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Kagome Higurashi was hiding in the closet of Sesshomaru's extensive, beautiful library two nights after their mating. When Sesshomaru had courted her, he had been a true gentleman, but he had shown his true nature after mating her, using the most painful of tortures for his own pleasure.

"Kagome, where are yoooou?" Sesshomaru's voice called out, after cackling evilly.

'OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! If he finds me I'm chopped liver!,' thought Kagome, sweating bullets, and breathing harshly.

"Kaagomeee, you can't hide foreveeeer from this Sesshomaru!!!" Sesshomaru's voiced called out loudly.

Kagome froze and then moved further inside the closet, trembling, since Sesshomaru's voice sounded closer to where she was.

'Think. Think. What can you do when you're trapped in a closet and your mate is going to torture you if he finds you?" Kagome started shaking, then stopped when she felt Sesshomaru in front of the closet door.

'Oh Kami, don't let him find me…'

Kagome stopped breathing as heard Sesshomaru's boots squeaking as he turned to open the door.

The door opened slowly, and then-


Kagome went flying in the air screeching like a banshee, and tackled Sesshomaru onto the floor.

Taking advantage of his momentary confusion, she gets up and starts running towards the door that leads to the front yard.

"Never again will I be tortured by you Sesshomaru!!! Never again!!" Kagome laughed hysterically, as she opened the door and then-

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!No!NO!NOOOO!" Kagome got picked up by a very frustrated Sesshomaru.

" If this Sesshomaru knew that his mate would go over so much commotion just to swallow medicine…" Sesshomaru muttered under his breath as he struggled to hold Kagome down so that she could swallow some Nyquil for her cold.

"No!!!No!!!No!!!! THIS IS TORTURE!! DO YOU HEAR ME SESSHOMARU!!!" Kagome screamed at Sesshomaru as he took poured the medicine into the measuring cup.

"Nooooo!!! (Sob) Please!! Don't do this!!!! Don't-"Kagome swallowed down a very disgusting Nyquil into her system and then coughed and gasped for breath, and swallowed the liter of water that Sesshomaru handed her to take away the disgusting taste that it left on her tongue.

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