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I've been thinking about this story for two months now (since I finished playing Dirge of Cerberus! ) \o/ and finely decided to writhe it. Well…yeah...I know it got too long my story…but wanted to write it anyway. Like I said it was all in my mind for two months…so I just wanted to pull it out of my system. :p

About the story…it is a continued story of ffVII first game...the advent children movie and Dirge of Cerberus…so yeah it contains some spoils.

And one more thing…I haven't played yet the of ffVII first game…I only watched the movied and played Dirge of Cerberus…so If I said any absurd thing about the story...please tell me…but remember…my story is not supposed to be a exactly replica of square's stories…so Yeah, I know I did changed a few information…

In this story, I mixed everything…drama, romance, horror, action and a bit of comedy…

There will probably be some grammar mistakes, so don't hate me for it, please, instead be helpful and tell me what is wrong, besides, like I said on my profile, English is not my original language, I just like it and want to practice it! ;)

--- Chocolate and Cherry ---

---Chapter 1 - The first day (part 1)---

It was my first day working at Shinra's, the most important company in the world. It was such a huge place…well, actually it was a complex; it had the main building in the center, which it was also the highest of the world, with a bunch of others little more insignificants building around it. And it just happened that I was going to work on the main one.

I was driving my red Porsche running like crazy trough the streets feeling very nervous about it...I still couldn't believe that I had been chosen between so many great candidates with all their knowledge and experiences on the field, while I had only my college projects and worked only for a stupid pharmacy development industry...doing nothing…but what the hell! Let it be!

I parked my car at Shinra's huge underground garage. There was like ten more floors down only for the employee's cars. I had to put my car in front of a small dirty old and white Renault that was incredibly bad placed, I just hope I leave before it's owner leaves, otherwise he will have to wait for me to get my car out of his way...anyway...I left my car there on the "best" spot I could find there and run to the elevator. I was told to get here at 7o'clock…no more no less. A incredibly beautiful long chocolate dark hair young lady was waiting too, she was carrying a lots of papers and a huge black bag on her left shoulder. I could not notice that she was wearing one of those white waistcoat generally used by doctors or chemists' guys...I remember when I had to use one of them in my third year at college… and how much I hated it!! I looked completely goofy...and all it did was getting in my way with those big sleeves…anyway, under that thing she had a black skirt covering her knees and a white blouse...yeah right, more white... I watched her stupid attempts to put her keys inside her bag, but all she did was to drop her papers all over the floor... I had to laugh. I heard some dirty word coming out oh her lips, so I helped her out collecting all those papers. She barely thank me…she was worried about something, I could tell. So the elevator opens the door and a guy sitting on small leather bench wearing a black uniform greets us:

– Good morning, welcome to Shinra's office! – he sounded so happy, I just couldn't understand why...what a boring job he had there! Anyway, after we said ours floors numbers, the elevator guy pressed the buttons on that big digital panel screen and closed the door. The elevator was so smooth that I couldn't tell if it was going up or if we were still at the garage... until the elevator opens the door again. I looked up and saw at the digital board that we were at 35º floor. The chocolate dark hair girl leaves and the guy with a happy smile said behind her:

-Have a nice day!

And the door was closed again. And it opens again on the next floor.

I left the elevator looking intrigued at the guy smiling at me saying the same thing he just said a second ago.

– too! - I had to say it..."poor little guy… what kind of nice day he could possibly have there?" I thought to myself. And when I turned around I almost hit my face on a door made of a transparent glass. I had forgotten that thing…on my interview day I had actually hit it. It was actually fun seeing the others candidates hitting too.

So I saw the secretary on her desk right behind the glass door, pressing a button to open the door without moving her ass out of her comfortable chair.

When I got inside, she was focused on her computer screen typing something.

–Anh excuse me. I have an… -I got interrupted.

-Mister Valentine, welcome! Doctor Hojo will talk to you in a minute, you can sit over there and wait, there is water there and you can get a cup of coffee here. The bathroom is in the other hallway –the blonde little girl said pointing the finger everywhere on that floor. So I sat on a chair pointed by her next to her desk and two minutes later doctor Hojo showed up.

He got closer and gave me a hand shake.

–Good to see you again. Please follow me. –he said after the quickest shake I have ever seen..."great, I just got another disturbing boss"… It is funny how they all look great at the interview, but once the picked their pray, the true identity shows up. So I followed him…to the damm elevator again...and that annoying happy guy smiles… again.

–Which floor it will be gentleman.

-35º. -Doc Hojo said.

The door was closed, and the door was opened, just as quickly as the stupid shaking hand was. And I just couldn't believe that he said again "have a nice day"!

Doctor Hojo passed his keycard on those electronics lock to open the transparent door.

Another blond girl was behind a desk just as equal as the one on the upper floor. If she hadn't such a different face, I would think the elevator was broken.

-Good morning doctor Hojo. –she said as typing something on her computer, she didn't even look at us!

-Good morning Irene, is doctor Crescent here yet? –he asked.


-Thanks.- and he leads me to a hall full of doors. It looked like a labyrinth…a dangerous one. Each door had one of those electronics locks too. I wondered if this Crescent doctor could be that girl from the garage, since she stopped at this floor too, but I guess she was too young to be called doctor already, she must be a trainee like I've just become. And then we stopped at a door number 35.2658. Doctor Hojo knocked tree times and opened it. And we entered.

On the right side of the room there were tree computers, one posted beside the other. Going more for the right, there was a big table full of books, papers and some bottles of some chemical substances. The table was surrounded by chairs, like a meeting table, and standing behind it, was a big white board filled with complicated numbers and annotations. On the left side of that room was the creepiest thing I've seen… a big machine, which looks like a capsule made of glass and it was empty. It looked like a torture machine. Standing at its side, there was a huge computer and his huge screen glued on the wall. And right in front of the door was like ten halls of shelves full of books and folders. At the end of one of them I could see someone else's shadow, with a book on his hands. So doctor Hojo started talking.

-So… mister Valentine, about your job here, like I said in your interview, we are developing a big research called Jenova Project which doctor Crescent is my assistant and the second author of the this project. –and in this moment she came out of the shelves. The weird beautiful garage girl. –she will tell everything you need to know about it later… Doctor Crescent, here is your assistant, mister Valentine. – he continued introducing us.

I raised my hand to greet her, and she did the same.

–Nice to meet you...didn't we met before? – I felt the cold glare doctor Hojo gave me wondering how did we met before.

– the garage, a few minutes ago…I helped you with your papers on the floor... –I answered politely.

-Oh...that's right!

It was weird, doctor Hojo relaxed after her reply.

-Anyway… -he was saying. -…the rules are, you must get here at 7:00 o'clock, before doctor Crescent. You will also be in charge of the room's organization, you must help her with her tests and documents, checking and delivering them to me. Will be responsible to close the room, making sure everything on is have to use the waistcoat that doctor Crescent will give you later…be extremely careful with the chemical substances around not touch anything, unless she asks you to. You have an hour for lunch from 12 to 13pm, Irene will give you the instructions to get at the Shinra's restaurant, and then you can have a 20 minutes break at 16pm, and leave at 18pm. You have to do everything she asks, she will be your main boss but I might interfere in a few subjects as well. You will receive an entrance card from Irene to have access to this floor and the upper floor where my office is. You will also be in charge of cleaning the board and the table; she will show you where the appropriated products to clean are kept. And never ever, forget to lock the door. This project is top secret, you will have to assign a silence commitment contract with Irene still today, as a way for us to make sure you won't open your mouth to anyone ever… the fine is writing on the contract. You have the right to refuse to assign it...and leave until the end of this day.-

After hearing my death sentences silently with a deep will of running away from that torture, he still said...smiling:

-Do you have any questions mister Valentine?

-No sir! –I simply said. There was no way I would accept to be in such a horrible place like that...I really prefer to continue working on that stupid little pharmacy company I was working before...the wage was nothing compared to what Shinra's was offering me, but the hell with that...I still have my pride to keep!

-Well, then...I leave the rest with you doctor Crescent! –he said leaving the room. I looked at her, and she was full of papers again...great, now I have more to listen...what a waste of time. I thought. She dropped those papers on the table.

-Ok, mister Valentine...forget everything he just said! –I felt a shock cross my brain. What the hell?? I heard all that for nothing??? Unbelievable! And now what? She had new rules?? Which one did I had to follow…eeaahh...what ever, I was definitely not going step a foot in this place anymore anyway. But then she gave me a cute made me feel even more scared. What evil plan was she keeping in that mind??


Want to know what is she keeping in her mind??? Read the next chapter!