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Lost In Blue – Bleach Style

By both Evil-Sorceress and Rosieroozoo

Hanatarou Yamada's Point Of View: [Day 4 on the Island]

I woke up to the sound of seagulls crying on the beach, as the slow white waves tumbled along the shore. The reddish sky complimented the rising sun against the horizon. I rested on the warm sand, wondering if today was the last day. I layed back quietly was enjoying the last of the few remaining stars in the sky. I didn't know how long we were going to be stuck here, with only the four of us, stuck on a huge island surrounded by endless ocean. A small wave crashed at my feet, proving the reality of my troubles. Even though it had only been four days, it felt like an eternity.

I headed back towards the base, which was a small cave that was inside the side of the cliff, to find my three friends sleeping soundly. They were shivering, as I then noticed that the fire in the middle of the cave had died out. They could easily get sick, especially on an unknown island. It worried me more than anything, because as a healer I knew that a simple illness could lead to death later on. I rummaged quickly (but quietly) through my bag, so not to disturb the others. However, I had used all my good herbs up from Hitsugaya Taichou's injury two days ago. I still have no clue how he managed to fall down a cliff… Regardless, I had to get some more, possibly before they woke up. They needed the rest from the trip from the first base to this beach yesterday. I'm really happy that I wasn't alone anymore…

I prepared to move on. I slung my bag over my shoulders of my white cotton shirt. As I rushed outside to catch the sunrise, and I wondered if the weather would be too hot for my blue jeans or black runners. I left without telling anyone, as I rushed to find the steep ledge that lead to a pine forest up ahead. I managed to find some strong crawling vines that I used to climb up with. Panting, I made it to the first ledge. It was easy climbing after that, until I reached the tall coniferous trees and the small berry bushes that was home to many forest animals.

I walked on for a few hours, tired and hungry. However the surroundings began to change. Vines hung off the trees like parasites, moss growing on the dark gloomy trees. Now with every step on the soggy slippery ground, water filled my shoes. Crickets chirped, and some frogs croaked loudly as they jumped into the bubbling murky water. I didn't dare go near the water since it was so thick, that I was unable to see what lurked below the surface. I took a deep breath as I looked around cautiously for danger and the herbs. My eyes soon spotted the bright green plant across the water on a mini island in the middle of the swamp water. I sighed for the third time. There was no way across— without getting in the brown water. It was frightening enough to come here in the first place, but I would have to step up to the plate for their safety!

I gulped, and slowly waded into the unknown waters. It was really hard to move, especially when the water went up to my waist. I had to be careful, or else I could fall into a trench under the water and sink to the bottom. I managed to feel my way through the water, until I felt something slither past my legs. Without a second thought, I ran— or at least tried. It suddenly got deeper and the water rose to my chest, it was even slower than walking. I didn't dare to stop and get stuck in this place where no one could hear me. After a long struggle, I climbed onto a fallen log then onto the land. I crawled on the watery grass and fell near the plants as I gasped for breath and wiped my face with my sleeve. It took a lot of energy to just get across. Resting for several moments, I then picked a bunch of the minty fresh herbs and stuffed my bag full of them. There was no way that I would come back here anytime soon.

About an hour had past, since the sun was now high above in the sky, but it was really hard to see with the thick vine covered trees that shaded the entire marsh area. It made the air crisp and cold; however it still didn't change the fact that I had to go in that water again. I was starting to get dizzy for the extreme hunger and thirst, but I forced myself to make the one last trip. Taking a long deep breath, I jumped right into the water holding my bag high above my head. Hopefully soon, I would be able to see my sister's smiling face, and hoped that she was doing fine without me. But not just her, everyone in my daily life, I missed them all—

I stopped. Something didn't feel quite right. I glanced around franticly, looking for anything out of place. I noticed a log that seemed to rise right out of the water, however when it came closer I realised that it was nothing like a log. It was none other than an ordinary crocodile. Even though it was 'ordinary' I still ran— walked, for my life. My determination to see everyone again drove me to keep moving on, without worrying whether or not if I'll live. I will live on. I could tell it was swimming around, but as long as I resisted screaming for my life, hopefully it wouldn't notice me too much.

As soon as I got close enough, I threw my bag onto the dry, (more like wet) land and used the last of my strength to climb out of the water using a tree vine that could support my weight. I looked back at the crocodile that lost its interest and swam away looking for its next meal. I calmed myself down and looked back at the tree vine I was still holding. It could be useful later on. I took some more and placed it in my bag along with the safe fresh herbs. Finally, I could go back to the base.

I was limping as I nearly collapsed when I made it to the shore. However my work was far from done. I leaned against the opening to the cave as I was welcomed by Hitsugaya Taichou. "Where were you?! When we woke up, you were missing! …and why are you covered in mud? It's all over your face…!" I smiled nervously, and nearly fell clutching my bag close to me. "I-I was getting s-some herbs…aren't you s-sick?" I rested on the hard stone floor next to the newly made fire, trying to dry off and warm up. He sat next to me, still talking about how worried everyone was in his serious tone. "I'm not sick; however Ichigo and Ishida got the worst of it." I glanced over to see them both lying on their bed of leaves. "W-Wasn't it your fault?" I replied truthfully. He turned away, not wanting to admit his flaws.

Without another thought I took a bit of water from our storage and washed my face. Then I went straight back to work on preparing a medicine. I emptied my bag of herbs onto the kitchen rock, washing and cutting up the leaves. I grabbed the interesting bowl shaped rock and used a dull rock to pound the herbs into a green mixture and added a handful of water to turn it into a tea as I heated it over the fire. When it boiled, I gave it to the twins to drink. "D-Drink up…sorry… but it's going to be a bit bitter…" They sipped a bit then sighing relief, replying, "Thanks Hanatarou."

"H-Hey, what are we g-going to do about food? It's pretty dark, and I haven't eaten y-yet…" I replied when my stomach growled. Hitsugaya Taichou stood up from his seat and to his own bag. "There's no need to go out. I gathered enough by myself this afternoon." And sure enough he managed to cook up a feast. We ate to our heart's content, until we were unable to eat anymore. I'm really glad nothing bad happened to us after all.

Later, when our fire warmed up the entire cave, (This time made by Ishida) the others were sleeping peacefully. I had told them about my day in the swamp, and Hitsugaya Taichou got even angrier at me for not letting them know. But I'm glad everyone was back to their usual selves, and as tighter than before. Hopefully, Hitsugaya Taichou won't seem so scary and we can trust each other more like I do with Ishida and Ichigo. We'll need to be to get through tough times to leave this island. But until that time comes,

Surrounded by,

The endless blue…

Lost in Blue.

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