Author's Note/Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters.

The first three are a few drabbles I found sitting around on my computer. The rest are random fic ideas that I get now and then, but written in drabble form since I don't have the time to write full length stories anymore. I'd love to hear from you - tell me both what works for you and especially what doesn't.

Thanks to ChaosChild92 for the beta!


You are six when you first notice that your birthday is special. Not special like every little girl's birthday must be, for is there a day out of the year that cannot claim the honor of being one girl's special day? No, your birthday is the day when you can see more smiles flit across faces both young and old, more tears streaming from eyes closed tight in both joy and pain.

It is the day when all the world's emotions seem to come bubbling to the surface, pressed together like the colors in a leaf.

And it is beautiful.