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Summary; Edward & Bella are enemeys at school. They don't know how each other really feel though. They become penpals in a school project. What happens when they find out it's each other? Bella is dating Jake. Edward is dating Tanya.

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"Oh hell no, fuck you Cullen!" I yelled, pushing him out of the direction of the doorway.

"Bella, stop fucking denying your love for me, damn it," He acted angry, but I knew his punkass was faking. He grabbed my wrist before I could slip past him, causing me to jolt backwards into his arms.

"Fucking let go, or your balls with be on my christmas tree," I smiled at him, showing my teeth. He swiflty pushed me away, and glared as I jolted for the door.

"You'll come crawling to me sooner or later," I heard him yell behind me.

As soon as I got around the corner, I backed up against the wall. Fucking idiot! I hate him!

Edward & I have been enemys sence I moved to this stupid little town, two years ago. We would glare at each other everytime we passed, and sometime we fought physically. Not to mention him grabing my ass and boobs when he could. He was the biggest fucking perverted fucker I have ever met.

"Bells, you okay?" I heard Mike calling from behind me. I turned around the corner, and saw him stareing at me, with a confused look.

"Yes hun, i'm good," I replyed, wrapping my arms around his neck. Mike & I got together last year. Nothing to real or physical was going on with us though, for me atleast.

"Is it Cullen again? I can take care of him for you," The sweet little blonde puckers his lips out.

I kissed them gently, and pushed his hair back slightly. "That's very generous, but I can handle it," I winked.

"Are we going to do something tonight?" He asked, with his face glowing suddenly.

"Sure, Charlie will be working tonight. So just come over,whenever," I replyed, grabbing his hand. We walked down the long hallway, and stopped at my locker. There was the arrogant little fucker leaning on my locker. Not to mention all the bitches at his knees worshipping him. He was far from being a god.

"Well, I better get to class, see you later," I said kissing the top of his head.

"Love you," He replyed, letting go of my hand.

"Mmmhhm," I managed to get out, without sounding to fake. I started to walk to my locker, and Edwards head shot up automaticly. He whispered something to his hoes, and the giggled walking away.

"Move asshole," I shoved into him, knocking him a few inches away.

"So strong, for a tiny little girl," He whispered sending chills down my back. Why do I have to think this bastard is sexy? His green eyes boreing into mine. The bronze hair that creeped over his pale face. His gorgeous body that dre- Shut the fuck up Bella!

"Fuck you, Cullen," I hissed at him, grabbing a book out.

"When?" He chuckled.

"I need decorations for my tree, can I have your balls?" I glared at him, turning around.

"In your mouth, of course," He leaned in closer, sending me a half grin. Cocky bitch!

"I need to go to class,move," I slipped under his arm, and walked towards computer programs class. I felt his stare behind me, obvisouly following me. It sucked he was in my class, but he sat far away, thankfully.

I walked into the cold room, and found Alice giggling at something she had on the computer screen.

"What's so funny," I asked, sitting down beside her.

"Jasper," She sighed, flicking her hair behind her shoulder.

"Mike," I copyed her, and she sneered at me for a moment.

"Any luck with pissing Eddie off today?" She asked, popping her bubblegum.

"I offered to put his balls on my christmas tree, a few times. He kept blowing it off," I sighed, flippingon the computer screen.

"Class, I have a very special project we'll be working on for a few weeks," I turned to see the teacher walking in, carrying a box of papers.

"Great. What does the old fart have up his sleeve now?" Alice leaned over whispering. I giggled softly.

"Each of you will draw out a name. It will have a email on it. You will add that to your messenger," He began to pass out the sheets of paper to everyone.

"This will be your penpal. You will get to know this person, and you will do a essay on it, after the project is done," He walked up to me, and I reached in and grabbed a sheet.

"Do not show or tell anyone what ur email is, because that person MIGHT even go here," He kept going on, and on.

"Great. Watch me get Lauran or Jessica," I rolled my eyes, opening the paper.


"Alice, I got a pervert!" I almost shouted, causing a few muffled laughters.

"Good luck. Maybe you'll meet up," She winked.

Like i'll ever meet up with someone from the internet. Fucking gross!


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