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Just For Tonight

Shinobu was willing to say it to the wind, as he sat on the couch at Miyagi's apartment. He grabbed his hair in frustration and almost, almost screamed. But that still didn't help the fact that he was frustrated.

"Miyagi you bastard!" The teen got up and stomped around the room to try and clear his fuzzy head. "Leaving me here to fend for myself! You are a horrible person leaving me here like this!"

But how actually he was left we are not to sure at the moment. He hissed under his breath and tried to prepare something to eat. That ended up slightly brown and crispy. How he dreamed of making something nice for Miyagi for once.

Giving up on that he went to where his backpack was and started to dig through it. He had seen an advertisement for a new product and noticed that the percentage rate of it working was fairly high. Close to a 100% without saying it was.

He was a little unsure, he had first heard about if from his Australian friend. That hadn't been too long ago and this product was still gaining in fame and recognition. He wanted to try, but was afraid of side effects. It was supposed to make him a better lover.

Perhaps he wouldn't be selfish or hateful as Miyagi put it. Maybe he would actually be nice for a change of pace and make things romantic. But who was he kidding, he was a kid to Miyagi, it was going to take years to even reach up to his level of expectation.

Even the assistant that worked with Miyagi probably made a better lover than him, and that was what brought Shinobu down to his knees. Feeling hot tears forming on the inside of his eyes and desiring to escape. What exactly was stopping Miyagi from leaving him for someone better?

"I can't think this way! Down the hatch to a better lover hood!" With bottle in hand, he downed a little close to half and closed it. Putting it back in his hiding spot. If anyone had seen his face at the moment, one would have a hard time deciding if he looked angry or cute. It was a combination of both one would think.

The bottle had read Devilish Desire, and to him it sounded kind of kinky. Whatever, if it worked then it would be worth it. If it didn't he could always chuck it and try the old fashioned way.

It didn't take long to work because Shinobu suddenly felt a heat take him over and it was intense. He needed to cool down but he couldn't think of where the cooling unit for the apartment was. Instead he opted for a treat.

The day before Miyagi had bought a weird ice-cream. If he was correct it was called an orange push pop. Not even caring for the name, he walked into the kitchen. His shirt falling off of him after he unbuttoned it and reached into the freezer to get the desired treat.

But that still wasn't enough he was thinking as he unwrapped the treat and started to lick at it. It felt that if he didn't get his pants off he was going to combust into flames. Had the bottle done this to him? What if it was a horrible side effect or something?

With that in mind, pants were off and lost somewhere on the floor. Shinobu plopped down onto the couch and was sprawled out in his underwear. At least now the heat wasn't going to kill him. So to keep himself occupied on something else, the popsicle would have to do. He gave the treat a lick from top to bottom and loved how it chilled the inside of his mouth and slid down the back of his throat to cool him down internally.

He hadn't noticed though that while he had been licking sinfully at the treat that it was starting to melt and drip down onto him. He hissed at first at the sudden chill, but it smoothed out into a groan of pleasure as the cold relieved the heat.

Then the thoughts attacked him and he groaned out again as he thought of the popsicle being a certain part on his lover. Pervert much? He didn't stop though as he sucked hard on the top of the treat and felt more of the delicious sugar drip onto himself. It was so cold but it felt so good.

Shinobu felt his boxers becoming uncomfortable, but hadn't noticed the sound of a key being pushed into the lock on the door and the doorknob being turned. The teen dropped his hand down to his crotch and clutched his hardness without realizing it. He was so into his fantasy of sucking Miyagi off that he didn't hear the intake of breath.

"Shinobu I'm ba-" and there was a pause. A moan. And slurping sounds. Miyagi already felt the stirrings of desire in him and he just had to see what it was. He walked slowly over to the couch and nearly came at what he saw. There sprawled out with his legs open was Shinobu Takatsuki covered with melted popsicle on his chest and sweating as though in a heat. His cheeks were tinted pink and his erection was standing tall inside the boxers.

Was Shinobu deep throating a popsicle? The situation would have been funny maybe on another foot but right now, to Miyagi who had been denied for almost a week, it was an open invitation. His mouth was hanging open and he was sure he was drooling.

The teen opened his eyes trying to remember when he closed them only to see Miyagi staring at him like he had grown a second head. And he had. (Pun goes here if you understood this joke). Sudden embarrassment struck him and he sat up, the mess he made with his popsicle traveling to nether regions.

Perhaps closing his mouth and trying to contain the moan of delight would have been helpful on his end as the treat finally stopped at the hem of his boxers before it started to stain in. But the future stain didn't matter as Shinobu gulped at the face that Miyagi was giving him.

If he had on more clothes right then, Miyagi would have been stripping him mentally. Instead his mind didn't have to work too hard to imagine the stalk that was under the boxers of his younger lover. His eyes narrowed dangerously and Shinobu couldn't remember the last time he had seen that look.

However the teens eyes narrowed as well as anger began to course through him. "You bastard! You leave me here with nothing to do! I was so lonely and you have no idea how horny I am right now!" At this point the phrase 'insert foot into mouth' came to mind and Shinobu covered up his face in shock. He hadn't meant to blurt all that out, it just kinda happened.

He didn't want Miyagi to know that, the other would call him a kid and leave. However what happened next surprised the teen. Miyagi had come around the couch and straddled Shinobu. Their stares were locked for a few seconds. Then the older of the two leaned down and captured the others lips.

It was almost hurried Shinobu thought as Miyagi ran his tongue along the seam of his lips. He allowed Miyagi entrance, which made the older happy down to his toes. Their tongues battled for a while until the need for air had pulled them apart. This sight made Miyagi's cock harder in his pants. Saliva trailed down the side of Shinobu's mouth, the teens eyes glazed over in total pleasure.

Miyagi placed kisses down the teen's jaw line and down to his neck. He bit at a spot just below the ear and the teen quivered beneath him. It was a delicious thrill. The professor stopped his actions because he had something to ask. "Shinobu-chin…you were lonely without me?" The teen blushed a darker shade and turned his head away in shame. This is where he was expecting Miyagi to laugh at him, but that's not what he got. Miyagi cupped his chin and forced him to look back into serious black eyes. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting my love. Kamijou got sick and so I stayed late to finish both of our projects."

So Miyagi went out of his way to make someone else happy, even if it cost him his own? That was real sweet of him. "Miyagi I-" but it was cut off with a gasp and a buck of the hips. Miyagi had snuck one hand down into the boxers and was stroking him while the other hand was playfully tweaking at a pert nipple. Miyagi smirked, "I'll reward you for being so patient with me, though, I won't go easy on you for being such a damn tease."

Now Shinobu hadn't heard that one before. But he didn't care as that devilish hand was bringing him to a end. Miyagi had leaned down and captured the other nipple with his teeth, nipping at the flesh lightly but enjoying the sounds of pleasure that were coming from his lover. Returning the same attention to the other nipple, he felt fingers clutch tightly into his locks of hair. Not that he minded, he pretty much liked that.

Shinobu couldn't keep up, the sensations he felt right then were stronger than before and he felt high on these feelings. Just when he was about to reach his climax, all sensations stopped and brought Shinobu to full awareness. He let go of Miyagi's hair to let the other raise up. The evil grin that the other had on his lips was scaring him.

"You're all dirty Shinobu-chin, we simply must clean you off now." The older got up and without warning, picked up the turned on teen and threw him over his shoulder. "He-Hey! Miyagi! Put me down!" The teen protested by wiggling around, causing friction to his hard on. Damnit. He wanted release!

The sound of running water brought him back to his current situation as Miyagi removed the boxers and tossed them elsewhere. Then the man undressed quickly and pushed the teen into the shower of now hot running water. It wasn't so hot that it burned, but it was heat that was making him dizzy. Those lips were upon him again as his knees went weak.

He distinctly recalled the mess on his chest but realized it didn't matter as this kiss was sucking him dry. When Miyagi finally pulled back, Shinobu was a breathless mess. He was turned so that he was facing the wall and both of his hands were brought up above his head. "Don't move them," was what Miyagi whispered into his ear and caused shivers to go down his spine.

He could feel lips on the back of his neck and ears as a finger prodded at his entrance. This was going to hurt, but he knew it would feel so much better after he was prepared. He winced as the first finger moved inside him, pulling out and then being pushed back in. After about a week, yeah he knew this wasn't going to feel pleasant.

Then the second finger moved in and made a scissor motion. Searching. Miyagi chuckled when he found what he was looking for as Shinobu trembled beneath him. Then he removed the fingers altogether and place the head of his cock at the entrance. "Prepare yourself," was his only warning as he pushed in all the way to the hilt.

Restraint. He had to restrain himself as Shinobu was in discomfort now. He waited until Shinobu leaned forward with his head touching the wall. "Do it,..I'm ready…" the teen gasped. Gods that hurt so much but he knew this was going to get better. What more could he need as he began to thrust into the welcoming and familiar heat that was Shinobu.

It was steamy in the room now as Shinobu clutched at the wall, breathing hard to do because of a suddenly well aimed thrust. He saw showers of stars behind his eyelids and shivered at that. That was what made all the pain from before disappear into the back of his mind.

His sweet spot was being abused as Shinobu moaned in ecstasy. Miyagi's right hand had come around and grasped his cock, pumping him in time with the thrusts. The heat, the fullness, everything was becoming too much. Shinobu's nipples brushed up against the cold tile on the wall and he hissed. That felt real good. More kisses were being placed at the back of his neck and he knew he was close by the feeling in his belly.

"Miyagi…I'm gonna…" and the thrusts came harder and faster. Judging by the desperation in this, Shinobu knew they were both close. As he was melting into the other the sound of the water also faded into the background.

A few more hard thrusts and Shinobu's insides clenched down hard on Miyagi's cock . They both saw white. Shinobu shot his seed on to the wall with a loud scream before going limp. Where Miyagi's filled him to the brim. Both were breathing heavily as Miyagi pulled out and Shinobu was ready to pass out in exhaustion. Miyagi wrapped his arm around the others waist and turned off the water. Spinning the other around to kiss him openly on the mouth.

That may had been their roughest experience yet. Miyagi looked down at Shinobu who looked like he was glaring. "Damn bastard…don't make me wait so long next time." The older chuckled and hugged the teen tight to him. He helped the teen out and dried him off, neither of them bothering to put clothes back on as that effort was too much to do.


"So Shinobu…what I walked in on?" Shinobu blushed and rolled so that his naked back was facing Miyagi. "It was hot. What can I say?" Both were silent for the moment, both thinking the other had fallen asleep. "You should do it again sometime…" was all Miyagi said after a while.

"Anything for you old man." Was Shinobu's retort and they both fell asleep after Miyagi had embraced him from behind. The bottle of Devilish Desire forgotten in the bag had a warning label on the back; "Warning, may cause user to extreme cuddle."


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