Authors note: I love to write, if you don't like this don't read. I love yaoi, because to me it shows something to me. Something I can't put down in words. But anyway. If you're ready, I'm ready, let's begin!

Pairing: AkihikoXMisaki

Rated for lots of boy x boy love. Don't like don't read, there will be alot of changes and this is my first submission so I'll love anything I can get.

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New Play

Today had been a good day. Takahashi Misaki, age 19, was sitting on the couch of the great lord Usami Akihiko's living room. He was reading a book that wasn't a BL novel, but actually reading the newest addition to Akihikos fame of normal novels. The black bag from earlier sat at his feet and he was smiling ear to ear thinking about how today had gone.

Misaki had been eating lunch outside, since Sumi-sempai was studying for a test in the library. He was halfway done with his bento box when everything changed. A girl with long black hair that went down to her lower back and amethyst eyes stood in front of the teen with her hand on her hip. She had an air of arrogance around her, but the smile she wore didn't look menacing as her posture did. She wore a long sleeved black shirt with a silver butterfly over the heart , the sleeves draped at least three inches past her hands. Black short shorts fit her lean frame. A pair of black shin high silver buckle boots on her feet.

"Hi there, my brother is off making friends and I saw you sitting by yourself, mind if I join you?" Of course he wanted company! And it was a girl! Now people would think of him as a normal college student instead of the alternative. He was still trying to get the pervert author to let him walk to school instead of driving because of the weird looks he got. The author didn't care. "Please by all means!" She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and sat down on her knees setting a black bag she had hanging on her shoulder beside her.

She held out her hand for him and grinned, "My name is Kiryu Reika, it's a pleasure to meet you." Misaki used his free hand and shook hers, grinning from ear to ear, "Takahashi Misaki! I'm grateful to have met you, would you like some of my lunch?" Reika shook her head, "No thank you, I ate a little while ago, but please continue with your meal."

For about thirty minutes, the pair spoke about hobbies and reasons they were coming to college. "I'm a freshman just like my brother. We just transferred back to Japan after we lived in America for five years." Misaki's eyes widened, "That's amazing! What was it like?" Reika touched her finger to her lips and giggled, "Well, it was different. We had to learn English, so my brother and I speak two languages now." Misaki opened his mouth without thinking and said.

"No way! The guy I live with lived in England and can speak the same thing, that's so cool!" Then he covered his mouth and blushed, this was his one and only chance to look like a normal student to this girl. "I mean, that must have been very hard for you, what else happened?" Misaki asked to lure the conversation away from his mistake.

Reika went on to explain that her father was a manager for a rising pop band called 'The Cross Eyes.' And that her mother was a fashion designer, the outfit she was wearing was a one of kind piece that her mother made for her. Jazda, her brother, was here to become a photographer and the reason she was here was to get a degree in writing.

"Wow! Your family is differently ranged. What kind of writing do you do?" Reika giggled, actually covered up her face with her sleeve and giggled like a little girl. "If I told you, you might freak out." Misaki thought 'it can't be that bad, unless-' "I hope to get into the Boys Love writing company! I just love reading those novels!" Misaki shivered, he could just die now.

"But to be honest, if that doesn't work, my writing range isn't all that limited. Did you know that if everyone was as open as me, or the rest of my family, the world would be a safer place to live?"

Misaki watched her go off into a daze for a split second, "Those that can love without fear, the ones that truly love another person without gender being an issue, are a couple that should be. If you can show how you really feel for someone you care about, they become yours forever and no one should take that way. That is what love is."

Those words hit Misaki, hit him right at home. He had tried to say those three words before and never could get them out the right way. That short speech gave him a small bit of confidence. The way she said those things, he felt more relaxed around this girl, more relaxed than being around Sumi. Someone called her name behind her and Reika stood up, dusting herself off. She waved a goodbye to her new friend, "I'll see you around I hope!"

She took off in her boots that he just noticed were five inches tall and thick, he wondered how she could do that without falling flat on her face. He was just getting ready for class when he looked down and realized she had left her bag behind.

"Reika!" He called out, but she was already gone. He wanted to give the bag back, but couldn't at the moment because he had class to get to. So he sat inside his last class, Literature with the Demon Kamijou sensei. When he dropped his pencil out of boredom onto the floor he leaned over to pick it up.

"It's open?" Sure enough the black bag was open partially and he was able to peek inside. From what he could see, it was just a few bottles, but the scent caught him off guard. It smelled strangely fruity and spicy all at once. So he closed the bag and sat back in his chair, hoping no one else could smell it either.

When Akihiko had come to pick him up in the afternoon, Misaki was tickled pink about how the day had gone. "Misaki, when did you get a purse?" Akihiko asked. Misaki glared at the driver, "It's not a purse, and I met someone who was actually interested in normal things," he left out the part about the girl liking BL novels. This Misaki shivered over. "She left her bag and I couldn't find her after class so I thought I'd take it home with us and wait until I see her again to give it back to her."

"Makes sense, that's really nice of you," the lord smiled and reached over with a free hand to ruffle Misaki's hair. Misaki flushed, and turned his head away, "Baka Usagi, keep both hands on the wheel please." The author chuckled but kept quiet the rest of the drive home.

When they arrived, Akihiko told Misaki that he had to go to an award ceremony and asked Misaki if he wanted to come with. "I think I'll just stay here, I can get the chores caught up and do some homework while your out."

But the author had different plans, "When I get back, I'm going to make love to you," he whispered huskily in the others ear as he nipped at the shell of the ear. Misaki gasped and pushed the pervert author away. "Usagi-san! Your going to be late!"

So after much arguing and a goodbye kiss, which Misaki was glad to get but would never tell the author, Usami left the house alone to his young lover. As Misaki wasn't feeling hungry, he went to go read the newest novel. A tiny scent of apples and caramel met his nose and he realized he still had the bag. He finished the novel in record time, and was going to congratulate Usagi-san when he came back.

"That was a good novel, I don't see why he can't write more normal ones instead of those books from hell." He looked beside the couch and noticed the scent was getting stronger and the bag was lying innocently next to a new stack of BL novels. Misaki's curiosity got the better of him and he opened the bag to find four bottles inside.

He picked up the one that was giving off the scent, it looked like a drink and so he decided, "What's the harm in trying?" As he took a sip he failed to notice the label on the side, 'Devilish Desire.' It didn't take long before he realized something was wrong. His body was heating up and he felt the need to strip in order to cool down. At first he had unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt, but then he threw the thing off after he found out it wasn't working.

His eyes landed on the seemingly innocent cover of the BL novel and he picked it up, even though his mind was screaming for him to put it down, his hands didn't think so much. "What is wrong with me?" He asked outloud before he opened the book up to the first page. Getting five chapters into the novel, Misaki absentmindedly touched the crouch of his pants and found out he was hard from reading so much detail. He could imagine that Usagi was licking him in places that made Misaki's face burn but not from rage.

Nearly ten minutes later, a click of a key turning into the lock and a door being open, a voice. "I'm back." Usagi called from the entrance. He dropped whatever he had in his hand on the floor when he saw a topless Misaki, blushing leaning against the back of the couch just watching Usagi with lust in his eyes. Akihikos eyes lowered to the noticeable bulge in his lovers pants, his eyes widening when he saw that Misaki had his right hand down his pants and was biting his left index finger lightly, trying to suppress a sound. "Usagi-san…" he moaned in a sinful voice, "welcome back." The author was speechless for once and Misaki was able to pull his hand away from his most aching place to look away from Usagi in shame, "Congratulations on your newest novel. I was going to prepare something nice for you but then I took a drink of that weird bottle on the table. I don't know what's wrong with me, it's just so hot…" And with that Usagi moved forward without warning an took his lovers mouth with his and kissed him passionately, wrapping his arms around the younger of the two.

He wasn't about to question why Misaki was like this, the boy was begging for any attention and who was he to deny?