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Chapter 3 pt.2

Drive me Crazy

Maddie was up in her room, cleaning up a storm. She had been cleaning for the past hour. She had gotten to the point where the place couldn't get any cleaner! Maddie cleaned when she was troubled or upset. It was what she did. She was extremely troubled. She was in love. She didn't know how it had happened but it had, but now Zack was furious with her. How in the world was she going to get him back?!?!

Maddie paused in her third sweep through the living room as she heard her phone begin to vibrate and soon the sounds of Lady Ga Ga's "Poker face" filled the apartment.

The nineteen year old glanced down at her phone and was slightly surprised to see Carey Martin's name flashing across the screen. This was around the time that Carey normally left her suite to prepare for her lunch show.

"Hi Carey." Maddie said skeptically, wondering why the older woman might be calling her.

"Hey Maddie. I'm calling because you left your sweater over here the other day when Zack and you were hanging out." Carey explained.

"Oh…" Maddie said, remembering the pink sweater she'd accidentally left behind after her and Zack's movie night. A sharp feeling of sadness shot through her at the thought of Zack. She still couldn't believe how quickly things had crashed and burned between them. She couldn't believe that he didn't want to speak to her…that he hated her.

"Ok…well do you think that maybe I could pick it up tomorrow or some time during the weekend?" Maddie suggested. She didn't want to see Carey. She didn't even want to step foot into her suite. It all reminded her too much of Zack and it hurt too much. She didn't want to see him until she had come up with a way to make him forgive her; Plus she couldn't help but think that she was probably the last person Zack wanted to see.

"Actually I was kind of about to leave and I was hoping that maybe you could pick it up real quick!" Carey quickly replied.

Maddie sighed inwardly. She didn't know how to decline without striking suspicion from the older woman who was indeed her friend and had been like a second mother to her. She wanted to keep it that way. She didn't want Carey to know that she had basically broken the heart of her oldest son.

"Alright," Maddie breathed out. "But just real quick. I can only stay a second!" she added.

"A second is all I need." The blonde turned brunette replied before hanging up.

Carey smiled, satisfied with herself. She knew that Zack and Maddie had reached a very tense and defying moment in their relationship. She wasn't quite sure what had happened exactly but Zack had basically stormed into their suite, fuming about the entire thing and she knew that it was something serious.

Carey knew how her son truly felt about the candy counter girl and also knew that even though Maddie would never admit it, she felt something for him too.

She had watch the two grow immensely closer to one another the past year and didn't want to see they're relationship destroyed; plus she was rather fond of the thought of Maddie as a prospect for a future daughter in law.

She could see that her son was in no mood to talk things out with Maddie, so she was going to make him talk; well set up the situation at least…..hopefully it would work.

Carey looked around the suite. Maddie would be there any second now and Zack was in his room. She needed a way to get him into the living room for a while.

The older woman wracked her brain before an idea popped into her head.

'Desperate times cause for desperate measures.' She thought to herself as she opened a cabinet and retrieved a fresh box of "cheeze its."

'You'll thank me in the long run.' Carey opened up the box and took a handful of snacks into her hand and threw them across the kitchen floor. She did the same in the dining area and the living room, before quickly discarding the box.

"Zack!!" she yelled in her best motherly "I'm pissed off" voice. "Get in here and get these snacks off of the ground! How could you?!" she exclaimed.

"I haven't even eaten any snacks mom! It wasn't me!" Zack yelled back.

"Just get in here and get them up young man!" she screamed.

That was the good thing about being a parent. You could tell your kids to do stuff and they had to; without argument! What?! There has to be some kind of perk to the job!

She heard her son enter the room, mumbling under his breath.

"Stop mumbling!" she ordered. "And make sure you get all of them." She told him, without turning to look at him, she felt slightly guilty for forcing him to clean something she had willingly messed up.

And right at that moment, a soft knock came from the door.

Zack had entered the room right on time.

"I wonder who that could be; probably just Cody, having forgotten his key." Carey said casually before making her way over to the door and opening it, praying that her plan would work and have the two friends together again.

Unbeknownst to her, Zack had failed to even hear the knock on the door. He was too busy fuming about women in general. First Maddie ripped his heart in two, and now his mom was here to rub it in by falsely accusing him and forcing him to clean the entire house. Yes he was exaggerating, but he was a very hurt and pissed off man.

Carey opened the door and smiled warmly at the woman in front of her. She made sure to open the door wide enough so that Maddie had a good view of her son.

"Hi Maddie!" she beamed, before ushering the girl inside.

Maddie couldn't even look at her, all she could see was Zack, shirtless, muscular, and bending down in the middle of the living room.

He was slightly glistening from lifting weights. His abs were distinctly defined and some of the best she had ever seen and his arms were so very muscular. He looked even better than Maddie had ever imagined; way better than he had a year ago; although he wasn't looking bad then either.

"Maddie?!" Zack exclaimed in surprise and dismay, having heard the girl's name.

Carey ignored her son and an amused smile formed on her face at Maddie's entranced expression. She was so in love with her son.

"What's caught your eye Maddie?" she smirked before turning to look at her son, and what she saw made her eyes bulge and her mouth drop open. "Oh my gosh! Zack! What are you doing?! Put a shirt on right now!! we have company!!" she exclaimed, in shock of her son's state.

Zack eyed Maddie grimly and Maddie looked away from him and averted her attention to the floor, hating the way he was looking at her and immediately wishing she hadn't come.

"I'll do you one better." Zack replied before turning on his heels. "I'll be in my room. Let me know when the place is "less crowded." He said before walking into his room.

"Zachary Martin!" Carey exclaimed in outrage. "You get your butt back out here! Your friend is here! The least you could say is hello! What's gotten into you?!" she exclaimed, as if she didn't know that her son was furious with the girl before her.

Zack appeared from his room and looked his mom straight in the eye as he stood a few steps into the living room.

"I don't want to talk to her mom." He stated firmly.

His words cut Maddie's heart like a knife. She was feeling indescribably pain. She was in the same room with the man she loved; mere steps away from him, and he wanted nothing to do with her.

"It's okay Carey, really." Maddie spoke softly, swallowing the growing lump in her throat.

Carey looked over to Maddie who was giving her a reassuring look and her heart broke at the sight of the sad girl.

She turned and glared at her son.

"Well get the rest of these snacks up then." She ordered, angry with Zack now.

"I'll just get them up when she's gone if you don't mind. I don't really want to be around right now." He replied coldly.

"You will get them up right now!!" Carey sputtered, in complete shock and awe of her son's rudeness and cruelty.

"Fine" Zack mumbled before proceeding to pick up the rest of the snack in the living room. He grumbled and gathered each piece with vengeance.

"I apologize for my son's behavior." Carey told Maddie, an apologetic look on her face.

"It's okay." Maddie said softly, looking anywhere but at Carey.

"I'll go get your sweater." The older woman said softly, deciding to spare Maddie from further pain. Her plan had obviously failed.

Maddie sadly watched Zack as he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, wishing that he would just listen to her and forgive her and that they could be friends again, and maybe even more.

But the wish seemed near impossible. Zack just would not listen to her. He wouldn't talk to her; in fact he wouldn't look at her. He was avoiding her like the plague. The only time he'd looked at her was when she'd first entered the apartment and that was not an enjoyable look either, but Maddie would've taken a hundred of those stares at the moment just to have him look at her.

Carey returned with Maddie's sweater in hand.

"Here you are Maddie. Thanks for stopping by." She replied with a soft smile on her face.

Maddie attempted to return it but only managed a slight grimace.

Carey walked her to the door and Maddie stole one last glance at Zack. Her breath caught in her throat when their eyes met for the briefest of seconds, but Zack quickly broke the gaze and tossed the bag of snacks he'd been holding into the garbage. He then turned on his heels and stormed into his room.

"See you later Maddie." Carey told the blonde, not noticing the saddened look on Maddie's face.

"Bye Carey." Maddie said softly before walking down the hallway and entering the elevator.

On her way to her floor, Maddie thought. There had to be some kind of way she could get Zack to forgive her. She had to. And she would do anything to make it happen.

He was her best friend; not to mention the man she was head over heels in love with. She had to fight for him. It was her turn to fight for him. He had spent a whole five years fighting for her and now it was her turn.

She had to think of a plan. She couldn't lose him. She just couldn't! She couldn't live without her. He was the one thing that had been constant in her life for the past half decade. He was the only man who'd remained a constant. She didn't know what she would do without him. She'd gotten so used to him being around.

The elevator reached her floor and as the door opened, Maddie was hit with the realization that she didn't want to go to her suite. There were too many memories of her and Zack in there. There were too many memories of them everywhere because they went everywhere together!

The nineteen year old decided to sit in the lobby. Maybe a plan would come to her there….she didn't feel like going out anywhere and her room was just filled with too many memories.

Once the elevator reached the lobby, she made her way over to one of the sofas and sat down and grabbed a magazine.

To anyone walking by, it would seem that Maddie was engrossed in the magazine but really she was deep in thought; wracking her brain for a way to get Zack back.

She was in the middle of a third (bad) idea when someone came up behind her.

"Hi!" a beautiful, latina looking brunette spoke, beaming from ear to ear as she made her way around the couch and sat down to a confused and surprised looking Maddie.

"You're Zack's friend aren't you?!" she asked, excitedly.

'Well not so much right now.' Maddie thought sullenly but nodded nonetheless.

"Yup that's me." She said.

"Yeah I recognized you!" the brunette spoke. "Zack has a picture of you on his notebook." She explained.

Maddie couldn't help but smile at the thought of the picture that Zack had begged her for 2 years ago and had later glued on his notebook. She remembered how he had told everyone that she was his girlfriend and she had to scold him and threaten to take away the picture. That Zack Martin sure was something else.

"I'm gwen." The Spanish beauty introduced, holding her hand out to Maddie.

Maddie shook the girls hand and the girl quickly continued.

"I'm a friend of Zack's…well I was." Gwen said sullenly. "I went to the same Middle school as him. He had a crush on me actually. We sort of went out." She explained.

Maddie cursed the slight wave of jealousy that overtook her at the girl's words.

"I just transferred to his school a week ago and he's even cuter than ever, not to mention more charming, and just amazing." The girl continued with a dazed look on her face.

The jealousy Maddie was feeling became mixed with sadness. Zack was all of those things. He was cute, charming, (he had charmed her hadn't he?) and amazing, and she had chased him away. She had hurt him. She had broken his heart.

"But I can barely get a word with him! All of the girls like him and they are constantly throwing themselves at him and flirting with him!" Gwen exclaimed in despair.

'They what?!' Maddie thought to herself, immediately outraged and extremely jealous.

'He'd better not flirt back.' The blonde thought to herself before admonishing herself. She had never expressed any true interest in him so if he flirted back, she couldn't be mad about it.

"He's just so tall. And his eyes are so blue, and he's so muscular, and Gosh he has the best hair! Who could blame them for liking him." The brunette rattled off.

Maddie felt like knocking herself upside the head. This girl was dead on. She wasn't stating anything but facts. Zack was gorgeous. Who in their right mind would refuse the chance to go out with him?!?!...Her! Idiot!!

"But you're one of his really close friends –

"I'm his Best friend." Maddie interrupted, feeling the need to inform this girl of her status.

"Oh!! Best friend! That's even better! You probably know everything there is to know about him!!...Do you think you could help me come up with a way to get him to notice me??" Gwen asked, eyes brimming with hope.

Maddie eyed the teen beauty, skeptically. There was no way she was going to help this girl get with her man!

"I can't." Maddie said with an apologetic look on her face. "You see, Zack already has a girlfriend." She said.

"Really?" Gwen asked. "I don't see him with anyone particular at school." She pressed.

"That's because she's an older woman." Maddie answered. "He's really very much in love with her too." Maddie said, a fake sympathetic look plastered on her face. "I'm sorry but there's just no way he'd go for it. He's in love." The blonde told the 16 year old.

"Oh" Gwen said, face fallen. "Well I guess there is nothing you can do…"

"Nope nothing!" Maddie quickly replied. "Sorry kid. You tried. Why not try things with their friend Bob?" she suggested.

"I just really wanted Zack." The a crest fallen Gwen mumbles sadly before getting up from the couch.

"Well you know what they say! You can't always have what you want and all that jazz! See ya! It was nice to meet you!" the 19 year old blonde rattles off ushering the Latina out of the hotel.

"Nice to meet you too! Thanks for all of your sympathy and understanding!" Gwen exclaimed sarcastically, shocked by the way Maddie was rushing her out of the hotel.

"Yeah no problem!" Maddie replied. The sarcasm was lost on her because she had just figured out the perfect plan! It had to work! Now all she had to do was start working on it! Zack Martin would be hers! Hopefully before the sun rose the next day!!


Zack lay in his bed that night. He had spent most of the day weight lifting. It helped him relax. It calmed him.

He had been surprised to see Maddie in their suite earlier. He couldn't believe the way his heart still skipped a beat at the mere mention of her name and he was furious at himself because of it!

He was furious with Maddie! He didn't want anything to do with her, but still he loved her. Still his heart sped up when he was in the same room with her.

He hadn't wanted to hurt her, but he didn't want to be around her, and he was extremely pissed at her.

When their eyes had met across the suite when she was walking to the door, he'd almost lost all of his nerve. She just looked so heartbroken and so regretful, but Zack couldn't be weak.

He had to stay away from her! He couldn't continue to chase her unmercifully. She obviously didn't take him seriously and she obviously didn't deserve him! She was playing a game and when it came to his feelings for her, it was anything but a game.

No. She had betrayed him in the worst possible way. He wasn't going to talk to her and he wasn't going to listen to her. He didn't want anything to do with her. Yes he still loved her, but right now love wasn't enough. He loved her, but he sure didn't like her much at all anymore.

Zack glanced at his alarm clock. It was time for his midnight snack. Zack hopped out of his bed, happy at the prospect of a few tasty "Take 5's." It had been a long stressful day and he needed something to munch on.

Zack exited the suite, happy at the fact that Maddie was not working the night shift and instead it was Millicent. He couldn't be around her. He didn't want to see her. If she moved to another country, he'd be perfectly okay with it; at least that was what Zack told himself.

He entered the lobby, clad in a black wife beater and white long johns.

He walked over to the candy counter.

"Hey Mill" he said casually.

"H-Hey Zack." Millicent stuttered.

"Hey it's only me. Calm down." Zack smiled soothingly. Lately he'd been getting the feeling that maybe Millicent had a little crush on him.

'Poor girl.' Zack thought to himself. She'll find the right guy someday….

"I'll have two Take 5's please." He asked politely.

"Before you um get the bars," Millicent spoke hesitantly. "I was told to tell you to go to Moseby's office immediately. "Chef Paulo had left over chocolate cake this evening and it's in Mr. M's office. He thought you'd want some." She finished, taking a deep breath afterwards.

"No way! Cake?!" Zack exclaimed. That was the one thing that could possibly really cheer him up after the sucky day he'd had.

"I'm there!" he exclaimed, thanking Millicent and then heading across the room to Moseby's office.

He knocked on the door a couple of times and it opened. He walked in with a bright smile on his face.

"Mr. Moseby you're awesome! You must've known that I needed some cake! If only you knew the day I've had." Zack rattled off before looking across the room to see non other than the woman who'd caused his day to be so awful: Maddie Fitzpatrick.

"What the - ?!?! Maddie what are you doing in here?! Where's Moseby?!" Zack exclaimed in dismay.

There was no Moseby. Moseby had gone home for the night and Maddie had instructed Millicent to tell Zack what she had. She knew that Zack would come down for a midnight snack and had come up with a plan to get him alone so that he would listen to her.

It didn't take Zack too long to realize that Mr. Moseby did not have any cake for him.

"Maddie! What's the deal?!" Zack exclaimed, crossing the room to get to Maddie, just as Maddie ran to the other side and swiftly locked the door, coming to stand in front of it.

"Maddie move! Let me out of here!" Zack exclaimed, admonishing himself for not leaving the moment he knew what was going on.

"Zack! Zack please! Just talk to me. Please!" Maddie exclaimed standing firmly in front of the door and trying her best to get a livid Zack to listen and hear her out.

"Maddie let me out!" Zack told the 19 year old, refusing to look her in the face.

"No!" Maddie exclaimed defiantly. "God! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. What I did was so stupid and… Gosh, you'll never know how sorry I am." Maddie finished, looking at Zack with pleading eyes.

"Okay!" Zack exclaimed, "You're sorry for the dirty trick you pulled earlier, great!" Zack yelled. "Now let me out!"

"Wait! Gosh! Please! Just calm down for a second and hear me out!!" Maddie exclaimed, becoming frustrated with the teen who just would not listen to her.

"God I hate it when you're mad at me. I can't stand it." She said quietly before running a hand through her hair in frustration.

"You drive me crazy! You drive me absolutely crazy, you know?!" she exclaimed, glaring at Zack, while really becoming overcome with self frustration at the fact that she didn't know how to tell Zack that she loved him.

"Well you drive me crazy too okay?!" Zack echoed, angry and frustrated also. "God! Do you think I want to feel the way I feel about you?! If I could stop it then trust me I would!" he told her.

"You don't get it! You don't understand!" Maddie exclaimed in despair. He didn't understand. He didn't understand that she loved him. She didn't want him to stop loving her because she loved him to; so much!

"No Maddie! You don't understand!...I get it! I get that you don't love me, okay?! So why don't you just leave me alone!!" Zack yelled.

"If you would just shut your damn mouth for one second!! Just listen!!!!" Maddie yelled back, her frustration reaching a new high.

"God!" she sighed heavily before pacing back and forth in front of the office door.

"You did this to me! You did this!!" she exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the blonde.

"I didn't do anything." Zack replied, frowning at Maddie.

"Yes you did! Yes you did Zack! You did this! You made me fall in love with you! –

"Oh now that's ridiculous!" Zack exclaimed, not even allowing Maddie to finish her sentence.

"Stop it Maddie! Don't you go firing off insane lies!! Okay?! God, don't you think I'm hurt enough?!?!? The last thing I need is you trying to lie and give me false hope!!!" he angrily exclaimed.

Maddie sighed heavily, jaw clenched tightly. He wasn't listening to her!! He would not listen to her! What could she do?!?! He just would not listen to her! He wasn't hearing her out!

"I forgive you Maddie! I forgive you for playing with my heart!! I forgive you for breaking it!! I forgive you for it all, okay?! Happy?!?!? Now just leave me alone and let me out of this freakin office!!"

Maddie abruptly gripped the back of Zack's head and crashed her lips into his, she was relieved when she felt Zack immediately respond to the kiss and was happy when he did not try to push her away.

She broke away from him, taking note of the lust in Zack's eyes before kissing him once more.

She needed him to listen to her. She needed him to calm down and stop being so angry so that he would listen to her and the look of lust on his face was a sure sign that the tenseness was fading.

"That one time we went to that French Restaurant that we didn't like, and you were wearing that red shirt with those black shorts…totally wanted to make out with you the entire time." Maddie let out in between their kiss.

He had to know that she loved him. Didn't he know that she loved him. She'd been jealous last night for heavens sake!! So painstakingly jealous. She loved him!

"That one time you were that pink cocktail dress to that party…completely had a hard on for a while." Zack breathed, answering without thinking. He wasn't thinking much at all at that moment.

Zack hated the way he automatically responded to Maddie and he was absolutely disgusted at the way he couldn't seem to resist her.

He met her every kiss with equal, if not more determination and passion. He abruptly and roughly pushed her into the wall, causing the door to rattle slightly and eliciting a surprised gasp from the blonde. He pinned her there and focuses solely on kissing her.

Maddie had finally grasped his attention and had also finally gotten him to shut up. Now she had to get her words out. This might be the only chance she had at getting them out!

She deepened her kiss with Zack, letting her tongue explore the walls of his mouth. It seemed as if it had been a good year since she'd kissed him and not merely a night. She was quickly finding out that she loved Zack's kisses as much as he loved chocolate.

She moaned softly when she felt Zack break away from her lips and immediately latch on to her neck.

He sucked on her pulse point, eliciting another loud moan from the blonde's lips. He kissed and sucked on her neck.

As Zack continued to kiss her neck, he slowly moved his fingertips underneath Maddie's top and began to lift it up and over Maddie's head allowing her to move away from the wall slightly.

He carelessly threw the shirt to the side and Maddie gasped at the immediate draft she felt after her shirt was discarded. Zack briefly broke away from Maddie's neck and looked her over with appreciation. She was wearing a lacy white Victoria's Secret bra and she definitely looked good in it. Maddie took this moment of peaceful silence to speak.

"I'm sorry Zack." Maddie whispered into the air staring at the man before her.

"Sorry for what?" Zack asked, his entrancing state slightly broken at the blonde's words. He was still angry with Maddie, but couldn't seem to stop himself from kissing her, ravishing her neck, and just plain out ravishing her. "Sorry you don't love me? It's not your fault." He spat before latching on to her neck again. He didn't want to ruin the time he did have with Maddie with pointless apologies.

He didn't know why she'd kissed him or why she was allowing him to kiss all over her, but he knew that he wanted it and he couldn't stop it. This might be the last time he was allowed the chance to be with the woman he still loved, despite how angry he was with her. He was going to enjoy this moment and try to forget that Maddie did not love him the way that he loved her.

"No" Maddie breathed out, taking note that Zack's kisses was becoming slightly more aggressive, though the 16 year old was unaware of this. "I'm sorry for a lot of things." She managed to let out before Zack lightly bit her neck, causing her to shudder.

"I'm sorry for earlier." She said before gasping as Zack's hands suddenly squeezed her tingling breasts, sending wetness to her core. She was slightly happy when he didn't continue to touch them. It would've been extremely hard to focus on speaking with that kind of distraction. It was already hard as it was! "I'm sorry for making out with Bryan in front of you." She continued. "I'm sorry for always making out and being with other guys in front of you. It was wrong and they didn't mean anything! They were just men passing through my life." Maddie spoke with determination, despite the obvious pleasure Zack was giving her.

Zack broke away from her neck and looked at her skeptically before speaking.

"No need to be sorry. Why would you need to be sorry. You don't have to stop your make-out sessions on account of me." He said, looking at Maddie with cold eyes.

"I'm just a good lay right?" he spat before swiftly removing his shirt, done with his and Maddie's "tender" moment and just plain out frustrated and angry. "Let's get down to it then!" He said

"Zack…." Maddie admonished, wishing that Zack would just hear her out and stop being so stubborn and angry.

"Sorry Maddie but I don't know what else to do!" Zack exclaimed. "I've try to be myself; I've try to be the gentleman and treat you like the Princess you are, but that doesn't work! Maybe if I'm a jerk like half of the guys you've dated, you'll start to notice me!!" he exclaimed.

"No Zack." Maddie quickly spoke up. "I don't want you to ever be like them." she said, eyes big in surprise at Zack's words.

"Are you sure Maddie? Are you sure?! Because that seems to be what you go for!" he exclaimed, disgusted with himself for still feeling the way he did about Maddie.

"If you would just hear me out…" Maddie attempted.

"I can't hear you out!!" Zack suddenly exclaimed, in frustration before abruptly throwing his shirt back on.

"I'm sorry Maddie." He said quietly. "But listening to you just hurts too much. It hurts to be near you, it hurts to see you and it hurts to hear you because I know I can never be with you. It's just heartbreaking and pointless." He said before opening the door and exiting the closet.

Maddie quickly threw on her tank top and followed him. She wasn't going to let him get away yet! She couldn't!

"Zack! Please! Just listen to me!!" she attempted once more, following the blonde to the elevator.

"Maddie just leave me alone, please." A seemingly defeated Zack said, before stepping onto the elevator.

"No!" Maddie exclaimed defiantly. She couldn't let him walk away from her. He had to listen to her!

"Maddie I don't want to talk to you!!" Zack exclaimed. "I get it! You don't have feelings for me. I get it! I'll leave you alone!" Zack yelled out in frustration, not really at Maddie but just at the fact that he knew that he would never be able to be with her; despite the fact that he loved her.

"But that's not what I want!" Maddie yelled back.

"But that's what you're gonna have to get!" Zack threw. "I can't be your friend anymore Maddie. It's just too painful." Zack said, voice coming down to a normal volume, right as the elevator door dinged and opened up to the 23rd floor.

Zack exited the elevator and Maddie just watched him for a moment in shock and despair before quickly running out of the elevator and throwing herself into Zack's arms.

"Zack please!" Maddie exclaimed, tears pouring out of her eyes. "Stop!..Don't leave me." She softly whimpered, arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

Zack allowed Maddie to hug him before gently reaching behind his neck and grasping her small hands. He removed them from around his neck and looked into Maddie's light brown eyes that were still producing tears.

"I know you're scared of losing your best friend." Zack stated, taking Maddie's pleas as an attempt to keep him as her best friend. "But you still have London and you have plenty of other friends." He said softly, wiping away the tears that were streaming down Maddie's face.

He didn't hate her. He could never hate her. But he couldn't be her best friend anymore. It hurt way too much.

Maddie closed her eyes as he touched her, desperately needing to cling to him and keep him from leaving.

"I'm sorry Maddie, but I just can't do it anymore." He said before abruptly leaving Maddie in the middle of the hallway and entering his suite.

"Wait!" Maddie exclaimed, but it was in vain. The suite door was already closing. "I love you." The blonde whispered before her eyes grew big in shock.

A shattered Maddie watched as the door to the Martin suite shut completely.

She'd never felt such longing and pain from wanting something so badly.

At that moment, she would've given most anything just to be in Zack's strong arms. She had always felt a certain safety and excitement from being there.

"Zack please! Zack…just please. Please?" she attempted, feeling weak in the knees as she stared at the closed door before her, already feeling the lump in her throat building again.

She had obviously really hurt Zack and he obviously really loved her. And here he was thinking there was no way in hell that she felt the same, but she did! And she had to tell him this. She wanted him! She needed him! She loved him!

Maddie sighed in defeat, heart aching as she placed her hand against the door as if to some how get closer to Zack. She had to try. She had to try to tell him, even if he didn't hear her or listen. She just couldn't give up. She loved him for heavens sake.

The blonde removed her hand from the door and shakily ran it through her smooth locks before taking a deep breath. This was it. Maddie crumbled to the floor and brought her knees to her chest and held herself, trying to fight the tears that she knew would come.

"The truth is…I was stupid." She sighed heavily, already filling the dreaded tears building in her eyes. This moment was intense. This was her last chance. If he didn't listen to her now, he probably never would; or at least that was how Maddie felt. "I was selfish." She continued, praying that Zack was listening and would hear her words. "I was insensitive,…but most of all I was stupid." She finished, fighting extremely hard to keep back her tears.

"Gosh." She breathed, shaking her head in disgust at herself. "All these years……All these years I've been trying to fight it, deny it, and ignore it." She said, before suddenly standing up with a newfound determination and strength. She loved him! She loved Zack Martin! And damn it she was going to make him hers!! "Well I can't. Love doesn't work that way." She said, facing the door and speaking into it, while silently praying once more, with all of her heart, that Zack was listening her. "It's a feeling, an emotion; a certain passion that cannot be controlled." She said, bringing her left hand up and touching the door.

"But that's what makes it so beautiful right?" she said softly, before slowly letting her hand fall from the door.

"You're three years younger than me Zack; actually three and a half specifically. I use to babysit you for heaven's sake! I think of you as my brother…well I thought of you as my brother." She said before looking longingly at the door and wrapping her arms around her waist as if to protect her and calm her fears.

"I never believed it was possible, but here I am 19 years old and in college, and here you are 16 years old and in High School; and yet I can't help my obvious attraction to you." She said, resting her forehead on the door and releasing her waist as a lone tear rolled down her cheek.

"I can't help but think that you are absolutely, adorably cute and also excruciatingly hot and intriguing." She admitted, wiping the tear away and taking a deep breath before continuing, her right hand squeezing the doorknob for support. "I can't help but crave for your touch, your attention, and your damn flirting." She said with a slight sad chuckle. "I can't help the fact that I want to be around you all of the time. I can't help a lot of things Zack." She said softly.

"I love you Zack…and I can't help it." She said, moving her forehead from the door and staring at it as she spoke, finally having removed the lump completely out of her throat as the tears fell from her eyes. "And I've tried so hard…so hard." She continued. "I've completely ignored it and stayed away from any thought of it, but that couldn't stop me from feeling the way that I do." Maddie finished.

The suite door suddenly opened to reveal a stunned looking Zack. He had heard her. No matter how angry he was and how much he wanted to ignore and shut her out, he couldn't. He loved her, and he had heard every single word she had just spoke and was shocked senseless. Zack was staring at Maddie with a questioning look of surprise on his face. Maddie's words had seemingly rendered him speechless. He couldn't believe his ears. Surely he had heard wrong.

Maddie silently said a quick prayer of thanks to the heavens. Zack had heard her and now she was looking into his blue orbs, willing him, with everything in her, to believe her.

"I love you," Maddie softly repeated, eyes shining passionately as she looked at Zack. Zack's heartbeat thoroughly increased at the revelation. Maddie loved him! Maddie loved…him!! It all seemed too good to be true. A smile of shock and happiness made its way onto Zack's features as he stared in disbelief at the woman of his dreams. "…and God it is just so scary." Maddie finally admitted, her voice quivering as the words left her lips.

The state of her voice did not go unnoticed and Zack watched her with curiosity and concern. What was so scary about loving him??

"You're Zack Martin. You can get any girl that you want." She said quietly, thinking back to Gwen and their conversation; finally on the verge of admitting her true fears of a relationship with him. "…and I've never gotten why you always wanted me?" she softly admitted. "Once you're with me, I think you'll finally get over me, and you'll just want to move on with someone else." She said quietly, her head bowed at the mere thought of such a horrible thing.

Zack looked at his Maddie, eyes full with concern and surprise. He had no idea Maddie had ever felt this way. Maddie was oblivious to Zack's concerned look though because her eyes were trained onto the floor.

"It's scary. It's terrifying Zack. I'm vulnerable; more vulnerable than I've ever felt in my entire life and I don't like it." She continued, still looking down at the ground she couldn't bare to see the look on Zack's face at the realization that she, Maddie Fitzpatrick, was insecure.

Maddie's breath hitched in her throat as she felt Zack move closer to her. She felt him softly grip her chin before moving it up until she was staring directly into his eyes and he was staring into hers. Her heartbeat increased at the movement. He always did have such a huge effect on her.

Zack slowly moved in and their lips met in the softest, sweetest, purest of kisses; his lips cradling her top lip and hers cradling his bottom. After a few seconds, Zack finally backed away.

Maddie sighed blissfully. The kiss had comforted her and calmed her down, but left her wanting more at the same time.

"I love you Maddie." Zack said, looking deeply into Maddie's light brown eyes. The blonde woman couldn't help the small smile that broke out on her face at Zack's words.

"I've loved you since I was twelve." He said, laughing slightly. "Trust me, I'm not falling for any other woman." He told the 19 year old.

"I've tried to go out on dates and have long term girlfriends, but none of them were right because…they weren't you. They couldn't even begin to compare with you." He said softly, running a hand through Maddie's hair.

Maddie closed her eyes, enjoying the contact. Oh how she loved his touch.

"I love you so much Maddie." He told her, kissing her once more.

When they broke apart this time Maddie still had her eyes closed, wishing and hoping that the moment would never end.

"And…you love me?" Zack questioned unbelievingly once Maddie opened her eyes, a goofy grin on his face. "You truly love…me?" he asked skeptically yet hopefully. Did Maddie Fitzpatrick really love HIM??

"With all of my heart." Maddie said, staring at the 16 year old as if entranced, and smiling widely and mirroring Zack's toothy grin.

She was ecstatic. She couldn't believe the turn of events! She couldn't believe that she was looking into the eyes of the man she loved and he was standing across from her and loving her just as much as she loved him.

"How could I not?" Maddie asked, wrapping her arms around Zack's neck and kissing his lips softly. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes me feel the way that you make me feel." She told him, enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around her waist. "Nobody makes me laugh the way that you do." (She kissed him again.) "No one makes my heart speed up or makes my blood boil more than you do. *kiss* "You're amazing Zack Martin." She finished, running a finger across his lips, thoughtfully.

"….Thanks….." Zack finally spoke, a huge, goofy grin on his face. He was content with the whole world at that moment. He couldn't believe that Maddie loved him and that she was kissing him the way that she was. He was on top of the world!

"And you drive me crazy! You make me furious with your… your cockiness," Maddie sputtered out in frustration. "Your damn flirting, your stupid good looks, and your stubbornness! You just drive me crazy!" she exclaimed, making Zack blush sheepishly. He tended to have those aforementioned affects on most people. "...But I love you; with all of my heart." She finished and their lips met as they shared a very passionate tongue kiss, Lips meeting lips, and tongues meeting tongues gracefully and longingly.

"Whew!" Maddie let out, once they finally broke apart, a dazed look on her face. "I could definitely get use to that." She smiled, blissfully.

"Good because it's gonna happen a lot." Zack smiled and Maddie just stared at him for a moment in thought.

"I really am sorry about earlier." She said, lazily running her fingers through Zack's bangs and looking into his blue eyes.

"It's alright." Zack sighed. "Am I your boyfriend now?" he questioned.

"If you'll have me." Maddie answered, deciding that it was finally Zack's time to call the shots. She had been calling them for over four years, and badly at that.

"Then all is forgiven" he grinned happily as he firmly gripped Maddie's butt squeezing it slightly before abruptly lifting her from the ground in one swift move. He crashed his lips into hers and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they shared a very passionate tongue kiss.

"God you drive me crazy when you do stuff like that." Maddie breathed out, deeply aroused and immediately reminded of the previous night in the lobby and their time in the closet only minutes ago.

"You just drive me crazy." Zack echoed, grinning from ear to ear.

They shared another passionate kiss. They were finally together. Maddie was with Zack and she was truly in love. He was her best friend, he was the man she fantasized about, and he was the man she loved. He was truly her soul mate. And Zack was finally with the woman of his dreams. It had taken him four years but Zack was finally with her, and he had decided that Maddie was well worth the long wait.

Zack sucked in a breath as he felt Maddie reach down and gently but effectively grip his hard member in the middle of their passionate kiss.

"Make love to me Zack…I feel like I've been waiting forever…Make love to me." The blonde beauty breathed out.

Zack smirked, her lacy voice sounding like sweet music to him and the words she spoke were fantastic lyrics to go with it!

'Make love to me.'

The words echoed in Zack's head for a few moments. Well worth the wait!!! She drove him absolutely crazy!

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