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"The Times and Life of an Ex-Orphan Baby"

5:00 AM

The sound of "Mama's" alarm rang through the house, jerking awake a small bundle of joy commonly referred to as a baby. Blinking slowly at the surrounding darkness, Lawliet decided to just wait until Mama was done with his morning routine. A soft squeak of a yawn shook his small body as he wiped his eyes sleepily. The normal cursing that Mama did filtered to his room making him giggle. His mother really was a person of habit more than a clumsy person.

Accidentally swallowing some spit down the wrong tube, Lawliet began to cough loudly. It was a funny feeling and he couldn't stop the coughing. Luckily for him, he had two very overprotective parents who loved to lavish attention on him. Both came running into the room and checked up on him. Daddy lifted him up while Mama gently patted his back. Smiling, his sleepy father didn't mind as the child coughed up some spit on him.

"Take him to the bed," the blond yawned as he rubbed his son's back.

The brunette nodded and pressed a sloppy kiss to his baby's cheek before walking back to bed with him. Lawliet loved it when he got to be on the big soft bed. There weren't any bars to keep him locked in and it was so bouncy. Daddy and him could play for hours on that bed, but Mama didn't like that very much. He wanted them to keep their rough housing in the playroom, the living room, or the backyard. How boring.

Daddy tossed him up in the air before catching him and jumping onto the bed. Lawliet squealed in delight and giggled as his father started making all kinds of funny faces at him. He tried to imitate a few of the faces and was pleased when his daddy started laughing as well.

"You guys are fucking peas in a pod," Mama grumbled as he came out in his favorite robe.

That funny look twinkled in Daddy's eyes as he looked at Mama. Seeing that only made Lawliet giggle harder. Daddy was a pervert, Mama would say. Maybe that's what he would mean.

"Yeah we are," he said smoothly. "Come over here, Mels."

"Hell no," Mama shot down. "Our son is in the room and I will not be subject to your groping in front of him. Now take a damn shower and get him cleaned up while I make breakfast."

"Awww, you're no fun," Daddy pouted making his son imitate the look. They really were quite similar.

"Get going, or you'll be late again."

Grumbling about his lack of loving, the brunette picked up his raven-haired child and took him into the warm bathroom. The bath ran while the adult undressed shamelessly and then undressed his son.

"Yay! You didn't pee in your diapers!" Matt cried happily, cheering his son's accomplishment. "I just hope you won't pee in the bath."

Lawliet opted to try eating his foot as a response to that and his daddy couldn't help but sigh happily. This boy was his pride and joy, a perfect representation of his commitment to Mello.

"Hey, you know I love you, right?" he asked the boy as he stepped into the warm water. Lawliet nodded as he grabbed his father's face and pressed a loud wet kiss on his nose. Chuckling, Matt attacked the chubby baby with a rain of loud kisses before he got to the task of cleaning them both up. "Mama's pretty anal retentive. I mean, who needs a shower every day? Seriously, he made me take a shower after we had sex last night, and now he wants me to shower again?"


"Yep. He's crazy. Still, I love the guy. Tch, if I didn't, I'd be long gone."


"Oh, but I've got a surprise for Mama!" Leaning closer to the child, he whispered as if sharing a big secret with his best friend (which wasn't too far from the truth). "I wanna marry him, and I'm going to propose soon. Although we're already living together, I'm still kind of scared he'll say no."

"No?" the child asked in confusion.

"He's pretty stubborn and has all kinds of emotional problems. Who knows if proposing will freak him out? Still, I want to try. Do you want to help Daddy?"

"No!" he replied excitedly.

"Heh, I think you mean 'yes,' Lawliet," Matt chuckled as he scrubbed the boy clean. "We'll surprise Mama tonight, ok?"


5:23 AM

"Finally," the blond huffed as he watched his lover come down stairs with his little angel.

Both of them still had damp hair and some water clinging to their skin making the OCD European mutter about Matt's inability to even dry properly. Lawliet didn't really mind because Daddy would always let him pick his clothes after their baths. Mama would always pick the clothes for him, but he liked to be a big boy every once in a while.

"Sorry 'bout that."

"What the heck is he wearing?" Mello asked as he stared at the Spider-man shirt, the striped pants and the fish socks. "None of that…matches."

"He picked it himself," Matt muttered as he tried to get Lawliet into the seat without any help. "Let him wear what he wants."

Honestly, Lawliet loved his daddy in many ways, but his daddy was, as Mama called him, a "clumsy shit" and he always managed to hurt the kid when he put him in anything resembling a chair. He also dropped the boy, tripped over him, forgot about him, and other things that parents shouldn't do. Thus, he struggled to get out of Matt's grip and into the experienced hands of his mother.

"Mattie, stop trying to put him in, you'll just hurt yourself."

"Aww, but I wanna try!"

"Fuck, he's not some experiment," Mello chided as he managed to pull the boy away. "If you're not playing with him, you're scaring the shit out of him with your clumsiness!"

Daddy put up his best pouty look, complete with watering eyes and a quivering lip. "B-but I do try!"

Setting his son down, Mello couldn't help but comfort his mentally challenged boyfriend. It was true that he did try; the problem was that his attempts usually didn't end well. He gave a quick peck to the younger man's lips and patted his hair. "I know you try."

With a mischievous grin that would make his son giggle, Matt grabbed Mello around the waist and spun him around. Lawliet clapped his hands as he watched his mama hang on desperately. Matt wasn't known for only dropping the baby.

"Put me the fuck down, you asshole!"

"Now, now, watch your language," Matt snickered as he set Mello on top of the granite countertop. Daring to push his luck, the younger man wrapped his arms around Mello and pulled him into a kiss. At first, the blond resisted, but that talented mouth was too much.

Both eyes were wide as Lawliet watched his mother and father get lost in their own little world. Although it wasn't uncommon for them to kiss in front of their son, they usually tried to keep it simple and innocent. These random moments of kissing and what Mommy called "groping" were few and far between and for a good reason. Sessions like this usually ended up with his parents playing their funny game in their bedroom. Still, Lawliet couldn't help but gape at his parents and wonder if they were even going to make it to the bedroom this time.

His Mama was making funny noises and moving around as Daddy's hands slipped under the robe. Both adults had their eyes shut closed and were busy trying to eat each other's faces. It was fascinating for a while, but the child soon grew hungry. The food was set on the table, just out of reach. Even his juice bottle was on the table, mockingly standing there. Wiggling around, the baby tried to get out of his seat, but he still wasn't coordinated enough for something that difficult. He tried reaching for the juice, but his short arms would never reach the bottle. Huffing unhappily, Lawliet decided to unleash his secret weapon.


Mama and Daddy jumped up in shock. Mello's head collided with the cabinets behind him, leaving him cursing while Matt ran over to see what was wrong with his precious baby. Large crocodile tears rolled down the round cheeks while the baby pointed to his bottle.

"Aww, I'm sorry," Matt cooed, trying to soothe his son. "Here, have some juicy, ok?"

Mello slid off the counter and onto the floor, rubbing his head and trying to keep the tears from slipping down his own cheeks. Mama hated to cry. "Fucking bitch, Matt, you bit me."

"Sorr- ooh! You made muffins!" Yes, Daddy had a one-track mind, and food was usually up at the top of his list.

A warm soft muffin was sliced up by Mama and put on his little tray. Thick fingers scooped up the tasty breakfast and shoved it into his face, thankfully getting a little more than usual into his mouth.

7: 58 AM

Well, Daddy had been late to work again, but after Mama chased him out of the house, he let his son sleep on the bed with him. Nearly two hours later, the boy woke up sleepily. Looking around and not seeing his mother, he began to whimper. It was always scary if he didn't have one of his parents around him at all times. It reminded him of his last parents. They left him alone too, and never came back.

"Mama!" he called out, beginning to cry.

In only a few seconds, warm arms were wrapped around him and the familiar voice soothed him. "Shh, shh, what's wrong?"

Mello continued to rock his baby while Lawliet cried on his chest. His little fingers dug into the soft shirt, making sure that the man holding him was real. After a few minutes, he calmed down some, and just sniffled softly. This Mommy hadn't ever abandoned him. He was always there, always taking care of him.

Not understanding his child's worries, Mello just carried him downstairs and set him in the play pen. Once that was accomplished, he went back to work on cleaning. Call him obsessive compulsive, but he just liked to have everything spotless. Besides, there wasn't much else to do when you were all alone in the house all day. That train of thought made him snort as he recalled Matt's accusations yesterday. What would make that ass think that he would cheat on him? True, he was a former head of the Mafia, but even then he wasn't considered loose.

"Ugh, I'm going to have to mow the lawn today," the blond grumbled as he looked out at the gathering clouds. "And if I don't get my ass in gear, it'll be raining before I get done."

Running upstairs, he quickly got dressed in some thigh high shorts and a snug fitting t-shirt. Why was he mowing the lawn? Wasn't the "man" of the house (being Matt) supposed to do things like that? Grumbling, he headed down. Before he could walk out though, Lawliet began to complain again.

"No, Mama," he whined as he tried to crawl out of his little prison.

"Sorry, but I can't take you out with me."

"No!" the boy cried, doing his best to imitate his mother's infamous hissy fits.

"I said no," Mello stated firmly. "Now I can put you in your walker, but that's it. Ok?"

Puffing out his cheeks in disapproval, Lawliet pouted even when he was set into his walker. Refusing to look at his mother, he began moving away and towards the kitchen. Sliding around the tile was a lot easier than on the carpet. Mello just shook his head and went out to take care of the perfect lawn.

Cutting grass, a special skill passed down through humankind. Unfortunately, that skill had not been passed down well enough to the Slovenian. He always took forever to cut the grass because he had to first figure out how to use the new lawnmower that Matt would invariably buy. This one had been bought a few weeks ago since the last lawnmower ended up crumpled like a soda can. Don't ask why.

"Why do they make these things so complicated?" Mello hissed as he began to examine the new machine.

While the blond was busy trying to use his intelligence for the task at hand, Lawliet had made his way to the front door which was sitting slightly open. In his rush to get the grass cut before it rained, Mello had failed to properly close it. A grin spread across the boy's face as he fought to get outside like the big boy he was. Besides, Mama was out there, so it would be ok. By the time he managed to roll out of the house safely and onto the sidewalk, the sound of a roaring engine filled the still air. Mama was standing over a funny looking thing, looking quite pleased with himself.

The small boy's eyes widened in surprise as a car rounded the corner and stopped in front of their house. A man jumped out and brandishing a flashlight, he rushed over to the ignorant blond who was still bent over the mower. Horror flashed through the child's eyes as he watched the man swing the metal thing at Mama. It connected with the back of Mello's head and the young man crumpled to the ground immediately.

"Mommy!!!" the child screamed. "Mama!"

Looking up in surprise, the man realized that the child was outside. Cursing his luck, he gave the limp body a kick and ran to the screaming boy. The last thing he needed was for all the neighbors to go calling the cops because the damn kid was making so much noise. Snatching the boy from the walker, he ran back to the old car to make his escape. Lawliet continued to scream in terror. There was red liquid pooling on the cement around his mother's head, but his view was cut off as he was shoved to the floor of the passenger side of the car. The strange man tore out of the neighborhood, wiping his sweaty forehead with a bandaged hand.

"Damn it," he screamed as he slammed the wheel with his good hand. "Fucking kid, I didn't have time to kill that bastard!" Lawliet only cried even louder. Mama was hurt and this mean person took him away. What was going to happen?

9: 17 AM

"Holy shit!" A familiar voice was somewhere above, but Mello couldn't gather his thoughts. His head hurt too much. "Fuck, you're bleeding too much. Mello? Come on buddy, are you ok?"

Ugh, whoever that was, was royally pissing him off. "Fuck ne sveže, pankrt"(1) he groaned in his native tongue. "Kdo hudiča ste vi nekako?"(2).

"Damn, this is worse than I was hoping," the voice commented. "Your speech is all garbled up. Can. You. Understand. Me?"

It took Mello a few more minutes before he was able to even think in English. Still the pressure on his head was excruciating enough that he was having difficulty stringing any sentences together. "W-what's going on?" he forced out, the effort sending another wave of pain through his head. Everything was dark, but that was easily explained since most of the pain was coming from the back of his head.

"It's me, Dan. What happened, Mello?"

Dan? Oh, that pussy called a cop. Wait, what was he doing here? Did the lawnmower get the best of him? "Ugh, I was j-just gonna mow the lawn."

"There was no way a lawnmower managed to whack you across the back of the head with something heavy and hard," the police officer stated. "Now, I'm going to move you to the house, so just tough it out, ok? It won't take long."

The house? Wait, Lawliet was inside the house. Why couldn't he hear his baby crying or whining? "Is Lawliet crying?" he asked hoping that his head just hurt too much to hear the boy.

"Uh, no, there's no sound."

Panic settled in the blond's stomach. "Fuck! We need to find him! Lawliet!" Still unable to see, the European began struggling; his maternal instincts were kicked on overdrive and he needed to find his son. Unfortunately, Dan had other thoughts.

"Whoah, there! Just wait a damn minute, kid! Let me set you down somewhere you won't hurt yourself, and I'll find him." Swallowing hard, Mello decided to just take this guy's advice for once.

"Y-you're speaking pretty well for someone with a broken nose," he mumbled as he was set on the familiar couch.

"Er, yeah, well this isn't the first time I've had a broken nose. Now, let me find Lawliet, ok?"

The truth was, Dan had seen that empty walker in the front of the door and he was afraid that the child was no where in the house. Still, it would be better to confirm it before sending this boy into a fit. It didn't take long to go through the orderly house, and confirming his fears, he found no trace of the boy.

"Where is he?" Mello asked softly, panic making each syllable tremble. He wanted to scream and kick and just find his baby.

"He's not here," Dan replied honestly. "I…well, I don't even know what the heck happened! Who attacked you?"

"I don't know!" he screamed, tears threatening to slip down his face. "Near, I need to call Near! Get me the damn phone!"

The command was followed and soon Mello was yelling into the phone at someone called Near. Dan just stood around trying to find any clue as to what happened. It just looked like someone hit Mello in the back of the head while he was working on the lawnmower and then stole the child. Who would do that? As soon as Mello hung up, Dan decided to question him some more. "Who was that?"

Hugging himself, Mello shook his head. It seemed like his vision was starting to come back slowly. "A friend. He's a detective and can help."

"This is insane," the police officer mumbled. "Now, here, let me take care of that head wound before you bleed to death."

10:31 AM

Lawliet was scared. A swelling bruise was painted over his left cheek where the man had slapped him for crying too much. They were in some weird building that smelled funny and had little cards as the key to the door. He was sitting on the hard bed while the man paced around in front of the television. The news was on, but there was nothing about his Mama. Was Mama ok?

As soon as he started to sniffle again, the man shot him a glare. "Shut the hell up, kid, or I'll gut you and just leave you as a little present for that fucking he-she."

Covering his mouth, Lawliet really did try to be silent, but it was hard. He wanted Mama and Daddy to hold him and to make everything better, but no one came. There was no one but this meanie. The man's image flashed across the screen, catching the child's eyes. The news lady was saying that he had tried to steal from a grocery store and was caught by the police. Unfortunately, he escaped when they were trying to transport him and so they were looking for him. That's why he was such a jerk.

Looking up with defiant eyes, the boy watched the man pace some more as he cursed his luck. The sound of rain hitting the window was the only other sound in the small room. Soon, the man decided to leave so that he could buy plastic trash bags. Lawliet didn't understand what that meant, but it resulted in his being left all alone. The man threatened to hit him again if he didn't stay quiet, then left.

Waiting a few minutes to make sure that the man really did leave, Lawliet crawled over to the door. Sitting down next to it, he gathered his strength and screamed at the top of his lungs. Someone would have to come and see what was going on, and then they would be able to take him to his Mama. At least, that's what he was hoping would happen.

11:03 AM

"All right, I just got a call that Hayden was spotted at a hardware store thirty minutes from here," Gevanni called out to his boss who was sitting in the middle of the living room floor.

"Let's see, that's a Lowe's," Lidner informed the others as she hacked into their security videos.

"Is Lawliet with him?" Mello asked. Although he was obviously worried, he kept his feelings bottled up.

"No, I don't see any child with him," Lidner replied. "He's buying trash bags, though."

"Then we don't have much time," Near stated. Everyone turned to face him. "Rester, please get our car ready. Mello will be coming with us as well. Mr. Dan?"

The police officer who had been standing there stupidly looking at the high tech equipment that had been dragged into the house and also looking at all the strange people finally snapped to attention. "Yes?"

"Would you kindly call some friends of yours in the law enforcement office and have them pull over this man for speeding? His license plate number is 84TS33R."

"Sure, I can handle that."

"Very well. Gevanni, please find the hotel he is staying at and call me with that information. Rester and Lidner, you are coming with me and Mello. Mr. Dave, I think it would be best for you to stay here."

Dan shook his head. "I can't just sit around here. I'm coming with you guys."

Near rolled his eyes and held his robot toy closer. "You'll just be getting in the way."

"No I won't!" the police officer shouted in his defense. He was a good officer and he would be an asset to them. "I know what I'm doing, and I'm trained for these situations."

"Don't argue with him," Mello whispered to Near. "Let's just get my baby."

"Fine, but Rester will baby sit you," Near retorted.

Just as they were all leaving, Mello's new cell phone began ringing. Looking to see who it was, Mello cursed under his breath and flipped it open. "What do you want, Matt? No. Ok, fine, I won't make dinner. Yes, everything's fine! See you then." Sighing, he flipped it shut and looked over at the pale boy. "We need to get this done quickly."

"Why didn't you tell him the truth?" Near questioned as they all took their places in the vehicle. "I'm sure that he would appreciate knowing that his son was kidnapped by a criminal on the run after he attempted to murder you.

Mello just scowled. "I don't want to worry Matt. He'll just get in the fucking way. That and he doesn't need to know about someone getting the jump on me."

"But I know," Near reasoned. "Shouldn't your boyfriend know, then?"

"Just shut up, Near," Mello sighed. "Please, I just want my kid back."

11:36 AM

Thankfully, someone did come in. It wasn't his mother or his father, but Lawliet was more than happy to be with anyone that wasn't that evil man. Instead, a dark woman who spoke a funny language took him out of the room and into the "staff lounge" where a group of women were. They all spoke that funny language and were all wearing ugly clothes. Still, they were an improvement, so he just tried to stay quiet. Surely Mama would be able to find him soon.

That is, if he came at all. What if he never came back? Would one of these ladies keep him? That thought brought tears to the child's eyes. He was so happy with Mama and Daddy and he didn't want anyone else. They were always getting him toys and playing with him. Mama made delicious food, and Daddy would let him play on the bed when Mama wasn't looking. Why did he have to be taken away?

By now, crying was becoming tiring. Tears rolled down silently and one of the ladies held him up to her plump chest. It was nothing like Mama's firm and comforting chest, but it was better than being alone. His salty tears soaked through the material of her shirt, but she continued to rub his back and say soft things.

At the same time, Mello and the others were in the middle of a confrontation with the man that had caused all of this. He had been shooting at anyone who approached him, so they were all just sitting around. This didn't set well with Mello.

"Let me sneak around," he whispered harshly to Near, but the younger boy shook his head.

"That would be stupid. After all, you're in no condition to do anything. Your head injury is serious. What if you passed out?"

"I won't!"

"I'll go," Dan shot in. "I'm not hurt, and I can do it."

"I wouldn't trust you to buy me a new toy," Near replied harshly. "I could easily overlook the fact that Mello kicked your ass, but you were beaten up by Matt too. That's just ridiculous."

The police officer's face flushed red in anger and embarrassment. "I don't need your damn permission!" Standing up, he moved to try to flank the criminal. Before Rester could manhandle him, Near surprised everyone by taking things into his own hands. He grabbed one of Dan's shoelaces and tugged sharply, knocking the man off balance. Once he was flat on his face, Near sat on him to prevent any further movement.

"If you attempt to knock me off, I give Rester full permission to knock your teeth out."

One look at the heavily built man, and Dan decided it would be much better to just let the boy sit on him. At least he wasn't gaining a black eye or any other injury.

"Now that that's taken cared of, what are we going to do?" Mello hissed. "He could have already done something to Lawliet! I'll kill him if he did!"

"Calm down, Mello," Near sighed. "This situation is almost over."

"What do you-"

He was cut off by the sound of a gun going off and of flesh hitting metal. Everyone peeked over the car that had been serving as their protection and gaped as Gevanni stood in his impeccable suit with the kidnapper face down on the hood of his car. The gun was a few feet away, and the filthy criminal cried out in pain as the former FBI agent twisted his arm further.

"That's what I mean," Near murmured as he curled some hair around his finger.

It only took a few minutes of getting acquainted with Mello's steel toed boots before the man gave up the location of the hotel he was staying at. Although Gevanni had already informed his boss of that location, Near thought that it was just desserts after the hell that man put Mello through. Now all they had left was to locate Lawliet.

Once they reached the dingy hotel, Mello kicked in the door and began searching desperately for his son. Unfortunately, Lawliet wasn't in the room. He was no where to be found. Before the Slovenian had a break down and blew the entire place up, Lidner was able to talk to the service maids, and they brought out the whimpering child.

Lawliet had never thought that his Mama had looked so wonderful. His blond hair was sticking up everywhere and bandage was showing from under it. Those sharp eyes softened at the sight of the boy and a few crystal tears did slip down his face. Mello ran and pulled the dirty child into his arms, actually sobbing in relief. Seeing his mother cry, Lawliet began to cry too and he held on desperately, promising himself that he would never let Mama go ever again.

"M-mama!" he choked out. "No go, no go."

"I'm n-not going anywhere," Mello hiccupped, kissing his son's soft cheeks. "Ljubim te,"(3) he whispered between kisses. "Ljubim te."

When Near noticed the bruising on the child's face, he informed Rester to take care of their prisoner. It really did pay off to be the successor to a world famous detective.

2:01 PM

"Mello! I'm home!"

The sound of Daddy's voice made the small child perk up. After they got home, Mama had taken him straight to the bath and scrubbed him clean. Once that was over, his tired Mama pulled him onto the bed for a nice long nap. The funny guy called Near had his people clean up their gadgets and when they left, the living room looked completely normal.

Rubbing his eyes, Lawliet noticed that his Mama was sound asleep. That bump on his head really made him tired. Yawning, he decided that he should call his Daddy up. "Mwah!" he shouted, hoping that his Daddy would get the hint. Sure enough, he did.

Walking in, Matt smiled when he saw Mello sprawled over the bed with a hand protectively around his baby. It didn't take long for him to notice the bruise on his son's face, though, and he rushed over to inspect the wound. Biting his lip, he gently tilted the boy's face, getting a closer look. It looked to big to be cause by one of Mello's slaps, so what happened? Just as he reached over to shake Mello's shoulder, he noticed the bloody bandages.

"What the fuck?" he hissed, shaking Mello awake. "Mels, what the hell happened?"

Bleary eyes opened and stared blankly at Matt for a moment before the blond recognized his lover. Sitting up hurriedly, he pulled Lawliet protectively to his chest and looked to the side guiltily. He knew that Matt would notice the wounds, but he still didn't want to worry him. Unfortunately, he knew that Matt wouldn't let him off the hook.

"Well, uh, some guy took a flashlight to the back of my head, and, er, sort of took Lawliet. But we got him back!"

"What?!" Matt screeched in horror. Why was he the last one to know about these things? "Who the…no, fuck, you…why didn't you tell me?!"

Mello refused to meet his worried boyfriend's eyes. "I just…didn't want to bother you."

"Are you crazy?! You may be some tough ass guy, but Mello, Lawliet's my son and you're my lover! Finding out that you guys have been hurt isn't a bother! Fuck, what if…what if one of you died? I couldn't live with myself!"

"But we're fine!" Mello snapped back. He hated himself for letting such a terrible thing happen to his baby. On top of that, he was scared that Matt would blame him for being such a terrible mother.

"That's not the point, babe," Matt replied softly. It was obvious that Mello was blaming himself for the strange circumstances. "I know that you're all tough shit, but you're not the only one who cares for him. Yes, I can get in the way and I tend to overreact, but that's just part of me."

"You…don't hate me for losing him?" Mello asked, afraid of the answer he would get.

Matt couldn't help but smile. "Hey, I don't even know the facts of what happened, but I can honestly say that it doesn't matter. I would never hate you, Mello. I know how much you care for Lawliet, and I know that you would never let him get hurt or taken away if there was any choice in the matter."


"No, you're right. You got him back safely, and that's all that matters." The younger man leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lover's lips. His cold hand stroked his child's soft hair and he couldn't help but mumble a "thank you" to whatever god watched over his family.

7:15 PM

After hearing what had happened, Matt struggled to decide if his plan to propose to Mello would be better if it was postponed. After consulting with his clingy son, they decided that it would be best to just carry on with the plans. Who knows, maybe it would actually cheer up the blond.

Daddy dressed his son up in the nicest little suit Lawliet owned. It was the same suit he wore after his baptismal. Once his unruly hair was combed back, the chubby boy watched as his father got to work on primping himself up. He really worked hard to get his hair just right and he even washed his hands and face until they were Mama's standard of clean. Once that was taken cared of, Daddy got dressed in his best clothes. Dark skinny jeans hugged his legs and clean combat boots were laced over them. Instead of the familiar stripes, Matt pulled on a snug green t-shirt and a suit jacket over that. Lawliet had to clap in approval. Daddy was looking pretty spiffy.

"Mels, are you almost done?' Matt called out as he spritzed some cologne on. Looking at his expectant son, he spritzed a little on the boy too. There, they both smelt wonderful.

"Yeah, just a minute."

Mama always took the longest to get ready. He was so pretty that he had to make sure that everything was just perfect. Lawliet was sure that the term was "vanity" or something like that. Still, Mama always made heads turn when he was finished getting "dolled up" as Daddy called it.

This time wouldn't be any different, that was for sure. Mello walked in the room from the other bathroom. His blond hair was shiny and let loose to frame his beautiful face. Dress pants fitted tightly around his hips and legs and his black sleeveless shirt was enough to make Daddy drool. Lawliet had to tug on the brunette's pants to get him snap out of it.

"Damn, looking good, Mello," he complimented breathlessly. Of course, his thoughts weren't nearly as clean as his son's; he was staring at that perfect ass and trying not to get too aroused. Fuck, he wanted to just bend Mello over the couch and take him, but that was not something he could do at the moment. No, he had a mission to accomplish tonight. If it turned out well, he would be having more than enough gratuity sex.

Mello looked over the other two boys and frown slightly. "You're awfully dressed up, Mattie, and you even combed Lawliet's hair. What's going on?"

"Nothing," Matt replied with a wide smile. "I just want to take you out to a fancy place! It'll be fun!"

Still not believing his lover, Mello just went along with out. After all, both of his boys looked so darn good. "Here, let me have Lawliet."

All three of them got into the fancy orange car Matt adored. Lawliet was strapped into his car seat and then they were off to some place called Palace Steak House. During the entire ride, Mello kept fussing over his son, making sure that he was comfortable and still safe. It was sad and cute all at the same time.

Finally, they made it to the said restaurant. The bright lights and colorful plants made the boy gawk in surprise. Everything was just so beautiful! Just as Mama pulled open the door, some guy in a red vest appeared at his side. "Here, let me help you out, Ma'am," the man said offering his arm.

Lawliet watched in amusement as a vein popped up on his mother's forehead before he proceeded to teach that poor guy a lesson. Once that man was successfully stuffed into a near by trash can, Mama flipped his hair back and pulled Lawliet out of his car seat. Daddy threw his keys to a scared looking guy wearing the same vest that other man was wearing, and they all walked into the restaurant.

8:07 PM

The food had been good and Mama had successfully scared off two waiters already. Lawliet got to taste mashed potatoes for the first time, and Matt ordered Mello a hearty steak. Giggle, Lawliet couldn't help but notice that the look on his mother's face was almost identical to the look he had on once he finished playing games with Daddy. Matt didn't have any meat, himself, but he thought that Mello definitely deserved a little something for saving their son.

"Did you like the food?" the brunette asked as he stroked his lover's hand.

"Yeah," Mello said with a contented sigh. He rubbed his belly fondly and Lawliet mimicked the move making both his parents smile.

"Foofh," he said with a large smile. Matt leaned over and gave his son a kiss on the head, but at the same time, he sneakily set a little box in his son's hand.

"Hey, Mello?"


Daddy's blush was visible, even in the soft lighting and it made Lawliet giggle even more. His father really did love Mama and it made his face red all the time.

"Er, I uh, well, how long have we been together?"

Raising an eyebrow, Mama thought about that. "I don't know, do you mean, like, since we were at Wammy's? Or how long we've been having sex?"

At the mention of sex, Daddy turned even redder and he fidgeted with his gloved hands. "I mean, my point is, we've been together for a long time, right?"

"Yes," Mello replied slowly, not really seeing where this was going. Matt wasn't going to break up with him, was he?

"A-and, you want to stay we me for a long time, right?" Matt pulled off his goggles and set them down on the table so that his blue eyes could stare straight into Mello's eyes.

"Y-yes," Mello gulped. Matt was being weird, and dear lord, his eyes were gorgeous. "W-what's going on?"

Seeing his Daddy nod to him, Lawliet pushed the little black box in front of his mother. Mello looked down at the box in surprise. Shaking a little, his hands opened up the box to reveal a metal band with the word "Forever" carved in it. Mello gasped and for a moment was left speechless.

"Mello," Matt said softly, "will you marry me? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I just thought that-"

The rest of Daddy's ranting was cut off as Mama lunged over the table and gave him the biggest, wettest, kiss ever. Lawliet's mouth dropped open as he watched his parents hold each other tightly and kiss with their tongues. Sticking out his own tongue, he wondered if that was normal.

Sighing happily, the small boy continued to watch his parents. Although sometimes everything wasn't perfect, and he was still scared to be left alone, Lawliet couldn't help but be glad that he had this family. He had a pretty Mama and a silly Daddy, and they both loved him more than anything else. It really wasn't so bad being the baby in this family.

Author's Notes: (1) "Fuck off, bastard" in Slovene. (2) "Who the hell are you anyway?" (3) "I love you."

Also, I just made up that Gevanni was an FBI member because I don't have a clue as to what he was before the SPK. That and this story is AU anyway. Also, Mello got hit in the head with a freakin' flashlight and he's in Mommy-mode, so he wasn't as kick ass as he was in the first chapter. I did this on purpose to show another side of him as well as to give Near a chance to dish out some ass kicking in his own unique way. So, poor Dan the police man got pwned by Mello, Matt, and Near. Poor, poor man. Oh, and Matt was such a dork when proposing! –huggles him-

I hope you all enjoyed this three-shot! Thank you to everyone who read/reviewed/alerted/favorited! 3 3 3