Title: eMate dot com
Author: Demitria Miriam
Rating: M
Pairing: Sesshomaru x Inuyasha
Disclaimer: I don't claim Inuyasha, nor do I make any money off this piece of fiction.
Notes: Oh man... written because I tried it when my mom and the entirety of the female population in my family thought I needed to date years ago. TT_TT Needless to say, I'm old enough to say NO now! Muwha. Oh, also, the boys aren't blood related since InuTaishou is ONLY Inuyasha's father, and not Sesshomaru's. Sesshomaru has his own family. Editing 8.2011.

Summary: Inuyasha's father does the worst possible thing any parent ever could to their child; he enrolls him in an online dating website. AU. SesshInu.

Chapter 1: DOOM, His Name is Father!

"You... you did WHAT?" roared the voice of a twenty-one year old Inuyasha Takahashi.

"Now, Inuyasha, calm down. It's really not as bad as you're making it out to b-" his father, InuTaishou Takahashi tried to respond, his reasoning quickly cut off as a barrage of sofa pillows were catapulted at him, more specifically, his head.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" the hanyou continued to rave, storming about their apartment suite, steam pouring out of his furiously twitching ears.

"Mind your language, the neighbors might hear," InuTaishou provided between expletives, sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose as he felt a massive headache suddenly spawn between his eyes. This type of headache seemed to always appear whenever his one and only child would spontaneously freak out for no apparent reason, ever since he was a child. He had since dubbed it the Son Headache, something his girlfriend always had a good chuckle over.

"I... I can't believe you'd actually- This goes against, like,..." Inuyasha paused, looking up at the ceiling and mentally counting, before continuing on in his historic spiel of foul mouth. "TEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHILD ABUSE LAWS!"

InuTaishou rolled his eyes, walking over to the kitchenette and getting a glass of water along with some migraine pills. He swallowed two, took a look at his absolutely livid son and downed a few more.

"You're twenty-one, Inuyasha; hardly a child. Though I must say right now you're definitely acting like one," the elder inu chastised with a stern glare.


"Lower your voice," InuTaishou hissed.

Inuyasha shut up for a moment, pouting at having been scolded when he was the one that was the victim here, before beginning once again.

"I have every right to overreact about this, Dad! You had no right to do what you did! You completely breached any and all boundaries there are between a parent and their children!"

"Now you're just being overly dramatic," InuTaishou mumbled, sitting at the counter, knowing there was going to be more rant that he'd have to sit through until Inuyasha sufficiently calmed down enough to hear his side of the story (or until their entire apartment had been thoroughly trashed by his son).

"Well, who the hell wouldn't be? You raid my room, go through my things, ask creepy-suspicious questions all month and then THIS!I can't believe I didn't see it sooner!" Inuyasha exasperated, taking a seat across the counter from his father, eyes wide in total disgust, mouth hanging open in shock.

"See what?" InuTaishou asked, his head cocking to the side, completely curious.

"THAT YOU'RE COMPLETELY INSANE!" Inuyasha yelled, his voice rising again.

A pointed look was shot at the hanyou from across the table, causing the half-demon to groan in absolute frustration that he was even going to acknowledge, let alone obey, the silent command.

"I'm only trying to help you out, you realize. Any father would result to this if they were in myposition."

Inuyasha sputtered. "Y-Your position? You're not... You're nowhere NEARa position that's remotely close to being able to justifiably do something like this!"

An annoyed look crossed the old dog's face, but Inuyasha would remain firm, he had to! People shouldn't be able, let alone have the audacity, to do something like this!

"Hmph," came the anticipated, guilt-trip sniff. "Well, pardon me for being concerned."

"About what?" Inuyasha exasperated, hands flailing all around him, signally that, yes, everything was just dandy! Not!

"That my only son would go throughout his college days without getting laid!" came the abrupt, straight-to-the-point answer. From a very serious looking father.

Silence instantly took over the sizeable apartment that the two bachelors shared. The next moment, however, Inuyasha felt like his insides were about to make an appearance on the kitchen counter.

"I feel sick…" Inuyasha said clutching his stomach.

"Don't be rude, I've done you a favor!"

"Heh, a favor he says," the hanyou mumbled to himself.

"That's right, a favor! Had I not done it... I'd probably have a gay son!"

Inuyasha froze instantly. Then turned his head to look at his father critically, raising an eyebrow into an arch that reminded the older inu of his late wife. She would always slowly turn to him in a rather horrifying fashion that meant he was about to be in a lot of trouble. And the moment her eyes narrowed and that eyebrow popped up into an arch it was all over.

She had, bless her resting soul, unfortunately passed that trait onto their son.

"N-Not that'd I'd have a problemwith that, mind you, if you happen to turn out gay, that is," the old dog reassured his horror-stricken son. "But at least this way you have a fighting chance!" InuTaishou said with emphasis as he stood up, making a proud double-fist-in-the-air movement.

"I still can't believe you just... all that trouble... all because of something as stupid as that..." Inuyasha said forlornly.

InuTaishou blinked innocently.

"Well, it wasn't that much trouble. They have this Fill-In survey thing that..." the elder male began but trailed off at the petulant look his only child was sending him. "Oh, come on, son! I've got your whole personality down to a T for you on there! It's not like I've lied about who you are and what you're like! And you're already getting responses! Tons of them! Don't you see how great this is! Women want to meetyou!" He smiled proud, striking a pose again. "I'll have grandchildren yet!"

"Oh god..." Inuyasha had finally had a head-on collision with his breaking point.

"And not only that but-"

The embarrassed rage finally took over Inuyasha as he yelled for all the neighbors to hear, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SIGNED ME UP FOR A GODDAMN DATING SITE!"

Chapter end.