Ahsoka's Aventure

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The galaxy is at war. The Galactic Republic is at war with the Separatist Alliance or the Confederacy of Independent Systems lead by Count Dooku and one of his loyal generals General Grievous. Many peaceful words must choose sides or face the threat of invasion. One planet is unaware of the approaching Droid Army. After a successful spying mission, Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano await their next orders from the Jedi Council.

"Got the information Snips?" Anakin asked his Padawan.

"Yes I do Master" Ahsoka said to him.

The two Jedi walked up to the control room on their Republic Cruiser. There they pressed a button and then the image of Jedi Master Yoda appeared.

"A great pleasure to see you two alive again…It is" Yoda spoke up.

"Yes, the mission was a success Master" Akakin said to Yoda.

"Hmm, and the information?" the image of Obi-wan Kenobi asked as he appeared.

"Well…It seems that Count Dooku has ordered to go to the Solar System" Akakin informed the council.

"Why go there? There is no planet that has life on it" Ahsoka asked.

"Wrong…you are Ahsoka" Yoda said "There is a planet out there. Earth the name of the planet is."

Anakin looked at Yoda "Do we know anything else about Earth?"

"Nothing is known about that planet…But if Count Dooku is after it this could be a bad thing" Obi-wan said.

"Agreed" Yoda said "Little knowledge of us the Earth has."

Anakin then got the message "Then if that is true, the Earth has been completely neutral all this time."

"It's the perfect time for Earth to surcome to the Separatist Alliance!" Ahsoka said getting Anakin's drift.

"So what is the plan?" Akakin asked.

"Ahsoka…must go to Earth" Yoda said.

Ahsoka looked at Yoda "You mean me and my master right?"

"No, Ahsoka must go; alone you must" Yoda said.

"Just me, and why just me?"

"We don't really know if Count Dooku wants Earth. Even with our spying mission information we don't know."

"Under stood" Anakin said causing the young Togruta female to look at him like he was crazy.

Obi-wan looked at Ahsoka "Young one, we have things to worry about down here. You must go to Earth alone to warn them of upcoming danger…We'll keep you in touch."

"Right Master Obi-wan" Ahsoka said.

"Also, if your mission is true, Ahsoka must try to rally up an army to help fight on Earth…Doing so if there is any heroes or heroines on Earth, ask them to help you out you must. Also you must blend in to the Earth's surroundings" Yoda said.
"I hear that the people of Earth have something call school" Obi-wan said.

"If of that age where she must attend school, Ahsoka must attend" Yoda said.

"Right we'll get to it" Anakin said.

The images vanished and Ahsoka turned to her master "You aren't really going to let me go alone are you?"

Anakin gave the Togruta one of his rare smiles "You know me better than that Ahsoka. I'm your Master and as your Master I must ensure your safety in this time of war. If it wasn't for this war, then I probably let you go alone."

Ahsoka looked at Anakin Skywalker "Okay Master"

Anakin returned her look "Ahsoka, I said I wasn't going to let you go alone. I didn't mean that I will come with you."

Ahsoka looked around the ship "Then who is coming with me?"

Anakin turned to one of his Clone Troopers. Most Clone Troopers wore white armor and had identical helmets. But this one wore white armor, and had blue on his helmet and blue underneath the helmet.

"Captain Rex…Come here" Anakin ordered.

"Yes, General Skywalker? Captain Rex asked.

"Ahsoka has been assigned to go to Earth…Attend school if she is that age to, to warn them of a possible droid invasion, and to rally up an army of heroes or heroines if the Earth has any" Anakin said to him.

"Sounds like a hard mission for one to do alone" was the Clone Trooper's response.

"I know which is why you are going to go with Ahsoka. Got that Captain Rex? Keep her safe."
"Rodger, Rodger. I will follow through on your orders General" Captain Rex said.

"Oh Ahsoka, while on Earth please pretend Rex is your guardian or someone that takes care of you."

"Alright, like a father to me" Ahsoka said.

"Ahsoka, and Captain Rex take the Twilight to Earth!"

The clone Trooper saluted "Copy that General!"

Anakin watched as his Padawan and Clone Trooper captain walked away May the Force be with you Ahsoka.

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