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Chapter Eight: Princes of Vegeta

Goku struggled to rise off the bed with is five month belly as Vegeta came into the room.

"Miari is back."

Goku grinned, "I noticed," Goku pointed to the rather obvious bruise Vegeta sported.

Vegeta looked into the dresser mirror and grimaced. -Man, does that boy know how to hit.-

"Has he seen Gohan yet?" Goku asked his mate.

"Don't you think that was why he punched me?" Vegeta amost snarled at him.

Goku came up behind Vegeta and wraped his arms around him, "They will forgive you eventually. I did." Goku lay his head on Vegeta's shoulder. Vegeta snorted at that. Sometimes Kakarot can be so sentimental, especially now, this close to delivery.

Vegeta turned around in Goku's embrace and place a kiss to his lips. Goku sighed into the kiss loving the feel of his mate. A sharp kick from the inside directly to his bladder made Goku wince.

Vegeta pulled back and ran his hand along Goku's protruding belly sending small bursts of energy to his son. "Soon, koi, and he will be here."

"Possibly sooner than we think."Goku grimaced at another pain, only this one was not centralized. It started in his back and ran across his abdomen. "Oh, 'Geta, I think we need to get to the medical wing."

Vegeta paled as he suddenly realized that Goku was in labor.


Miari landed on the rooftop of Gohan's flat twenty minutes after his fight with his father. He was so mad at the man he was afraid he'd do very serious damage, which was why he left. To force oneself on another's mate was tatamount to treason.

Admitidly Vegeta had no idea that Gohan was already mated, but the man coulld have checked before literaly raping him. Miari ran his and through his hair in agitation. His reunion with Gohan at first had not been… pleasant… to say the least.


The one he came back for. Through his fragile connection to that person he shot off in the right direction.

Curious as to why he was so far away from the others, Miari went to find his mate…

Minutes later he landed on the rooftop of an appartment building in another country far from where he knew Gohan's family lived. Sensing his mate three levels down he went down the stairs at a run.

At the door he hesitatied when he felt agitation coming from Gohan and concentrating on his ki signature more he felt something off about his mate…

He knocked and as the door flew open a fist rammed into his face. Miari flew back into the wall behind him and collapsed. He glanced up through his hair at his irate mate who was standing in front of him in shock mingled with… was that shame?

"Miari?" tears filled Gohan's eyes, tears of shame and he turned back into his appartment and slammed the door shut. Miari blinked, confused. What was that all about? He wondered to himself.

Hesitantly he tried the door. It opened easily at his turn of the handle and he walked in. He took in the sparce accomidations of the small flat and frowned. Why exactly was Gohan away from his family?

He heard a whimpering sob coming from a room and followed the sound. He pushed open the door to the bedroom and found his mate curled on the bed sobbing uncontrollably.

"Gohan? Koi?"

Gohan froze and then let out a mournful moan. "G…go away, you sh…shouldn't b…be here…"

"Koi, tell me what's wrong? Why shouldn't I be here? You're my mate and I love-"

"NO!" Gohan reared up and stared at him. "No." he said more quietly, "You don't love me, you can't love me, not now and not ever…" He collapsed back onto the bed.

Miari sat at the edge of the bed not touching him but wanting to so much. "Why, why can't I love you? What's wrong?" He moved closer.

That's when he noticed again the offness of his mate's ki. There was more than just Gohan's ki signature.

"Koi? Tell me what happened, please…" he seemed to have a vague idea, although he wanted to hear from Gohan. He felt that jumping to the wrong conclusion might have bad consequences.

Gohan turned to look into Miari's eyes, and seeing the real concern, cleared his throat, sniffed and began to speak.

"Five months ago a wish was made for all of us to get bback our tails." Shyly he pulled his out from underneath the blanket. Miari gasped and curled his fingers around the soft fur. Gohan shuddered and jerked it out of his hands.

"Sorry… I…"

"It's just sensitive righ now…"

"I understand. Please go on."

"All of us came together to discuss the reasons and V…ve…g…geta," he had to take a deep breath here, "he said that he was the one to make the wish."

"My father made the wish?" Miari asked shocked.

Gohan nodded, "He said that without our tails we are essentially neutered. With them… third class saiyans, meaning Goten, my father and I, are capable of conceiving and giving birth to babies. Essentially saiyans have a backup gene that becomes active when the female population is drastically reduced… Vegeta said that when Vegetasei was destroyed there was only about thirty females… so the process was already in effect way before all of us were born…"

"Ok… so how…?" Miari cleared his throat.

"Two weeks passed before anything happened, at least from my point of view… It seems Trunks and Goten were already together and… well, Goten got pregnant first, I think…"

"You think?"

"When Goten announced his… um… pregnancy… I also noticed something off with my father. I think he was… expecting as well. Which means Vegeta got to my father shortly after we got our tails back. I was avoiding everyone for those two weeks… then Vegeta showed up at my appartment telling me something about surpressing my heat… I'd been really hot and… well… stimulated… and things sort of just happened. I left town the next day." Gohan pulled the blanket completely off of him and Miari realized that the extra bulk, which he thought was the blanket, was in fact Gohan with a rather large stomach.

Miari stared at him in shock. Then the realization of what Gohan had said sunk in… his FATHER raped his mate!!

*end flashback*

Miari stepped into Gohan's appartment and made his way towards the bedroom. Gohan had cried himself to sleep after he'd finished talking. Miari crept into the room, stripping out of his clothing and slipped into bed with his mate.

Gently he placed a hand on the mound that was HIS child. Vegeta may have sired them, but they will call him father. Gohan snuggled up to him and settled back to sleep. Miari smiled and wrapped his arms around Gohan and drifted off to sleep.


Vegeta was in a state of panic. When he decided on his course of action it never dawned on him that his mate would actually give birth to his child while he was still here… He much preferred the child to already be born before he met them. When Bulma had Trunks he was off planet and wasn't around to see her in any type of pain…

Now he was here and with Kakarot and HIS MATE was in pain and Vegeta didn't know what to do. Suddenly Bulma came into the room taking complete control of the situation.

"Oh Goku, fantastic… Goten is in delivery also. I just had this feeling that you would be too. Lets get you up to the medical wing and we'll see how far along you are." The blue haired genius quickly escorted Goku out of the room and to the closest elevator. Vegeta followed them numbly…

Bulma and Goku arrived in the medical wing just a a blood curdling scream cut through the air. Goku paled as he recognized his son.

"Not to worry Goku, let's get you set up on a gurney and let's see how far along you are."

Goku sat on the bed just as another contraction just hit. He curled and moaned and just the a rush of water flooded the bed. Bulma looked at the sound and gasped, "Well, looks like things are progessing rather quickly for you."

Just then a cry was heard from the other room. "Perfect, Goten just delivered. Let's get you going Goku."

Vegeta burst into the room as she bent down between his legs. "Everything looks good Goku, your fully dialated and ready to push."

Vegeta rushed to his mates side and grasped his hand, "Ka- Koi, you can do this… this pain is nothing."

Goku gave him a smile inbetween pants of breath. "Thanks …'Geta."

Vegeta returned his smile.

"OK Goku, time to push…" Goku bore down, pushing again and again until thirty minutes later another cry wrent the air as his newest son made his appearance.

Bulma smiled broadly as she held up the baby for both father to see. Vegeta saw instantly that he had the trademark royal hair. He beamed broadly, "Koi, he's beautiful…"

Vegeta leaned in a gave Goku a quick kiss tears intermingled with sweat.

Bulma handed the blue wrapped bundle to Goku with a smile, "So little brother, what's his name?"

"Kenji. What did Goten and Trunks name their's?"

"Ryo." Bulma smiled brightly. "My grandson's name is Ryo."

Vegeta gave a nod of acceptance of the name then gazed at his newest child. He'd made some mistakes in his life but he felt that this time he wont mess anything up…


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