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Edward followed me into the bedroom quickly "What's the matter Bella?" he asked worry evident in his voice. I suddenly felt hot tears running down my cheeks. I couldn't believe it. I looked at Edward who was frozen in his place worry on his usually calm face. "Edward" I said, "I think I'm pregnant…"

We stood there in silence; until the phone rang Edward made no move answer it. I walked past him and quickly answered the phone.

"Hello" I whispered into the phone. Alice's frantic voice quickly followed "BELLA, ARE YOU OKAY WHERE'S EDWARD? WHAT'S GOING ON?"

I took a deep shaky breath and said, "I don't know but I think.." before I could say anything else Edward snapped out of his trance and motioned for the phone I gave it to him reluctantly.

"Alice, it's Edward put Carlisle on the phone please" he started talking at vampire speed and walked into the kitchen. I looked into the full length mirror at my stomach, slowly putting my hands on my abdomen I swear I felt movement inside of me. It was at that moment that I realized that I was going to be a mother, a mother to Edward's child. That sounded beautiful Edward's child.I suddenly felt extremely calm. I thought to myself everything would be okay because I wasn't having any random baby I was having Edward, the love of my life's baby. I felt tears running down my cheeks and realized that this time they were from happiness.

Edward suddenly burst though the doors and upon seeing my tears rushed to my side. "BELLA! Are you okay?" he asked quickly I nodded and thought to myself that he must just be so worried about our baby. I gave Edward a reassuring smile. He took my hand and said "It's okay love, we will go home and make sure every things all right I'll start packing you should go rest" his face had become the calm mask as usual but there was something in his eyes that frightened me. I nodded to tired to do anything else and went to bed thinking about what my beautiful baby would look like when it arrived.