Vampire the Real Way Chapter 1
What If... Bella was made into a vampire by Carlisle?
Bella's POV
*DISCLAIMER: No, I do not own Twilight*

The whole Cullen family had gathered in Carlisle's 'medicine room', as he called it. I was amazed by how they had all told me that they would deal with the blood as I was turned into a vampire. Edward was holding my hand, telling me it was going to be ok. Carlisle eventually told Edward it was time, and he kissed my head for the thousandth time that evening before walking to the side of the room.
"Now, Bella, I need you to be very still for me, ok? It will hurt horribly. It will be the worst pain you will ever feel. I'm so sorry about that," Carlisle said softly as I crawled onto the long table. I wiggled my toes and stretched my feet out.

I looked at every Cullen in that room. First, Rosalie. She was shaking her head in disapproval. Then, I noticed Emmett. He was flipping through some magazine. Jasper was standing beside Alice, who was giving me a half-hearted smile, holding her hand firmly. I prayed he would leave if the scent got to him. And then there was Edward. He just stood there, clutching a shelf like he was going to fall.
"You can back out of this now, Bella," Edward whispered. I shook my head no.
"Edward, I am going to do this. I swear," I replied.

Carlisle sat on a chair beside the table and motioned Edward over. I looked at Edward as he leaned over my body slowly. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, lips, and forehead.
"Next time I kiss you, it will feel different," Edward murmured and kissed me once more. I looked up at the ceiling.
"I'm scared," I admitted. Edward held my hand once more and kissed it.
"Its ok, love. I promise that the pain will be over soon. Real soon," Edward said, sighed. He winced and walked away from the table.
"Be careful," Alice said across the room, directing it to Carlisle. He nodded and looked down at me.

He paused for a few seconds before touching my hands. It was time for the instructions, I assumed.
"Bella, this is all you need to do. I will need you to stay very still, or as still as possible, when I, bite you," Carlisle started. I heard Edward growl deeply.
"Relax, Edward. When I pull away, the pain will be unbearable. You'll want to die, Bella. But the pain will go away. Everything will go black. Now, when you wake up, you won't remember much. Maybe a little bit of the bite and the pain, but not many human memories. But try to remember this: DO NOT MOVE. It will hurt no matter what, but it will be worse if you move," Carlisle finished with a sigh.
"Just bite me. Get it over with," I choked up.

"I love you Bella," I heard Alice whisper. I smiled and looked back, nodding in response. Emmett looked up.
"I love you, too," Emmett added in.
"Me too, Bella. And I'm sorry if I leave, darlin'," Jasper softly said.
"You're making a stupid mistake," Rosalie added. I giggled. Rosalie formed a half-smile.
"I love you," Edward's deep voice said. I looked back and my eyes filled with tears.
"I love you, too," I whispered to everyone and tilted my head back forward.

"Ready, Bella? I'm sorry Esme can't be here, but she loves you to. As do I," Carlisle said. I let my body grow limp and I relaxed.
"I love you too, Carlisle. And, yes, I'm ready," I groaned through my lips. Carlisle touched my hands.
"The best idea now would be to close your eyes," Carlisle advised. I let my eyes drift closed and tried to imagine being in my own utopia, with Edward.
"I'm going to hold down your wrists," his deep voice said. I felt cold hands push my wrists against the table. He was holding me down with all his weight, it seemed.
"Now, I'm going to bite you. Try to relax. Remember, you're in a room with loving people. Just remember that," Carlisle's voice told me. I didn't move as I felt his breath on my neck, though inside I was screaming for him to stop.

Then it all happened.

I felt his lip hits my mouth and in a quick motion, a sharp, painful bite. I felt him draw blood from me, and I was scared he'd lose control. But, Carlisle quickly pulled away and released my wrists. And that was when the pain hit. I opened my eyes and screamed. It was almost the same level of pain from when James bit me, but for some reason, I was slightly relaxed, knowing I was in a room of people who loved me. I smacked the table as hard as I could with my hand, actually causing it to shake. The pain was unbearable.

Once again, my neck felt as though it was on fire. A horrible, never ending fire. I grabbed the edges of the table with my hands and screamed. I heard Jasper say something about the scent, and then he left the room.
"Bella, dear, just bare the pain another few moments. Everything will go black soon. It's ok, love," Edward's soothing voice said. I looked up with the remaining strength I had and saw his perfect face, looking down at me.
"EDWARD!" I screamed and hit my head against the back of the table. I probably looked childish, but what did I care!
"Shhh, love. It's going to be ok. I love you, we all do," Edward whispered. I let out one last painful scream before I noticed the room slightly spinning. I felt sick to my stomach.

Edward touched my hand, but quickly pulled away and turned the wall. I heard a few more sets of footsteps leave the room, but Edward remained standing.
"The scent, Carlisle," Edward groaned.
"It's ok, Edward," Carlisle whispered. I saw the room slowly disappearing before my eyes.
"Bella, are you alright?" Edward yelled. I could only hear his voice and feel the pain, now. I could barely see anything.
"She's about to sleep, Edward. You'll see her soon," I barely heard Carlisle's voice before everything went black.