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Chapter 1: Abandonment with a Smile

May 7th, Age 784

The 28th Tenkaichi Budokai was well underway and the sounds of fans cheering on the fighters filled the air. It was meant to be a joyous occasion filled with friendly competition and celebration of 'the world's savior', Mr. Satan. Unfortunately, for one person, the good times were soon to come to a disruptive halt. For this individual, what was about to happen would initiate a series of events that would forever change his family and their relationships with one another.

Son Gohan had been sitting next to his wife and mother when he saw his father fly towards them from the tournament stage.

"What's going on?" He shouted, once his father got close enough. Everyone had just witnessed a rather usual fight and he was trying to make sense as to why his father had left the stage. He was concerned something was wrong. However, nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

"Hey guys! I hate to do this…" Goku started with a smile. Immediately Gohan felt his stomach drop.

It was happening again, wasn't it?

Goku continued. "But I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be living with Uub in his village so I can train him." Without any hesitation, he started to fly off.

"Goku!" Chi-Chi cried out. Her son could hear the pain in her voice.

The Saiyan stopped and turned back around. "I don't know how many years this is going to take but I promise I'll visit you guys. Thank you for understanding."

To Gohan, this seemed like an afterthought. As if his father had almost forgotten to tell them how long he would be gone. His head started to spin. What did this mean? Everything was happening so fast. He just wanted him to stop and talk this out. He spoke up once again. "But we don't understand! You're leaving for good!?"

"Well… sort of." Goku returned, nonchalantly. And then without further conversation, he flew down to where Goten and Trunks were.

"Sort of?" Gohan questioned. What the hell did that mean?! His father has just spent less than 30 seconds saying his goodbyes to his family, telling them that he was 'sort of' leaving for good, to go live with this perfect stranger he just met. None of this made any sense. Why? Why was he doing this to them?

"Not again." Chi-Chi lamented.

Gohan didn't have much time to process his father's goodbye before he witnessed something far worse than what had just occurred… something that would be forever burned into his psyche.

"Grandpa!" Pan cried out as she rushed towards Goku. "Grandpa you can't go away! Tell me it's not true!"

Gohan's eyes widened as something was triggered deep within him. It was like looking his past. The tears, the plea to stay, he had seen this scenario play out so many times with himself, and now his daughter was experiencing the same thing. For a split second he thought perhaps his father might have a change of heart and decide not to leave. That feeling, however, quickly diminished when he saw Goku continue his goodbyes with all the others after his brief conversation with Pan. It seemed so routine, just like what he experienced in his childhood. His father would say something to calm Pan down, she would feel better, he would leave, and then (after about a month or so) would come the heartache.

The déjà vu episode had stunned Gohan so much that the next thing he knew, his father was flying off with Uub on his back. As they faded into the distance Chi-Chi crumbled into her seat, distraught from the news that her husband was gone once again. And with Goku, who knew when he'd be back, even for a visit. The young demi-saiyan, filled with emotion, put his feelings on hold and focused his energy on comforting his mother. As he and Videl helped Chi-Chi calm down he overheard Krillin behind him. "You know, I have not seen Goku smile like that for a long time." For a second, Gohan shut his eyes and took a deep breath to help maintain his self-control. It was that smile that he hoped he would never have to see again. For Gohan that smile meant a distraught mother, a sad daughter, a brother who was probably beyond confused, and memories of a past he wanted to forget.

As for the rest of the staff and audience, it soon became apparent to them that neither Goku nor Uub were coming back. However, instead of starting back up, there was a hold on the rest of the tournament. Several minutes passed as staff members scrambled around the arena.

"What's going on?" Marron asked to her mother.

#18 was a bit puzzled herself. "I'm not sure. I thought that they would have just considered it a forfeit for Goku and that Uub guy, and continued on with the other fights."

Eventually the announcer of the tournament came out to the center of the fighting stage. He had been arguing with other staff members and he was clearly uncomfortable with whatever statement he was about to make.

"This doesn't look good." Trunks said aloud.

"L-ladies and g-gentleman." The announcer stuttered nervously. "We apologize for the wait but we had to consult the rulebook regarding what we should do next."

Someone from the crowd yelled out in response. "Just continue on with the tournament." Others cheered in agreement.

The announcer was now visibly shaking. "Y-Yes…. Umm… well according to the official rulebook of the Tenkaichi Budokai… i-if both participants in a match in the finals forfeit, …and a winner cannot be declared, then the tournament… is to be canceled." Immediately people started booing and throwing things from the stands.

"Hmph, what a waste of time." Vegeta rolled his eyes as he left for the locker room.

"Oh man." Goten groaned.

Meanwhile, the announcer was doing his best explain the rationale behind the rule while dodging what was thrown at him. "This is because the next contender, who would have fought the winner of this fight, wouldn't have anyone to fight. Therefore, they would automatically win the next match, creating an unfair advantage in comparison to the other contestants." This did little to appease the crowd as many continued to hurl insults and objects. Others had begrudgingly accepted the ruling and started to leave.

#18 sighed. "Well there you have it." She then turned to everyone else. "I guess it's time to go home."

Gohan, who had still been trying to help his distressed mother, couldn't believe what was happening. The abrupt departure by his father had negatively affected, not just his family, but also everyone at the tournament, since it was now cancelled. "And of course he isn't here to suffer the consequences of his actions. That's for all of us to endure… again." He thought to himself. At this point, despite the fact that he wasn't verbalizing his feeling, his wife began to notice something amiss with him. She got a sense that he was more than a little frustrated with everything that had just happened.

"The tournament can't be canceled! I still want to fight." Pan protested. She had trained rather hard for this and didn't want to leave without a chance to have at least one more match.

Her uncle, who stood beside her, agreed. "Yea, I didn't want to come all this way for nothing."

Seeing the disappointed looks on his family and friends in the VIP section, and overhearing the conversation between Goten and Pan, Trunks got an idea. As the announcer approached them to head toward the exit, the demi-saiyan stopped him. "Hey mister. Could we still use the stage for a match?"

"Huh? Well the tournament is canceled so even if you were to have a match it wouldn't be official."

Trunks held up his hands. "I know. I know. But just for fun. My friend and his niece here still want a chance to fight."

The announcer looked at them. This certainly was a competitive group. "Listen, you guys do what you want, I can't stop you. However, the arena is closing down so others staff members will eventually be by to see you out. As for me, I'm leaving now before I run into anyone who wants to blame me for all of this." With that, he departed.

"Great!" Trunks pounded his fist. "Hey Goten, Pan… you guys want to fight?"

The two looked at him perplexed. "OK yea, but who are we fighting?" Goten asked.

"Each other." His friend replied. Goten and Pan looked at each other. It was clear they were hesitant so Trunks continued. "It won't count or anything, and the bleachers are almost clear, but you guys said you wanted at least one more match. Well, this is your chance."

Pan smiled. "Yea! Let's do it."

Goten looked from her, to Trunks, and back down to her before finally agreeing. "Sure, why not. And don't worry Pan, I'll go easy on you."

"Your funeral." Trunks muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Goten asked.

"I said you guys should head to the stage. We probably don't have much time before we get kicked out. I'll go tell the others so they don't miss it." Trunks then flew up to where his family and friends were to explain that Goten and Pan were going to have a match with each other before they all headed out. Everyone was immediately receptive to the idea and started to cheer them on. Gohan took this opportunity to refocus his mother's energy. As the fight began, he encouraged her to cheer for her son and granddaughter. While she was still devastated about her husband leaving, she quickly got swept up in the energy of those around her and followed her son's lead as they both joined in on the cheering. Little did she know, her son wasn't as unaffected by what had just happened as he was letting on. Gohan's own cheering was just a mask for the emotions he continued to bottle up.

Once again, Videl felt that something was off. She and Gohan shared a special bond and she could almost always tell how he was feeling. This time, however, he seemed to be hiding his it exceptionally well. In fact, she even questioned her intuition. "Maybe it's just all the excitement." She told herself, but the thought that something was wrong still lingered.

Pan and Goten continued to battle in front of the near empty stadium, cheered on by their family and friends. As the last of the crowd exited the tournament area, staff members began to approach the stage to ask them to leave. Just as they were about to put a halt to the fight, Pan laid down a finishing blow to her uncle – a hard smack across the cheek that had him colliding down into the stage and unable to get back up before Trunks finished the countdown. "We have a winner!" He shouted as he held up Pan's arm in victory. Everyone else cheered.

With the last (unofficial) match finished, the tournament was over.

Before they knew it, the Z gang was making their way to the Capsule Corp airbus to go back to their respective homes. As they walked, they were alive with congratulations and stories from the day.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! Look!" Pan screamed as she held out her certificate showing her participation in the Tenkaichi Budokai.

"Wow Pan that's great!" Videl said, picking up her daughter.

"We're so proud of you." Gohan reiterated as he ruffled her hair.

"So Goten how's your cheek?" Trunks teased his friend, pointing at the red mark caused by Pan during their match.

Goten just grumbled underneath his breath as he rubbed his swollen face. Everyone laughed and continued to talk about the tournament. The mood was rather joyous and carefree until the inevitable came up.

"Man, you guys really wrecked that stage." Yamcha commented.

"Well in all fairness, it was Goku who did the most damage." Krillin retorted.

It was the mere mention of his name that caused Gohan's mood to change once again. This time it was clear for Videl. While he wasn't showing it on the outside, she could tell he was angry. She correctly gathered that he was concealing his emotions so as not to upset anyone else. That being said, Videl wasn't the only one who noticed. When Goku's name was mentioned, Piccolo recognized a subtle change in Gohan's ki. It wasn't an increase or decrease, but simply a change. It would only be natural for him to be a little distressed, but this feeling was different… very different.

Bulma sighed and looked up to the sky "I can't believe Goku just left right in the middle of the tournament."

"Haha, well that's Goku for you. He's always in the pursuit of training and getting stronger." Krillin said trying to make the situation easier.

Gohan looked down for Pan's reaction but luckily she had fallen asleep in Videl's arms. He then looked at his wife who was already looking at him and he immediately put on a fake smile, but she wasn't fooled. The conversations continued onto the plane as they flew home together. Collectively, everyone just brushed off Goku's exit as 'typical Goku'.

For Gohan, however, seeing his father leave had triggered something in him - memories and feelings he couldn't shake. "This is the last straw." He thought to himself.

"No more!"