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Chapter 21 Thank Merlin

Harry sat at his desk and tried to concentrate on the pile of paperwork that currently seemed insurmountable, but his mind kept drifting to fine blond hair and piercing gray eyes without his permission. Occasionally he would allow his thoughts to linger there, it had been a learning experience after all and Harry should memorize what the face of heartbreak looked like. Unfortunately for Harry, heartbreak was breathtakingly handsome and all he wanted to do was make love to heartbreak again.

Luckily, Ron was happy to provide distracting interruptions throughout the day. First, he popped in to ask how the night before had gone; trying to find out how well their plan had worked. Harry didn't really want to talk about it though, and Ron took that to mean that Malfoy had slept with Harry's friend. Harry didn't bother correcting him right away, because the ridiculous names Ron was making up for the blond were entertaining and kept him from thinking of the way Draco's name felt rasping in his throat, or the way hearing that Draco loved him had made his heart swell up.

When Harry finally explained what happened later that day, Ron had gone quiet. "I just don't understand," he said at last. "He told some stranger, or at least, someone he thought was a stranger, that he loved you, but then this morning he dismisses you so coldly?"

"I dismissed myself," Harry pointed out.

"But you said he told you it was 'complicated'," Ron huffed, "which we all know is rubbish. There is nothing complicated about it. You either love someone or you don't."

"Narcissa suggested I give him time to come around," he replied, feeling withdrawn. Part of him wanted to disparage the blond just to make his own heart mend, but he couldn't manage to find the energy to do so. He was in love with Draco, and stupid git or not, he wanted to be with him.

"And how long are you supposed to wait?" he asked, mirroring Harry's exact feelings on the matter.

"I don't know," Harry sighed and spun in his chair, loving the way the dizzying motion cleared his head of other things.

"Well, maybe you won't have to wait long," Ron offered and Harry laughed.

"Yeah, maybe," he replied sarcastically.

"No, seriously, Harry. He's on his way down the hall right this minute," Ron announced, pointing down the corridor when Harry's head whipped up in dismay.

"How do I look?" Harry asked his friend, who frowned.

"Er, the same as usual," he replied unhelpfully.

Harry rolled his eyes and glanced quickly in the window by his desk, noting that his reflection didn't appear to look too distraught and then he laughed aloud as if Ron had said something quite amusing just as Draco entered his office.

"Oh, Malfoy," he remarked casually as if only just noticing him standing there. "What brings you here?"

Ron tensed, waiting for the pair to row, while Harry took in Draco's appearance and was pleased to note the man looked disheveled. "I'll destroy it, all of it," Draco announced without any pleasantries whatsoever as he made his way over to Harry's desk, pulling him up from his chair. "I'll burn the blasted room and everything in it, just please don't say we're over."

Harry gasped, unsure he had heard the man correctly. "You're serious? The trophy room and all its contents gone?"

"Every last knicker, Harry," he pronounced firmly, holding the brunet's hands within his own. "Just promise you'll give us a chance."

Harry agreed of course, pressing his lips to Draco's in a fiery kiss. They didn't hear Ron as he mumbled about being sick and fleeing from the room, or some of the ladies in nearby cubicles clapping and cheering at their heated display. All Harry could hear was his lover's heartbeat speed up as they joined together at last.

He liked this new side of Draco, the side no one else would ever get to see but him, soft and vulnerable, passionate and fierce, deeply beautiful and cunning. His Draco was perfection poured into human form.


The trophy room loomed on the other side of a small door, made larger only for their purposes there tonight. Draco and Harry stood side-by-side, arm in arm as the Slytherin gave on last lingering glance at his prized room. He'd already made amends with it disappearing from his life; Harry was much more of an important fixture than the trophy room could ever be.

"You promise not to leave me?" Draco asked for the hundredth time since their exhaustive two weeks of exclusive coupledom. Harry had taken a vacation from work and they had rarely left the bedroom during their stay at an exotic island resort. They only saw the beach from their hotel window and once in person on their last day there.

Draco hadn't thought of the task that loomed ahead of him until they emerged from the fireplace and were back in the real world. Now that he stood in front of his trophy room, wand aloft, it suddenly felt very real. He was casting aside his old life and beginning a new one with Harry at his side.

"I'm not going anywhere," Harry whispered against the shell of his ear, sending a shiver down Draco's spine. His relationship with Harry was so peculiar. He felt sated and hungry all at once when he looked into those stunning green eyes. No one would ever fill him the way that Harry did, both literally and figuratively.

"I swear to Merlin, Harry, if I destroy this room and you ever walk out on me-" he warned, but got no further before Harry smothered his words with a long and lingering kiss.

"I love you, Draco. If you want to keep this room sealed away, I'll understand. I know you won't stray," he assured the blond.

At his admission, Draco yielded. "No, I promised you this and I'll deliver it." With a flick of his wand a hand of dark smoke drifted through the room. Everywhere the smoldering tendril would touch, a bit of fabric or wood or metal began to disintegrate right before their eyes. It was as if something was devouring the room from another dimension. Safely inside Draco's closet, behind wards that would keep the dark spell he'd cast locked inside the trophy room alone, Harry wound his arms around his lover and watched Draco's sordid past melt away as if he were watching a particularly beautiful sunset. They'd done the same to the boxes of information Luna had on him at the Quibbler, and though Harry was sure that the Daily Prophet or Witch Weekly had a similar collection, he couldn't get those as readily.

Still, this was about therapy and healing and it was their promise to one another that the past was exactly that – the past – and that the future was for them to decide together.

As the last remnants of the room dissolved away, Draco let out a sigh of relief and slammed the door shut, watching as it too faded away for good. "Well, now that's done, I guess I'll be going," Harry teased, only to be lifted up and carried into the bedroom and placed delicately on the bed before Draco covered his body with his own.

"You're not going anywhere, Harry," Draco announced in a vibrating purr that tightened things low in Harry's body. "You're mine now."

"I think I can live with that," Harry sighed just before Draco pressed their mouths together in a searing kiss.


Some years later...

The Manor was quiet while Draco was out running errands and Narcissa was playing tea with their newly adopted daughter, Emma, in her quarters. Harry sat on the window seat, staring out over the vast manor gardens, a novel from his favorite author sitting dismissed on his lap. He wasn't in the mood to read. He missed Draco and wanted him to come home already so he could ravage his beautiful lover while they had some peace from the persistent attentions of their little girl.

When he heard a knock on the door, Harry looked up hopefully but was disappointed when he saw the elder Malfoy standing in the doorway instead of his beautiful lover. "Can I have a word, Potter?"

"Of course, Lucius," Harry replied with a discreet nod, although he didn't move from his place on the window bench.

"I wanted to speak to you about my release from house arrest," he said, coming to stand directly in front of where Harry sat. The innate scent of Malfoy drifted over him coupled with the musky tones of Lucius' cologne and Harry nodded, indicating the man should continue. "As Head Auror you have enough pull to make it happen."

It was early morning, but even knowing that, it was still an oddity to see Lucius Malfoy wearing only black satin robes and nothing more. The image gave Harry a little start, and arousal rushed though him in a hot wave as his lust for Draco took on a new, more readily available form.

"That's true," Harry agreed. "But what makes you think I believe you deserve to be released from it?"

Lucius' eyes narrowed and he folded his arms across his pale chest; a chest with more finely curled blond hairs than Draco's had. Harry wanted to run his fingers through them and see where they led. "I've been making all the donations you required, I've repaired my relationship with Draco and I've severed all ties I had within the Death Eater world. What more do I have to do to prove that I should be released from my prison here?"

"Malfoy Manor is hardly a prison," Harry scoffed.

"I can't even walk in my own gardens without Auror supervision," Lucius hissed.

"Perhaps I could get the restrictions loosened, but someone as meddlesome as you shouldn't be allowed to wander around London," Harry replied, sounding quite firm on that decision.

"Potter," Lucius growled and grasped Harry's wrist, pulling him up to face him. "I will not allow you to keep me a prisoner in my own home, not when you have the power to change it," he demanded through gritted teeth.

Jerking Harry to his feet jostled a few things, Harry's head for one as he was momentarily dizzy from the sudden force of it, and Lucius' robe for another, which were now left gaping and showing off quite a bit more than Harry suspected the man intended. Harry looked at Lucius, his long blond hair, much longer than Draco's, his brilliant gray eyes that were nearly the same shade as his son's only somehow colder, and the trail of platinum hair that led down to a silk covered bulge and proved that the Malfoys did not use coloring potions on their hair, although he already knew that because of his many nights with Draco.

Finally, Harry licked his lips and sharply freed his hand from the older man's grasp. "What would you be willing to do for my word to the Minister that you and your wife should be released from house arrest?"

Lucius followed Harry's gaze and seemed to catch his meaning. "Anything," he whispered, taking a step closer to Harry.

The brunet raised his eyebrows in clear curiosity. "Anything? Why Lucius, as a Malfoy you should know better than to make promises you cannot keep."

The only answer Harry got were those firm lips on his own as Lucius claimed his mouth. It was peculiar how much different Lucius tasted to his own son. Draco was like an orange sherbet, both tart and creamy all at once, while Lucius tasted like warm honey, practically oozing with sticky sweetness.

Hands slipped down and grasped Harry's arse roughly, dragging him up until he wrapped his lags around Lucius' waist, never breaking the kiss. "Draco?" Lucius rasped, his breathing ragged as they broke the kiss.

"He's out," Harry replied, pulling the blond's mouth back to his. Harry saw the man flick his wand and then heard the door slam and lock behind them as Lucius carried him to the bed. A spell had Harry's clothes ripped from his body and thrown to the nearest corner, Harry's eyes were wide as saucers from the feel of his body suddenly exposed to the cool air and Lucius' chilly gaze.

"I underestimated you, Potter," the man told him with an appreciative smile as he knelt at the edge of the bed and eyed Harry's throbbing prick.

"I told you once before not to do that," Harry whispered, the end of the word turning into a hiss as Lucius ran the flat of his tongue against his shaft, swirling it once around the head before looking up. Harry gazed down the long line of his torso to see those steely eyes shining up at him and then his head flopped back to the mattress as the elder Malfoy took Harry entirely into his mouth without pause. He could feel the head of his cock brush the back of Lucius' throat and the thrill of that alone nearly made him come. As it was, he was forced to think about unflattering things - Hagrid in a bikini, Headmistress McGonagall in a nude spread of Bed Knobs – just to keep from exploding prematurely.

When the man's expert tongue left his cock to drift downward, Harry thought he was going to lose it. Lucius' hands parted the pert flesh of his arse and his tongue dove inside, teasing the tight pink hole with his tongue. "Fuck," Harry hissed as that tongue darted inside of him, Lucius' sharp nose buried in Harry's groin. A finger replaced the laving tongue after a moment and that hot mouth returned to Harry's straining cock.

He knew he looked like a dirty little slut as he thrust himself down against Lucius' fingers but he couldn't be bothered to worry about it. The pleasure was too great, having the blond Adonis sucking his cock and fucking him with long, nimble fingers, Harry wasn't going to worry about how vulnerable he might look to the former Death Eater.

His orgasm built, the pressure in his groin threatening to spill over when a third finger breached him and suddenly it was all too much. Harry screamed out, unintelligible words on his lips as he came in a hot rush in the elder Malfoy's mouth.

Lucius looked down at him, his cool eyes filled with lust. "So, who's better, father or son?"

Harry swallowed thickly, his breaths coming in halted gasps as he calmed. "It's hardly fair to compare you two. Besides, Draco's my husband."

A smirk emerged on Lucius' face and he yanked Harry roughly to the very edge of the bed so that their groins were pressed together in hot friction. "I take that to mean you prefer me but wouldn't disparage my son because of your affection for him."

Harry chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Take it however you like."

"Would he be angry to find you being fucked by his father?" Lucius asked, his smirk never leaving that beautiful face.

"Furious," Harry whispered, hoping that Lucius would be rough with him. He did adore it so when Draco was rough.

"Well," Lucius quipped, positioning his cock against Harry's entrance, "I suppose we should give him something to be angry about." His cock slamming home inside of Harry's tight arse was the only indication Harry had received that the older man was done talking. Harry grunted in mild discomfort, but that was quickly overridden when Lucius shifted and found his prostate.

Over and over again, Lucius pounded into him with unmatched passion. His usually pristine white hair was sweaty and disheveled with exertion, his fit body straining with the effort it took to keep his vicious pace. Harry was hard again almost instantly, and as the older man slammed into him, the movement creating the most deliciously wet slap, he reached down and stroked himself in time with Lucius' thrusts until he came again, harder than the last time and he heard Lucius howl his name from above him before pulling Harry up and claiming his mouth in a final kiss.

Each man fell back to the mattress and crawled up so that, at most, only their feet would be dangling from the edge. Lucius pulled Harry to him, Harry's sweaty ebony locks a shocking contrast against his pale chest, and they both sighed contentedly until Harry felt the man shift beneath him.

Right before his eyes, the length of Lucius' hair shortened, the shoulders narrowed, the torso thinned slightly and all the curly blond chest hair melted away. The body beneath Harry's grew slighter and the flaccid pink cock widened slightly as Lucius' form shifted into Draco's.

The blond sat there, propped up on his elbows, waiting for Harry to blush or plead for forgiveness, but he merely grinned and kissed Draco deeply. "Hello, Lover. Has it been an hour already?"

Draco sighed and slumped back into the bed, the Polyjuice working its way out of his system. They'd been playing this game off and on since their wedding, neither of them willing to settle for boring married people sex; they would instead don disguises and role-play. Only recently had they been using their disguises to try and catch the other off guard. "How did you know it was me this time? I thought I was doing a rather good job impersonating my father."

Harry smiled warmly and pulled Draco more thoroughly into his arms. "You may have looked just like him but you're rubbish at faking his voice. Besides, I arranged for his release from hose arrest three days ago. Didn't he tell you?"

Draco pouted, a look Harry was rather fond of, and shook his head. "Bugger. I thought I had you that time. Still, I guess it's good to know you're not really attracted to my father."

"Oh, but I am," Harry purred against the shell of Draco's ear.

"What?!" Draco shouted, pulling away slightly and glaring down at his lover's smiling face.

"What can I say? He's an older version of you after all. How could I not find that hot?" Harry asked, looking completely innocent.

"You're depraved, Potter," Draco huffed as he settled back into Harry's waiting arms. His husband might be kinky, but it was one of the things he loved most about him.

"Hey," Harry balked. "I didn't give you any flack when you asked me to glamour into Snape and dominate you last week," he scoffed. That had been fun; Harry, whips, dildos and rope spelled delicious orgasm for Draco.

"No flack? You call telling Weasley to call me 'Potion Princess' no flack?" Draco demanded lightly but Harry merely shrugged and laughed.

"Maybe you and me and Lucius could have a threesome. You should ask," Harry replied, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Disgusting Potter. I'm not having sex with my father. We might be getting along better, but we're not that close. Besides, mother would hex your beautiful cock off and then we'd all be unhappy," he reasoned and Harry winced at the thought and nodded.

"Fine, fine, you're right," Harry sighed. "We could go back to Polyjuicing into strangers if you like," he offered.

"I think I'd just like to fuck my husband next time," Draco replied with a wink.

"Mmm. I think I'd like that too," Harry purred and rolled on top of his already naked lover. "How about now?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth," Draco whispered as he claimed his lover's lips in another kiss.


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