Hello everyone. The Masked Otaku here. I am back after many years of hiatus (school can do that to ya) and I just want to say that I hope you all enjoy this story. I've had the premise for this one in my head for quite some time now but I've never sat myself down and typed away… until now!

So basically this takes place right after the ending of Dragonball Z. The prologue below connects Dragonball Z to my story so I hope that will eliminate any confusion.

'No More Forgiveness' is about Gohan reaching his breaking point with his father. It centers on the notion that Goku wasn't really there for his son (well both of them actually) because half the time he was somewhere else… by choice. Gohan realizes that he doesn't want that life anymore, especially for his children, and decides that he wants nothing to do with his father. The story will bring up a lot of things from the past and create uncomfortable situations for many characters. While this fic will mainly explore the relationship between Gohan and Goku it will also explore other relationships that will enhance the main story line. I don't want to say anymore because I want everyone to be surprised. Plus I've already dropped you guys a hint ;)

I have only written the prologue so far so we will see how this unravels. I can tell you I already know how it is going to end, its just getting there that's the hard part. I am going to try to fit a lot of different genre's into this to make it feel more real but the main genre will be angst and drama. And PLEASE review. I'm trying to grow as a writer so any input is welcome.

One last thing, because I got so caught up with other things I will not be writing an alternative ending like I had originally said I would to my fic 'Gohan's Breakdown'. I'm not writing it because I realize that my writing style has changed it would probably just sound weird. If you want to know what I had planned on doing for an alternative ending just ask me and if enough people ask I may post a quick thing up. Now enough of me talking, on with the fic!!!


May 7th, 784 A.D.

It was the day everything changed.

It was the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai and the sounds of fans cheering on the fighters filled the air. It was meant to be a joyous occasion filled with friendly competition and celebration of 'the world's savior,' Mr. Satan. But for one person the good times were about to come crumbling down upon him.

Son Gohan had been sitting in between his wife and mother when he saw his father fly up to them in the VIP bleachers. Even though he knew what his father was going to say, since he had overheard his conversation with the young fighter named Uub, he was still not prepared for it.

Once his father was right in front of him, he gave everyone 'that' smirk, the same smirk he gave Gohan before he disappeared with Cell. Gohan knew what was about to happen. His father was going to take off, leaving him to take care of his mother and brother, and pick up the emotional pieces… AGAIN!

Much like his previous goodbye's this one was short and to the point. Goku told everyone that he was leaving, right then and there, to live and train with this complete stranger.

After his short speech the Goku waved goodbye and swooped down to the arena to say goodbye to the rest.

Gohan would never forget what he witnessed next. There was his five-year-old daughter, running towards Goku crying, not wanting him to leave. Gohan's eyes widened.

It was like looking his past.

Goku would say something to calm Pan down, she would feel better, he would leave, and, after about a month or so, would come the loneliness. It seemed so routine… just like his childhood.

The déjà vu episode had stunned Gohan so much that before he knew it his father was flying off with Uub on his back. As they faded into the distance Chi-Chi crumbled into her seat distraught from the news that her husband was leaving, and with Goku who knew when he'd be back. The young demi-saiyan, filled with a mix of emotions, put them on hold and focused his energy on comforting his mother. As he and Videl helped Chi-Chi calm down he overheard his old mentor behind him "Ha… I have not seen Goku smile like that for a long time."

For a second Gohan shut his eyes and took a deep breath to help himself maintain control. It was that smile that he hoped he would never have to see again. For Gohan that smile meant a distraught mother, a sad daughter, a brother who is probably beyond confused, and memories of a past he wanted to forget.

After it was clear to the staff and audience that Goku and Uub were not coming back, the tournament continued. While some were in shock about what just happened, many quickly forgot about it because, after all, stranger things have happened at these tournaments before.

So as the fights resumed, Gohan and Videl continued to comfort Chi-Chi. Both still found time to cheer just like everyone else in the gang, who altogether, seemed rather unfazed by the events that just took place. But Gohan's cheering was just a mask for what he was really feeling.

It was after Videl and Gohan got Chi-Chi to calm down that Videl started to pick up that something was wrong with her husband. Gohan and her shared a special bond and she could always tell how he was feeling, but this time he was hiding his emotions well. She even questioned her intuition. "Maybe its just all the excitement," she told herself, but the thought that something was not right still lingered. This feeling made her very uncomfortable but, like her husband, she was very good at hiding emotions when she wanted.

As the evening drew the Tournament began to wind down. The end result was Mr. Satan in first place followed by Buu, Vegeta, and then Trunks. Pan had put up quite a fight but after seeing her beat Goten, Trunks knew not to make the same mistake as his friend and therefore didn't go easy on her. Everyone had performed well, and when all was said and done there quite a pile of torn and sweat stained gi's.

Before they knew it, the Z gang was making their way to the capsule corp plane to go back home. As they walked they were alive with congratulations and stories of the days happenings.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! Look!" Pan screamed as she held out her certificate showing her place in the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai.

"Wow Pan that's great!" Videl said picking her daughter up.

"We're so proud of you Pan-Chan." Gohan reiterated as he ruffled his daughters hair.

"So Goten how's your cheek?" Trunks teased his friend, pointing at the red mark caused by Pan during their match.

Goten just grumbled underneath his breath as he rubbed his swollen cheek.

Everyone laughed and continued to talk about the tournament. The mood was rather joyous and carefree until the inevitable came up…

"Man you guys really wrecked that stage though." Yamcha commented.

"Well in all fairness it was Goku who did the most damage." Krillin retorted.

It was the mere mention of his name that caused Gohan's mood to change even more. This time it was clear for Videl. While he wasn't showing it on the outside, within he was clearly upset. Still, he masked it very well; he didn't want to upset the others.

But Videl could sense a change in him, and she wasn't the only one. When Goku's name was mentioned Piccolo noticed a change in Gohan's ki. It wasn't an increase or decrease, but a change. He knew Gohan was sensitive by nature and that it would only be natural for him to be a little upset but this feeling was different… very different.

Bulma sighed and looked up to the sky "I can't believe Goku just left right in the middle of the tournament."

"Haha well that's Goku for you always in the pursuit of training and getting stronger." Krillin said trying to make the situation easier.

Gohan looked down for Pan's reaction but luckily she had fallen asleep in Videl's arms. He then looked at his wife who was already looking at him and he immediately put on a fake smile, but she wasn't fooled.

The conversation continued onto the plane and as they flew home together everyone just brushed off Goku's exit as 'typical Goku'.

For Gohan, however, this was the last straw.