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'Are you sure you want to go back?' A young brown hair girl asked.

'Yes.' A man in a crimson coat replied.

'There is no turning back. You won't be able to see them anymore...'

'I know, but it is also because of me that they are neither dead, nor alive...' The man said those words with a hint of sadness in his voice.

'I understand.' The brunette said. 'But the way for you to go back in time is... not a very comfortable... I mean being trap in a materia and all...'

'Believe me, Ancient. Being seal away in a cave for more than five years, I don't anything is uncomfortable for me.' The man said with a grin.

'Hey, I have name you know, it's Aeris!' The young lady said pouting like a puppy which the man was sure she got it from her boyfriend. 'Anyway, I really want you to be sure of your choice before we proceed any further.'

'I'm more than sure, Aeris.'

'Are you really, really sure?' The brown hair girl asked again.

'You know you really look like Zack right now.' The reply caused the girl to let out an exasperated sigh and muttered something like "hardhead" before she clasped her hands together like she is prying.

Green threads made of light started to surround the man from the ground like caging him. He felt his blood was burning and his body was like breaking into pieces as he cried in agony which slowly to turn into a long eerie screech. Another black wing sprouted from his back and enveloped his body before the light had completely enveloped him too and then it started to compress into a small red orb attached to a silver chain.

Aeris held out her hands to hold the precious necklace as she whispered to the orb: 'Be careful. You are not the only one who will be returning to the past. Jenova have already set her plan in motion...'

A portal opened itself under her feet. She slowly let the necklace slipped past her fingers and fell to the portal before it vanished.

'Good luck... Genesis...' The brown hair girl whispered before her body turned into green light threads and flew back to the Lifestream, Gaia's life force.