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Eragon crept silently through the underbrush as he knelt to study the tracks upon the ground; he had been tracking a herd of deer for almost two days. He knew winter was fast approaching from the light layers of frost covering the grass and the billowing clouds rising from his mouth with every breathe. He made a mental note to tell Garrow of the oncoming weather before returning to the task at hand.

The deer had lead him to a clearing in the trees; he crept up to the outskirts of the meadow as he searched for his target with a practiced eye. He spotted and took aim at the lone buck he had been tracking as it settled down away from the rest of the herd; the buck had a slight limp which surprised Eragon to how a wolf or bear hadn't caught it yet.

Eragon took aim as he prepared to shoot the buck, releasing the arrow he watched as it flew towards its intended target. Time seemed to stand still as a bright light flashed where the buck used to be; cursing as the herd rushed away he knocked another arrow and shot at the buck. The arrow rushed past the bucks head as it imbedded itself into a tree.

Cursing again Eragon cautiously walked over to the newly formed crater, the ground was pitch black and went into a steep 5 foot dive into the ground. Eragon caught a glint of light off of a small object in the crater, curiosity getting the best of him he slid down the rocky crater walls to investigate. He walked past the smoldering rocks in the crater and walked to the center of the hole.

Eragon stared wide eyed at the two shining stones he saw before him, resting in the center of the pit was a sapphire blue stone with silver veins, and a bright green stone with gold veins webbing on the surface.

Reaching forward cautiously Eragon gently tapped one the stones before ripping his hand away quickly in anticipation of the burning pain. Realizing that it did not burn him he touched the sapphire egg before lifting it into the air to examine it. Eragon gaped at how smooth the stone was and how light it was.

He continued to stare in wonder as the stone quivered slightly in his grasp before falling completely still; reaching over for the second stone it to began to quiver when he picked it up, only to fall still almost instantly.

Sighing he placed the two stones into his pouch and began to search for the deer tracks again, an hour later he had bagged a doe that he had found fallen in the bushes by a stream. Assuming the rest of the herd left it behind as they ran he quickly killed it and tossed it over his shoulder and began his long trek back home.


The following day Eragon was staring at his home from a distance, smiling as he saw his uncle Garrow working to collect the crops from the fields. Eragon walked down the path over to Garrow who smiled and waved him over.

"I see u caught yourself a fairly decent doe there" Garrow muttered as he stared at the doe with keen eyes "How was the weather in the mountains?"

"Cold and frost was everywhere, winters almost here" Garrow cursed upon hearing this "Go inside and get the doe fixed up and tell Roran I'm going to need help harvesting the crops, when your done come out and help aswell." Eragon nodded before hugging his uncle and heading inside.


The following night Eragon took both of the stones out and studied each with great curiosity, every now and again one of them would shake or rumble when he picked it up but each time it only lasted for a moment before stopping. Eragon pondered on selling them to a local trader but decided not to, he could not figure out why but he felt a strange connection to both stones.

Putting it off as nothing he went to sleep with both eggs cradled in his arms as if he were afraid they might slip away.



All he could see was fire as all the buildings burned around him, people he did not recognize lay dead all around him. Eragon stared at the blazing flames as they engulfed building after building, the flames licking the air as it reached towards the sky. Eragon heard a giant shriek as he looked to the sky to see a giant black monster with a cloaked man upon its back glide towards him with blood lust in its eyes.

Eragon ran as fast as he could to get to safety but before he even made it 5 feet the giant monster plucked him from the ground and sunk its fangs into him as the world went black….


"No!" Eragon gasped as he leapt up from his bed and stared around in a panic, panting he looked around as he realized it was all a dream. Sighing he heard a two pairs of feet rushing down the hall. Quickly hiding the stones he leapt over to the door and opened it to come face to face with Garrow and Roran "What happened?" Garrow asked with worry as he stared at the trembling Eragon

"Nothing I just… I think I had a bad nightmare I'm not really sure it…" Garrow interrupted "Eragon you need to calm down, I think all this hard work has gone to your head. Take tomorrow off and rest, Roran and I will cover for you."

Eragon nodded slowly as Roran grinned at him "What are you looking at?" Roran's grin grew wider as he laughed "I'm looking at you, you're a mess Eragon! Was it really that bad?"

"You don't know that half of it Roran I don't even know what happened, the dream seemed so real yet I can… barely remember what happened now…" Eragon muttered as he looked at the ground in thought

"I think you've gone crazy brother, maybe a day off will do you some good." Roran looked around the room as if to assure that everything was in order than left the room. Eragon quietly shut the door behind him and sighed as he stared at the bed.

"No use trying to go back to sleep after that…" Eragon muttered as he reached under the bed and grabbed both of the eggs. Both eggs began to shake violently as Eragon dropped them to the ground; they landed with a loud Thump onto the ground as he stared at them while they shook violently on the floor.

Eragon began to think they would explode at any moment when they both suddenly stopped and lay still on the ground. Grunting Eragon lifted them back off the ground and set them on the drawer next to the bed before crawling back into bed and falling back asleep.


Dreams of flying creatures filled him with unrest as he watched them fly in the skies in colors of the rainbow. But two of these beings caught Eragon's eye as they landed on a large mountain peak overlooking the land, one was a brilliant shining sapphire color, while the other was a bright green color with golden tips on the scales.

As Eragon watched these two creatures he realized that these creatures were the things he loved to hear about in stories most, these creatures were dragons…

He watched as another dragon flew into few as a speck on the horizon, when it came into sight the two dragons on the peaks both stared off into the distance towards it, the giant dragon in the distance began to grow closer and closer.

Eragon stared at it unable to make out the color of it until he heard a rumbling noise; He burst from the dream and stared around the room in a panic as he heard a sudden pair of squeaks.

Standing up he looked around until he found the source of the noise, it came from each of the eggs, one was still on the drawer shaking and vibrating while the other lay on the floor rumbling and rolling around the room. The squeaks suddenly broke out again as Eragon stared in fear and wonder at the two stones.

They continued to rock around until finally they both released a final loud squeak and fell still, Eragon sighed in relief as he stared out into the window to see the sun was already high in the sky and by the looks of it, it was noon.

Eragon began to leave when a sudden cracking and splitting sound filled the air, he trembled as he turned around to see both stones broke in half and two small lizard like creatures licking yolk off of themselves. Eragon gaped at the two Creatures in front of him.

He walked over to them and tried to pick up the shining green scaled one with golden tips, as he reached over it squeaked and wriggled out of his grasp and ran over to the bed and hopped up onto his pillow.

He stared at the thing until he inspected it closer and realized what he was looking at were two dragon hatchlings.

"Where did you come from…" Eragon muttered as he inspected the hatchlings further

Both hatchlings suddenly noticed they were being admired and began to fight over his attention as they pushed each other out of the way. When the both settled down Eragon admired their scales for a minute before reaching his hand out to touch them, they both recoiled from his touch but eventually began to slowly reach out as they sniffed.

Eragon reached out to pat their heads when a blast of blue and green light blinded him and a tingling feeling shot up his arm as he collapsed with a cry of pain, the two hatchlings cried out in surprise and leapt onto his chest to inspect him, when they were satisfied with what they found they curled up on his chest and went to sleep…


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