MegaMan NT Warrior

Roll's New World

Chapter 1

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Roll was in her room, getting ready for the day she and her OP, Maylu, were going to encounter. She was doing her hair, as well as thinking of Megaman. She was secretly in love with the blue navi, but never got the courage to tell him, most likely because she is interrupted by a very inconvenient event. However, she swore that this week, she would tell him how she really felt.

"Megaman, this time, I'm really gonna tell ya how I feel!" she told herself.

"Is he really that important to you, Roll-chan?" asked a dark voice from behind.

She looked behind her, but was struck by a dark shockwave that not only paralyzed her, it also knocked her out.


Almost a half an hour later, Roll woke up and looked around her surroundings.

"W-where am I?" she wondered. She looked around and saw what looked like a cybernetic warehouse.

"I see you awoke, my dear Roll-chan." said a voice. Roll instantly knew who it was.


Bass stepped out of the shadows, with a faint smirk on his face.

"What am I doing here? What do you want? And why do you keep calling me '-chan'?" she constantly asked.

"Because I have great respect towards many females, particularly Meddy and you, Roll-chan." said Bass.

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"Wow." said Roll, amazed. "And to think you were such a bad guy that just wanted Mega gone, for good."

"I still do. But the reason I brought you here is to offer you a proposal."

"A proposal? For what?"

"To leave the Cyber world and step into the real world...and meet your NET OP in person for the first time ever."

"You can do that?"


Then, Bass held out his hand and a medium-sized portal appeared behind Roll.

"You see, Roll-chan, I can create portals that allow one to travel through time & space, and even to different worlds and dimensions." he explained.

"Seriously?!" Roll exclaimed. "I don't see how you can lose to Mega, if you can do that kind of awesome stuff!"

Bass smiled at her remark.

"Roll-chan, let em ask you: have you always wanted to be with humans and live in your own world with no one telling you what to do?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. Can I do that in the real world?" said Roll.

"Relatively, yes."


"It's hard to explain, but if that is your wish to find out, then go and live the life you've always dreamed of."

"But...what about Megaman and all my friends?"

"I shall explain to them everything. They'll probably understand. And I installed something in your antennas to allow you sense, hear, and see what they're up to, ever so often."

Roll paused for a moment. She didn't want to leave her love and her friends. However, Bass was giving her something she never dreamed of and always wanted. After a long pause, she nodded.

"Tell Megaman...I'm really sorry." she said, sadly.

"I will." said Bass.

"Thanks, Bass! Good-bye!"

"Farewell, Roll-chan!"

And with that, she went through the portal, the portal closing as she walked through. Bass showed some slight tears, but easily wiped them away.

"Now that Roll-chan is out of the way, I can finally finish Megaman off, once and for all!!" he snickered.


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