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Princess Madeline Cullen

"Alice get Carlisle, NOW!!!!" Commanded Edward almost too powerfully. Edward almost pushed me off his "Love seat" as we like to call it and buttoned up his shirt with a breeze and I quickly got up and did the same with my mine.

"Hey sick girl who can't laugh, OVER HERE!!" I said sarcastically trying to grab someone's attention. Edward turned his face ever so slightly.

"Sorry, didn't mean to forget the "sick vampire"," Edward half grimaced half crooked smile. I looooooved when he did that. So vampire lovey dovey. I scrambled over to him and half jumped and half sprinted onto his back trying to liven up the group of dismayed vampires.

"Bella, you can't laugh and you decide to jump on my back???" Edward questioned with a million dollar smile.

"So whaaaaaaaat if I can't laugh!! Can't I still be playful??" I questioned playfully.

"That's what I love about you; you never look at anything with a sad smile. You also find that advanced love is better than beginner love!" Edward sugar coated me.

"I'm sure you would agree after we had practice," I charged back at him slyly.

"Honey, I think we have practiced enough," He laughed vigorously.

"HEY, I'm still in the room. Gees maybe I should Carlisle later, seeing you to have much more "talking" to do," Alice laughed excitedly. I lowered my head trying not to show my blush pink face. Edward shooed Alice away and we started where I had left off.

Later at night-----

I lay sprawled on Edward's loveseat enjoying his stroking of my face. We lay there both enjoying the comfort each other brought. I traced the lines of his chest running down to his belly button. Where I pretended to be his mom playing around with his belly button. He laughed silently. I dropped my head on the arm of the seat. I gradually came to his lips and kissed him. If Romeo and Juliet were good at kissing we were the next best.

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