Made in the Cullen House Chapter 7
Bella's POV
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"No!" I screamed, even though I knew that Jacob would probably just bounce off of Edward and hit the grass behind him. I leaped off the porch and threw myself at Jacob. I hit him at full speed, throwing our bodies back against the damp morning grass. Jacob growled deeply, forgetting that I was his friend. He went to go claw at my face, but I quickly held his arms down. It felt nice to have the power.
"Jake, don't," I breathed through my lips. Jacob finally settled down and I crawled off of him, letting him spring to his feet beside me.
"So, now you're officially a vampire, huh?" Jacob asked, biting down hard on his lip. I threw my head off to the side and pulled back my hair, revealing a crescent mark.
"Yeah," I whispered and stormed back up to the porch, where Edward held me firmly against his body.

"Bella, I can't believe you did this," Jacob said softly, shaking his head. He looked up into my eyes and frowned. Then he looked at Edward.
"Has she hunted? He eyes are black," Jacob whispered. I suddenly remembered the burn in my throat. It was such a pain.
"I'm so sorry, love. I completely forgot to check," Edward mumbled, staring at Jacob, who put his hand on the back of his neck.
"Crap," I growled very low. When he pulled his hand out from behind his neck, I saw it was holding a few drops of red blood. I growled, losing my control, and went to pounce at Jacob. Edward and Emmett grabbed my arms, holding me back. Alice reached from behind and wrapped her teeny arms around my waist.
"Blood," I hissed and let out another deep growl. Emmett and Edward pushed me back, while Alice looked over my head.

"Look what you've done, dog!" Alice screamed and pushed me into the house. I clawed to escape Edward's and Emmett's grip on my hands, but sadly, three against one wasn't a fair fight. Edward kicked the door closed and I clawed at it, but they already pushed me into the living room, throwing me on the couch.
"I'm sorry," I finally whispered once I had regained control over my body.
"It's ok, love. You're only a newborn. How about we go out hunting, Carlisle can patch up Jacob, and then you can see him," Edward said through his teeth. He obviously didn't want me to see Jacob.
"Alright," I agreed and stood up, Edward immediately taking my hand.
"I'll get Carlisle," Emmett groaned and stormed off. Alice gave me a little smile and a hug before I walked out the door and into Edward's Volvo.

After the trip, I felt much better. I had caught a mountain lion and a deer. So, hopefully, I would be fine around Jacob. Edward drove the car through the open streets and I looked at him sadly.
"How long will I be like this, Edward?" I asked, resting my hand on his thigh, which twitched a bit when I touched it.
"It depends, love. It could be as short as 6 months, or as long as two years," Edward said. I groaned and threw my head against the seat.
"Kill me," I growled. Edward laughed and before he could make a smart remark, I pushed my hand over his mouth.

He pulled into the rocky drive and I was happy to see Jacob's car was still there. I wouldn't be surprised if he left. For god's sake, I attacked him and almost made him a vampire. Or a half vampire, half werewolf. That would be very interesting.
"You feel better, love?" Edward asked as I stepped out of the car, walking up to him to hold his hand.
"Much, much better," I replied and wrapped my open arm around his neck to kiss him. I pushed my lips against his and nearly crushed them. Then I got lost in the kiss. I pushed Edward against the closed garage door and ran my fingers through my hair. Edward just about accepted what was happening, but being a gentleman, pulled away.
"We have time for that tonight," Edward whispered into my ear. I looked him in the eyes and whimpered.

"Do you seriously think the rocks would feel good against your butt? Do you know how easily it would to be caught? Think about Emmett," Edward whispered. He gave me a half smile as I pointed to the gazebo in their backyard.
"Please please please?" I begged. Edward touched my forehead and pushed the hair out of my face. I noticed that I actually wasn't a mess this time.
"Jacob wants to see you," Edward said, finally running out of ways to say no. I wacked his arm and giggled, running up to the front door. Edward caught me before I opened it.
"But I promise, we'll do it in the gazebo," Edward growled deeply into my ear. I smiled and opened the door, only to see Jacob inches from me.

"Going to kill me, Bella? Or just attack me?" he asked sarcastically. I glared and Jacob and then a smile spread his all too perfect face. I leaned out and hugged him, smiling.
"Hey Jake. Look, about earlier," I started. Jacob pressed a finger against my lips. Edward sighed and walked away.
"I understand, Bella. It's ok. And I am willing to be your friend, vampire or human," Jacob said. I smiled and felt like crying.
"If I were human, I would cry right now," I admitted and kissed Jacob's cheek. He smiled and touched my face like Edward would.
"If it's possible, you look more amazing then you did when you were human," he whispered into my ear and took my hand, walking into a library. We sat down on the couch and Jacob looked at me.

"Well, Bella, I want to hear it all. How's life so far?" he asked me. I shrugged and stretched my arms.
"Being a vampire is interesting. I don't need to sleep, blink, or even eat. But as a newborn, I need to hunt a lot. I just got back, so my breath probably smells like blood," I admitted to him and breathed in his face. Jacob plugged his nose, and then laughed.
"Actually, it smells minty. Have you told Charlie about your switch? Are you going to?" Jacob asked. Wow, he was suspicious.
"No, I can't. I just told him I'm moving in with the Cullen's," I told Jake. Jacob laughed and smiled.
"Any more questions?" I asked him. Jacob cleared his throat.

"Not to sound like Emmett or anything, but, have you had sex?"

The End!!