Soul Eater Fanfiction



Black Star's Point of View


She sat there clutching the Fey Blade in her hands, not moving, hardly breathing.

The villagers glaring at us was my fault. Maybe not directly- I hadn't killed a bunch of people- but old hate dies hard. Those who remembered were pissed off again because of my tattoo.


She held the stage- the spotlight. It was her turn for it. She was fighting within her soul-… I couldn't interfere and I wouldn't anyway.


The villagers were taking action now. Ha! Let them try to interrupt her- I wouldn't let them!

Thwack! One- two- three- four… Not enough to kill me! You can't kill the man who will surpass God!

Thwack! You can still make him bleed though. Hot-sticky- the rain washed the blood down my face. The beating continued. I refused to move. I wouldn't give them what they wanted. I could take the pain- it would take a lot more to kill me!


The man hitting me moved to hit her.


I stopped him simply and he scampered off. The rain fell harder and minutes dragged on. She still didn't move. I knew something big was happening- through our partnership? She was the only one I could sync with- she could synchronize with anyone undoubtedly- the way she was. We didn't have any souls to add to her count yet but when we had the 100 and she became Shinigami-sama's weapon… What would happen? I doubt I could sync with anyone else. I wouldn't need to.

I wouldn't want to.

But would I ever see her again? Maybe ten years from then- if ever…


I'd miss her. She was the only one… for me…

She shifted and the Fey Blade burst into light and moved into her. She opened her blue eyes and looked at me… her face all full of emotion.

"Black Star!" she fell into my chest, hugging me and crying. I hugged her back and let her cry. I didn't ask- it wasn't my business. What else could I do anyway? Tell her everything was alight? Clearly it wasn't.


If she needed to cry- she could. I'd keep the villagers off for her. Her relationship with the Fey Blade had been personal. No one had a right to intrude upon that.