Lover Lay Down


She had planned to wring my neck, but the whole crazy night (which I will live on vicariously for months) had worked out in her favor, what with Eric Northman professing his undying love for her, and then, you know, all the sex.

Sookie met me at the breakfast table. I had been up all night, still plagued by insomnia, and made breakfast. There were stacks of guilty toast, plates of guilty eggs (scrambled, over easy, over medium, fried, and hard-boiled), two kinds of guilty pancakes (chocolate chip and blueberry), guilty sausage (links and patties), and guilty homemade, from scratch biscuits. I was going to send the left-overs to everyone except Bill Compton (who would be receiving a novelty mug and a case of TruBlood). Eric got Sookie. I figured that made us even steven.

"You're off the hook," Sookie said. She took eggs (over medium) and pancakes (one each) and sausage (links). She spread grape jelly on a biscuit. "But only because I think the spell worked out in my favor."

"I'm really sorry," I frowned. That was apology number fourteen.

"Apparently, the moral of the story is to make the True Love Kiss a relationship deal-breaker."

"I should have called Eric first." I had been thinking about that a lot. After all, I'd been up all night.

"Why didn't you?"

"Well, I actually thought about Bill first. But I only knew that Bill loved you. It had to be mutual, and I didn't know anyone you had mutual love with."

"Don't mention his name again." Sookie shoveled pancake into her mouth. I didn't ask for clarification.

"If Eric hadn't shown up on his own…" I sighed.

"You'd still be dead meat." Sookie concluded.

"Yep. And you'd still be sleeping!" Which negated her point.


We both paused. I looked at my eggs.

"Let's never mention this again," Sookie said at last.

"You got it."

The End.