Blossoms: Just Another Day in Paradise

A sudden cry startled the raven-haired archaeologist out of her nap and her eyes immediately scanned the deck for any sign of impending danger. Instead of seeing the signs of a pirate or marine attack she simply saw a terrified looking sharpshooter and a captain on the deck bent over in laughter. Nearby the small doctor was "hiding" a mixture of fear and amusement on his adorable face. All in all nothing unusual and nothing to be worried about.

"Would you guys keep it down? Some of us are trying to have a peaceful afternoon." The orange-haired navigator shouted from her lounge chair beside her.

"It's nice to hear them having fun after the ordeal at Thriller Bark." She commented idly to her companion.

Nami looked over at her with raised eyebrows and Robin simply smiled back, her azure eyes sparkling behind her violet sunglasses. The navigator huffed indignantly and slipped on a pair of stylish baby pink sunglasses that perfectly matched her pink and green striped bikini. As she resumed her dozing Robin reached over to grab an old favourite book off the table. She ran her fingers over the well-weathered pages, flipping to a page part way through the book. Carefully opening it to her favourite passage she commenced reading.

Above the deck the swordsman was effortlessly swinging his weights around, emitting soft grunts with each pass. He had been at it for the better part of an hour already and he was just starting to wind down. A thin sheen of sweat covered his exposed torso and he focused on his breathing as he did the last dozen reps. When he had finished the last swing he gently put his weights away, locking them securely in place so they wouldn't roll everywhere. With the quickest of glances over the ship he headed down to the showers, having ascertained that everything was safe.

He showered quickly and efficiently, no need to linger under the unforgiving spray. After towelling off he slipped into a clean pair of pants and a fresh white t-shirt. Grabbing his katana and cleaning kit he headed up on deck to polish his treasured blades.

When the swordsman came up on deck, settling against the rail of the magnificent ship, the archaeologist was just finishing her treasured book. She closed the novel and traced the title with a gentle finger, relishing in the sensation of the glossy lettering under the pad of her finger. Franky and Brooke had joined in the chaotic activities above deck much to the navigator's dismay. The amount of noise coming from the small group was extraordinary and she could easily pick out the cyborg's bellowing laugh and the skeleton's musical one. She smiled fondly in their direction, glad to see her nakama enjoying themselves.

With a frustrated growl Nami surged to her feet and stormed off in the direction of her map room, the sound of a door slamming shut soon following. Robin giggled at the usual display of temper and let her eyes scan the deck. They landed on the swordsman. He presented an image of dedication, bent over his katana, gently running the cotton swab along the gleaming blades. Feeling her eyes on him he glanced up and soon his dark green eyes were sparkling with excitement. He made a show of finishing up with the blade he had out and slowly put it back in its scabbard. Then ever so slowly and carefully he put all of his equipment back into the kit snapping it shut with a soft click. He moved lithely to his feet and kit in hand disappeared back below the deck.

Robin waited another minute, gazing out to the endless ocean anticipation building within her. After an appropriate amount of time had passed she slowly rose from her chair making a show out of stretching out her long limbs. She secured the flowing fabric around her waist and picked up her beloved book. Under the pretence of going to exchange books she too disappeared below.

When she got to her room he was already there. She barely made it through the doorway before he was on her. His lips searching out hers frantically and pressing her up against the wall shutting the door behind them. He moved to grab her book and she bit his lip in protest. He pulled back with an eyebrow raised and she suppressed a laugh. Giving him a gentle but firm shove backwards she moved out from between the wall and his hard chest. She gave in to a small chuckle as he let out a growl of frustration. Walking over to her bookshelf she carefully placed the book back in its spot, her hand lingering on the weathered spine. She turned around and he was there, hands and lips finding her once again.

They stumbled to the bed yanking off clothing in a frenzy as they went. By the time they tumbled on to the made bed his shirt was ripped on the ground beside his discarded pants and she wasn't sure where exactly her clothes had landed. His hands were warm on her flushed skin and she pressed into him wantonly. Her hands tangled in his short hair, still slightly damp from his shower. She could smell the citrus shampoo he used, simple and efficient.

Their remaining clothes soon joined the others across the room and Zoro pressed his hard body flush against hers. She moaned into his neck, her tongue flicking out to lap at his pulse point. She ached for him and craved the pleasure only he could give her. He pulled back slightly, looking deep into her azure eyes, his dark green ones almost black with desire. Then suddenly he was pushing into her, filling her to the brim and stretching her out delightfully. Her heart stopped momentarily and her breathing paused at the sudden intrusion before both started up again quicker than before.

They gripped each other tightly as they moved, rolling on the bed so that Robin was now on top, straddling him and looking down on to his god-like body. She spread her legs further, taking him deeper and then bracing herself, her hands gripping his biceps she began to slowly move up and down on him. Zoro moaned encouragements and thrust his hips up to meet her sending them both into a frenzy of motions. His calloused hands gripped her hips hard enough to bruise and she arched her back letting out a deep-throated moan of pleasure. They came together in a rush of movements and cries. They held their position for a second, her arched back while he raised his hips up off the mattress then they both collapsed on each other a tangle of sweaty limbs and tired kisses.

They lay in a heap together for a minute or two before Robin rolled off of him, curling up beside him instead. Zoro raised his arm allowing her to snuggle in close and moved to hold her there, her head resting on his sweaty shoulder. They stayed in that position, letting the silence envelop them before starting a murmured conversation about nothing.

"What's your favourite thing about being a pirate?" Robin asked suddenly the question having popped into her head.

"It's good training."


"What about you?"

"The freedom."


"There's no one tying us down, it's just us and the crew free to follow our own dreams and adventures. It's liberating."

"That's true. The crew is important to me but I know without a doubt that they would never get in the way of my dreams. I never thought that I could be with a group of people and still have such freedom and sense of independence."

"And of course you got to meet me."

Zoro snorted lightly and Robin playfully punched him on the shoulder before snuggling closer. The pair drifted back into silence, soon both succumbing to sleep as the ship sailed on.

Later that evening as the crew turned in for the night Zoro made his way up to the crow's nest with a thermos of coffee to keep him company. The swordsman loosely wrapped a blanket around his shoulders and settled in cross-legged on the floor. His head resting against the side he let his eyes drift close. They opened some time later at the sound of movement on the deck. He quickly glanced into the darkness before settling back down with a smile. A minute later a dark head appeared through the trap door. Robin walked over to the swordsman clad in a pair of loose cotton pants and a tight tank top. She gracefully slid to the ground beside him and he wrapped the blanket around her as well.

The archaeologist tried to stay awake, wanting to keep the swordsman company on his watch but sleep was becoming more and more difficult to avoid. A deep fatigue was settling in, intensifying throughout the entire day until with Zoro rubbing comforting circles on her shoulder she could no longer avoid it. Her eyes fell close and her head rested against a familiar broad shoulder as the swordsman continued his watch in silence.