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Most Shinigami were tending to the massive attack of a hollow that had decided to attack the innocent souls of Karakura Town. This one hollow had confused everyone because no one yet has defeated it. Everyone helped with this small war. Captains, Lieutenants, Seats, even the substitutes. No one rested, but many where overwhelmed by one hollow's ability. We follow four points of views of Uryuu Ishida, Ichigo Kurosaki, Toshiro Hitsugaya and Hanatarou Yamada. A Quincy, shinigami substitute a Captain and the 7th seat of the medical squad. If you have heard of a Nintendo Ds and a Wii game called "Lost in Blue" you may have heard of a game where people have been stuck on an island out at sea with rarely anyone else. You have to hunt, cook, build and survive. But what does this have to do with Bleach? There is no ocean or island around… but Rosierooboo and Evil-Sorceress had found a way. We mixed our ideas together to put together a story for you. We hope you enjoy…

Lost In Blue – Bleach Style

By both Evil-Sorceress and Rosierooboo

Uryuu Ishida's Point Of View: [Day 1 on the Island]

Where is Kurosaki? He went to find the hollow, but he was hard to find with the fog. That one hollow…it should be easy to destroy it. Why have so many have fallen? The medical squad had assured me that no of them were dead, but they seemed so lifeless…in some sort of trance like state. Toshiro Hitsugaya stood beside me, ready to take charge and fight. He was part of the defence to keep the hollow from reaching any closer to everyone else. But as I looked at his face, he was angry at himself for letting everyone down so many times. His hand tensed into a fist. He jumped forward, unleashing his zanpaku-to. I ran behind him to get a closer look. The hollow was huge, and not like the hollow I've seen before. There was smoke everywhere and I lost sight of that Captain. I breathed in, and I soon started to feel dizzy. All I saw was smoke. I fell to the ground, I was so tired and my eyes kept closing on me. I opened my eyes again, this time seeing Captain Hitsugaya on the ground ahead of me. He had also fallen… he had blood dripping off his hands and on his Haori. I wanted to call for help, but my throat was dry and my eyes had closed again. What happened after that, I didn't know.

I awoke to the sound of a wave that crashed against a rock. I slowly opened my eyes to find that I was in my original clothes, not my Quincy outfit. I looked at an ocean, until I realized that I wasn't where I used to be. I turned around in panic looking franticly. Where was I?! There were palm trees, a large sandy beach and cliffs. This wasn't home at all. And of course it wasn't the Soul Society. I looked around some more understanding that I had to be on an island. I wasn't sure how I would be able to get back home, but more importantly, where was everyone else? I remembered what happened, about the hollow, the smoke, and Hitsugaya-san. Kurosaki was around somewhere too, but he seems to be no where in sight either. I decided to start looking for a way off this island. I continued along the beach calling for help along the way.


No one answered my call. I'm sure that Hitsugaya-san would also be here since he was near me when I last saw him. I remembered how his hands were stained in blood. I wondered if he was dying, or already dead. I almost suffered the same way…could I also be… There was no way. I wouldn't be hungry if I died, plus I wouldn't be here. I would go to the Soul Society. I was getting thirsty and really hungry. I need to make a fire and find some food around. I could create a shelter until I find a way off this island. It seemed to only be the afternoon, even though we were fighting the hollow around the evening. I ignored it however and decided to look for supplies.

Around a few hours later, (or what it seemed like) I had managed to collect up some dry twigs and a few rocks to make a fire. I had a bag with me which was unusual but it was handy for carrying materials. I managed to find a small cave that was perfect for a shelter. There was a small stream nearby with drinkable water. I placed the firewood in a pile and emptied my bag. I should start looking for food. Anything edible would do. I continued along the beach, watching the waves crash as the tide swayed back and forth. I put my hand above my eyes to keep the sun from blinding me. I looked farther to see a shape in the sand ahead. Curiosity got a hold on me and I ran towards it, not knowing what it was. As I got closer I could see that it was a person! I saw his pure white hair. He was lying on his side, asleep. Now that I was closer there was also someone else here. It was Kurosaki and Hitsugaya-san! I threw down my bag and ran over to Kurosaki.

"Kurosaki, wake up!" I shook his shoulder. No response. I called again and again he said nothing. I groaned softly in annoyance. I heard the waves and thought of an idea. I ran over to the water and used my hands to trap the water and carry it over Kurosaki. I splashed the water on his face, and he sat up awaken by the rush of freezing water going down his crimson shirt. He shivered and looked up at me. Well…at least I found him now. I helped him to his feet and he seemed like he was disoriented.

"Are you okay, Kurosaki?" I asked taking a step away from him.

"Where are we…?" He held his head as he mumbled. He looked up and stared at the open space in front of him.

"An island…" I told him calmly.

He continued to stare. "How did we get here…?"

I crossed my arms. "That's what I want to know."

He rubbed his face to wake up more. He looked around and noticed the sleeping Shinigami Captain.

"Hey, Toshiro!" He chirped. Why is he all happy all of a sudden?

"Ichigo I wouldn't wake him." I stood still and watched him walk over to Hitsugaya.

"Why not?! We can't just leave him here!" He cocked his head to the side as if he were studying the short shinigami.

"Trust me. If you want to stay alive I wouldn't wake him." Knowing this Captain's temper he would kill Kurosaki on the spot. Poor idiot wouldn't stand a chance.

"Like what's this kid Captain going to do?"

"…I would kick your ass…"

The tired Captain had rubbed his eyes and looked up from where he was. He looked at his hands then sat up right away. He looked around, noticing every detail. He soon looked at the ocean. His face showed confusion as if he's never seen an ocean before. He soon got back to his usual 'Look at me and Die' self.

"How the hell did we get here?!" Hitsugaya sounded displeased, yet he always does.

"Not sure. But we should head back a cave I found. We can stay there." I pointed the direction we needed to go.

"Hey, Ishida, shouldn't we get some food or something?" Then Ichigo scratched the back of his head. His stomach growled.

"…I'll do it. Since, as a shinigami, I only need water to survive." Hitsugaya turned around and headed towards the direction I pointed.

"Ok then, thanks." Kurosaki said with glee.

"Hold on," I walked towards Hitsugaya, passing Kurosaki on the way. "You're not in your shinigami form." The Captain looked down at himself and took notice that he was in his gigai wearing a green and white striped shirt with a white collar, long jean shorts, white shoes and a shoulder bag that was green like his sash. "You can't live on just water in that form."

Hitsugaya sighed knowing I was right. He murmured something that I couldn't catch and walked up towards a tree. He gazed up and studied the height of the coconut tree. Shrugging his shoulders he kicked his shoes off. He grabbed hold of the trunk of the tall tree and started climbing. Well, this you don't see everyday. You would have thought that someone would ever see the proud Toshiro Hitsugaya with his back arched like a chimp climbing up a tree to get next meal. Kurosaki came and stood beside me, watching.

"This is new…" Kurosaki chuckled.

Hitsugaya slid down a little ways before getting to the top. I took note that the captain had a smirk on his face. He must like being high up seeing that he is low to the ground most of the time. He stood up straight enjoying the view for the moment and then crouched down to grab the coconuts. He threw them down and stood straight again.

"Way to go Toshiro!" Kurosaki called.

Hitsugaya flinched. "It's Captain Hitsugaya!!!! Don't you ever call me Toshiroooo~" I gasped as Hitsugaya lost balance and fell. His body twisted about trying to land properly, but ended up hitting the ground hard with a loud thud. I think he swore, but I'm not entirely sure. All I know was that he yelled as he fell… and landed on his back. He obviously wasn't used to falling, being a Captain and always being able to jump to these high places easily. He looked a bit shocked, but also hurt. He stood up again, dusting the sand off of himself. Meanwhile Ichigo started laughing, and Toshiro was getting angrier and angrier. Toshiro slowly made his way over to Kurosaki. It seemed like he was ready to kill him. They argued, but I ignored them when I looked back towards the ocean. In a few more hours it would be sunset and we need to be ready for anything on this island.

"Hitsugaya-san, would you be able to find some more food?" I asked interrupting the argument.

"Fine. I'll meet both of you back at that cave of yours." He didn't seem too happy, but is he ever? I gave him directions to the cave from where we stood and I left with Kurosaki following behind.

As Kurosaki and I walked back to the cave, I knelt down by the stream to get a drink of water. It was cool and refreshing, but I already miss having to just get something out of the fridge at home. When we got back into the cave, it was colder inside than it was outside. Ichigo was trying to light a fire with the twigs I had left in here earlier. It was evening when Toshiro can back. He came through the entrance breathing heavily and holding an armful of food, coconuts, berries, and fruit, anything he found, including my green triangle bag that must of forgot to grab before we left. Ichigo volunteered to cook for us.

"Don't worry, I watched Yuzu all the time and I fed her. Food is food right?"

That's when I started to worry. He could never cook for his life! Didn't he feed Yuzu a bag of chips? (That's known as a lucky day for her) He grilled some shellfish over the fire but he easily burnt it, until it was black. …I think I'd rather starve than eat that. I glanced at Hitsugaya-san who was twitching in the corner. He watched Ichigo and was starting to get really angry. Soon after, he stood up and came closer, and started to cook. He cooked everything, and surprisingly well. I was in shock in how he spiced and grilled them perfectly. Kurosaki's jaw dropped, and Hitsugaya-san had made it look so easy.

"Eat it." Toshiro demanded as he placed a plate… well, a bunch of leaves, each in front of us.

"…" I was speechless. Who knew that Toshiro Hitsugaya was capable of so much?

"…How the hell did you do that?!?!?" Kurosaki yelled pointing at his food.

"Do what?" Hitsugaya asked as he popped a grape in his mouth.

"Where did you learn to cook like that Toshiro?!"

"IT'S CAPTAIN HITSUGAYA!" Hitsugaya-san's voice echoed throughout the cave.

"Can we just eat peacefully…?' I asked a bit afraid.

We sat around the fire, and it was really warm. The light filled the entire cave and brightened everyone's faces. I took a bite of a piece of coconut, it seemed like I was at a restaurant. Hitsugaya-san didn't seem too pleased about the food, since he rarely ate anyway. After the feast, we were really stuffed. We couldn't save all that food because it could rot overnight, but none of the food went to waste. It was scary how much that short kid can eat…

"Well, I'm going to sleep!"

Kurosaki went and sat down on his bed of leaves he and I had gathered while we were waiting for Hitsugaya-san. I looked back at the captain, but he was gone. It was just like him. To just disappear without anyone noticing…but everyone knew where he usually went. While Kurosaki had rolled over to try to get some sleep I quietly crept outside to get some more water for my dry throat. On my way there, I saw Hitsugaya-san ahead on the beach looking at the stars. I think he did that every night, because there were countless stories of people who saw him watching for hours on end. But instead of being on a roof, he was stuck to just being on the ground. The Shinigami and the Quincy are rivals, but I can still see the fact that being a Captain has gave him a lot of stress.

I went back to the cave to see Kurosaki already fast asleep. At least someone was enjoying their time here. I decided to lie down on my pile of leaves. It was cramped for three people. Soon we would have to find a better place. I want to rest for now though. We can explore tomorrow. As the fire flickered, I hoped that we wouldn't be here forever. But surely we will be saved. We'll be found and taken away from the sparkling water's that surrounds us.

Lost in Blue…

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