the clock across the room. It was 11:10. Zack was late. Maddie was surprised by how bothered she was by this fact. She had just gotten so use to Zack showing up at 11:00 to talk to her and this was the first time he had ever been late. She stared into space as she wondered what could possibly have the 16 year old running late.

She was in the midst of her third theory for Zack's tardiness, when the blonde in question strolled up to the counter, a smirk on his face at Maddie's thoughtful state.

"Thinking about me?" he asked smoothly, interrupting Maddie's thoughts.

"You're late." She deadpanned, giving Zack a pointed look.

"Fashionably." He stated cockily before brushing off his shoulder.

Maddie looked the teen over. He definitely looked good, the diamond stud in his ear sparkling in the lit lobby.

"You're so cocky." She admonished, rolling her eyes; though she couldn't deny his statement. He was, as usual, looking very handsome.

"Yeah but you love me." He told her before reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

Maddie rolled her eyes once more at Zack's words but couldn't help the small smile on her face. Why in the world was he always so cocky and confident with her and why in the world did she actually find this amusing?? She turned around to the bars of candy behind her and retrieved a twix bar, still wondering this strange thing.

"A twix please?" Zack asked, handing over the one dollar bill to Maddie. He was surprised when she handed him the twix that she had already had ready for him.

"Am I getting that predictable?" he asked.

"No. I just know you very…very well." Maddie smiled.

Zack nodded. There was no arguing that. Maddie probably knew him better than anyone; she almost even knew him better than Cody.

"So, how has your first day of spring break been so far?" she asked the teen.

"Well you know me, I'm a sleeper so I've mostly just slept so far." He shrugged before looking up at her and giving her a meaningful look. "But it's starting to get better now that I'm down here." He told her, fixing her with a cute, lop-sided grin.

"Stop flirting." Maddie admonished as she playfully nudged him, cursing the smile that wouldn't seem to disappear from her face.

Zack feigned pain before changing the subject.

"So, you have plans for the break?" he asked her.

"Oh yeah!" Maddie replied, suddenly becoming very excited. "They're having this huge spring break party thing going on all week long on campus!" She smiled, referring to her college life. "I plan on going to that a couple of days this week. And then London, the girls, and I are all going on a shopping spree on Wednesday!!!" she finished, squealed happily.

"Ew shopping. Gross." Zack replied with a distasteful look on his face.

Maddie rolled her eyes at his typical guy response but smiled to herself, thinking of how ironic it was that she had probably been to the mall more times with Zack than with any of her girl friends. This was really funny considering how much he hated shopping. She knew that all she had to do was give Zack her puppy dog face and he would be shopping with them that Wednesday if she wanted. It never failed….but she decided to spare the man this time.

"But I might hit up that party." Zack continued. "You know how the ladies love Zack." He said, a boastful look on his face.

"Shut up." Maddie replied, rolling her eyes before throwing an abandoned candy wrapper at him.

It hit Zack in the nose and Maddie laughed at the surprised look on his face at the action.

"You are getting violent woman." He told her, smiling nonetheless.

"Yup. And I can beat you up to; so watch the bragging." She warned, smiling playfully at Zack.

"You're just mad cause you can't have me." He told her and her response was an eye roll. Zack smiled at the action. Only Maddie could make an eye roll look so cute.

"So…did you make enough money for that couch yet?" he asked curiously, changing the subject once more.

"You mean the lazy boy that we saw at the mall?" Maddie asked.

Zack nodded his head in confirmation.

"Not yet., but I am almost there!" she replied excitedly.

"Did you think about my proposal?" he quipped.

"I am not buying you a pool table Zack!" she exclaimed, laughing incredulously at the persistent boy.

"Hey! Technically it would be your pool table since it would be at your place." He argued, referring to Maddie's new suite/home at the Tipton, compliments of her best friend London Tipton who had purchased it.

Maddie shook her head in disbelief of the guy before her.

"You and I both know that that would be your pool table! And you would be at my suite all of the time…and you practically live there already!!" she exclaimed.

"You say that like it's a bad thing." He replied.

"My apartment is not a bachelor pad Zack." Maddie deadpanned.

"Fine" Zack sighed in defeat. "So what about that air hockey table?"


"Just kidding!" Zack exclaimed, throwing his hands up in defeat as he laughed.

Maddie looked at him, a look of shock on her face, accompanied by a smile. Zack finally stopped laughing and gave Maddie a sad smile.

"I've got to go. I promised Cody we could work on this stupid science project our teacher gave us over the break. She's out to get us!" he exclaimed dramatically before grabbing his twix from off of the counter.

"No I think it's just you she's out to get." Maddie smiled, playfully winking at the blonde before her. Zack stuck his tongue out at her and Maddie laughed at the gesture.

He headed towards the elevator and Maddie watched as he left.

"Have lunch with me later on?" he casually asked, turning back around to look at the blonde.

Maddie thought about it before smiling her agreement.

"Alright" she said.

"The regular place?" he asked, looking at Maddie as he walked backwards to the elevator and pressed the up button.

"No. Let's go to the place next to the place that sells good sushi next to that store that we hate." Maddie replied.

Zack nodded, knowing exactly the place Maddie was referring to. That's just how often they hung out and how well they knew each other.

"Alright my lady." he said smoothly before stepping onto the elevator. Today was going to be a good day. He could already tell.


Zack waited patiently for the elevator to reach the first floor. It was now time for Maddie's lunch break and Zack was happy for the much needed break from his project.

Of all the subjects in school, science was Zack's least favorite. It had been utter torture to work non stop on the subject for a whole hour DURING HIS SPRING BREAK!......Did I mention it was spring break?? SPRING BREAK!!.... He definitely needed to relax and get his mind off of school and he knew that Maddie would easily accomplish this.

He whistled to himself, excited at the thought of spending a good hour with the brown eyed woman. He sighed happily as the elevator finally reached the first floor. He stepped out of it, still whistling happily before looking towards the candy counter and what he saw made him stop in his tracks.

There was Maddie, standing in front of the candy counter. Millicent was at her place behind the candy counter and Maddie was in front of it making out with a guy.

Zack froze, whistling having stopped, along with his walking. Who was this guy??! Who was this guy and why was he kissing Maddie?!?!

Zack's blood boiled at the sight of the kissing couple and he felt the all too familiar feeling of jealousy. He felt his good mood immediately disappear at the sight and decided that he needed to sit down. He walked over to the couches in the lobby and sat down on one. He waited patiently (well impatiently really) for the two to take a break on the attack they were having on each other. His eyes narrowed as he watched them.

He had not been expecting this. He hadn't even known that Maddie had been seeing anyone and judging by the looks of it, they had been together for a while. Maddie wasn't the kind of girl to be making out with guys she had only been casually dating.

The guy she was kissing was a tall brunette, slightly taller than Zack, with dark brown eyes. He looked like…a pretty boy basically. Zack knew right away that he didn't like the guy. He was kissing Maddie for heavens sakes!!

Zack's eyes fell onto the guy's arms which were wrapped tightly around Maddie's waist. Who the heck was this punk?! Zack bit the inside of his mouth, fuming inside as he fought the very strong urge to march over to the couple, break them apart, and knock the guy across the jaw good and hard. He didn't like this at all. And why hadn't Maddie told him she was dating someone?!?!?

Finally the two broke apart and Maddie then proceeded to talk to the mystery guy for a few more seconds which felt like hours to Zack. She giggled at something he had told her and continued to gaze at him, smiling flirtatiously. Zack watched the whole ordeal, becoming sick to the stomach and increasingly jealous. Finally the guy looked down at his watch and kissed Maddie again, much to Zack's dismay, before exiting the hotel.

Zack abruptly tore his eyes away from Maddie, acting as if he hadn't been watching her this entire time, and this is when Maddie finally noticed him.

"Hey!" Maddie said happily, walking over to Zack. She was happy to see him, as usual. She eyed him nervously though. She had temporarily forgotten about their lunch date. Her boyfriend's kisses always made her forget about anything not relating to him.

If she had remembered her and Zack's plans, she would've known better than to make out with her boyfriend out in the open like she had. She silently said a prayer, hoping that Zack had not seen this. Why did she always feel like she was practically cheating on him whenever she went out with someone??? Maybe it was because deep down inside, she knew that there was something between her and him. She didn't know. All she knew was that she hoped to God that he hadn't seen her and her boyfriend.

"Hi" Zack grunted in reply to her greeting. "Who's the asshole?" he asked.

Maddie sighed in defeat. So much for that hope….Zack was obviously not happy. 'Great.' Maddie thought to herself.

"He's not an asshole Zack." She sighed, correcting the teen. "He's my boyfriend and his name is Bryan." She told him.

"How long have you two been together?" Zack questioned. Maddie could see that he was trying his best to remain calm. He was obviously angry and jealous. That much was obvious.

Maddie sighed. She had been caught. She couldn't lie to him. He always knew when she was; so there was no point in that. She had to tell him the truth.

"Three months." She answered, nervously biting her lip.

Zack's eyebrows furrowed at her words and a deep frown marred his face.

"Three months?! God Maddie, why didn't you tell me?!" he asked her, surprised, angry, frustrated, but most of all hurt.

Maddie sighed.

"Because I knew how you'd react. I knew you'd be jealous and angry and I didn't want that." She told him.

"You're damn right I'm jealous!" he said. "But I'm always jealous when you're with other guys. You know that." He told her. "Now I'm just more angry than anything because I had to find out by catching you, with the dude, basically eating each others mouths!" he said before sighing and running a frustrated hand over his face.

"I'm sorry." Maddie said softly. "Please don't be mad at me." Maddie said, eyes pleading for his understanding. She was now regretting having kept her and Bryan's relationship a secret. "I just didn't want to hurt you. I know how you feel about me being with other guys." She told him. The last thing she had wanted to do was hurt him.

Zack was silent. He didn't know what to say. He was upset and couldn't tell Maddie the happy, forgiving things she wanted to hear. After a few more moments of silent, Maddie sat down on the couch beside Zack and placed a soft hand on his cheek. She was happy when he did not jerk away.

Zack finally looked into her eyes before sighing in defeat. He couldn't stay mad at her. He could never stay mad at her for long; especially when he looked into her light brown eyes. But he was jealous. He was jealous because Maddie was with another guy and this much was a given.

"Just give him a chance will you?" Maddie asked gently, as if reading his mind. "Bryan's a great guy…I would think that since you know that you and I are out of the question, that you would at least want for me to be happy." She said softly, removing her hand from Zack's cheek and looking down at the ground.

"I do." Zack sighed, speaking for the first time in minutes.

Maddie looked back up into Zack's blue eyes, at his words.

"Then please…give him a chance?" she asked.

Zack just stared at her for a moment, getting lost in her light brown eyes. He thoughtfully ran a hand through her blonde tresses and Maddie closed her eyes, enjoying the contact. She was happy that he had now calmed to the point where he could actually look at and touch her.

Zack gave her a sad smile before replying.

"For you." He told her.

Maddie smiled widely before kissing him on the cheek.

"You're the best!" she told him before hopping up from the couch.

She held her hand out to the 16 year old who was still not in the happiest of moods.

"Now lets go to lunch!" she exclaimed.

Zack looked up at the perky blonde and sighed before finally standing up, grabbing onto Maddie's outstretched hand, and allowing himself to be pulled out of the hotel.

'Oh well.' He thought. This was the price you had to pay for being "just friends." Maybe this Bryan guy wouldn't be so bad….who was he kidding?! He already hated the guy!

Author's note: Alright you guys that was chapter one! Chapter two will be up soon hopefully, it depends on the response I get. I hope you liked this because I really enjoyed writing it! Let's see what happens when Zack meets Bryan! Please review! God bless!