(Well, this is the Prologue for a new Idea I had for a Sekirei story. I just came up with this idea today, so I figured I'd strike while the iron is hot. More thoughts after the chap/prologue.)


"Hello, Yu-chan…" Karasuba's voice welcomes me.

My name is Yume, and I am Sekirei Number 8, and former member of the MBI Disciplinary Sekirei Squad. I stand outside the MBI building, Minato Sahashi and his other Sekirei stand behind me. Karasuba stands in front of the double door entrance to the building, her long sword held tight in her right hand.

"Yume-chan…" Minato begins, and I clench my hands into fists.

I still wear the same uniform I once wore during my time in the Disciplinary Squad, but I no longer wear the long olive green robe that Karasuba now wears…

"Minato-sama, I'll handle this." I assure him.

"But, Yume-chan-" He begins, stopping mid sentence.

I glance over my left shoulder to see Tsukiumi with her hand on his left shoulder, pulling lightly at his shirt. Behind Minato stands 6 Sekirei, Matsu: Sekirei Number 2 and computer genius. Next to her stands Tsukiumi: Sekirei Number 9, the 'Water Sekirei.' Also behind him stands Kazehana, Sekirei Number 3 called the 'Sekirei of Wind.' His only male Sekirei, Homura: Sekirei Number 6, Akizu: The one-time discarded number with power over ice, and finally Kusano: Sekirei Number 108 who can create plants and control plant life.

I round them out, Sekirei Number 8, the Sekirei of Destiny Yume. I possess the power of light, and I'm a former member of the Disciplinary Squad.

"Good Luck, Yume-tan!" Matsu speaks up.

"You can win Yume-chan!" Kusano shouts in encouragement.

Tsukiumi looks away, avoiding my gaze while Kazehana smiles, her head cocked to the left. Homura has his arms crossed over his chest, a serious look on his face. Akizu has a bored expression on her face, as though she isn't interested in what's about to happen.

"Everyone, thank you…" I thank them.

I turn back toward Karasuba, glaring at the woman with hatred in my eyes.

This is the moment I've been waiting for, the time I take revenge for what she did!

"Oh, Yu-chan, you can't still possibly have feelings over what happened back then?" She prods, and it works.

"SHUT UP!" I scream in rage.

I open my hand and light begins to collect on it. In a moment a ball of light the size of a softball has gathered on my hand, and I thrust my hand forward, releasing a blast of destructive photonic energy that's like a battering ram, aimed straight at Karasuba. The woman shifts, avoiding the attack and allowing it to pass her by. My attack impacts the MBI building, and a field several inches from the building structure stops the blast, negating it and causing the photonic energy to dissipate and disappear.

"Ah, Yu-chan, so angry…" Karasuba continues.

I charge in, ready to engage Karasuba in hand to hand combat at close range, where both of us are at our best, and our deadliest. She's ready for me, her long sword at the ready. I throw a punch for her head, and she ducks, swinging her sword up in a hacking motion, aiming to take my left arm off at the shoulder. I shift back, avoiding her slash. I send my right foot out in a lightning quick kick, impacting Karasuba in the stomach and sending the Number 8 Sekirei flying. She rights herself and lands on the ground, her feet sliding against the pavement. She jumps forward, lunging toward me with her sword ready to slice in me in half.

She brings her sword down in an overhead, two handed slash. I raise both of my arms and put my forearms together, and light flashes in front of my arms, forming a dome of photonic energy between me and Karasuba's sword. Her weapon impacts my barrier, and energy releases from the impact point in the form of light energy.

With all my strength, I push Karasuba off of my barrier, throwing the woman away from me. Again, Karasuba lands deftly on her feet, a smile on her face.

"I've been waiting for this Yu-chan, that angry stare, your awesome strength. I couldn't care less about the Sekirei Plan or whatever ambitions that fool human has; together the two of us can raze this world, exterminate the human filth, and give our kind, the superior kind, the chance it deserves to rule this world…"

I stand in a boxing stance, my hands close to my chest.

"You're wrong Karasuba." I deny her. "The power of love can change this world, and you don't have any love in you, you never have."

Her eyebrows flare in anger.

"Love, what good does love matter?" She demands, raising her sword in front of her so the blade bisects her body. "Strength is all that matters, nothing else!"

"You'll never learn Karasuba, you'll never learn…"

To think, this all started what seems like an eternity ago.


I run down a hall in an MBI underground research laboratory. The walls are made of concrete, and lying on the ground at rough intervals are bodies, blood splattered around their corpses, all of them bearing sword wounds. They are all freshly dead, their blood still fresh as my boots sloop through it.

My heart beats faster, and I pick my pace, already running well beyond a normal human's speed, I pump my arms, trying to move faster and faster.

Don't let her kill her, don't let Karasuba do it…

Ever since Karasuba learned that I planned to free Number 88 from her cage in the research facility, she's been toying with the idea of killing the young Sekirei to remove the 'distraction' from my mind. Since the report came that No. 88 didn't have a stable tama, I had come to accept the idea that I was going to give her my tama to stabilize her, which would mean I'd have to die. I'd accepted that, but now…

No! I can't think that way!

I round a corner, and I find a closed set of double doors. I run up and throw the double doors open, the doors practically flying off their hinges. Inside the room is dark, with barely anything visible outside the square of light shining in through the hall I now stand in.

Light shines from my body, illuminating the interior of the room. Machines surround the table, and Karasuba stands with her back to me. She stands with her hands in front of her. Blood seeps down the side of the table, and I feel the color leave my cheeks when I hear a wet sound from beyond Karasuba, and I see her sword point out from her right side, blood stained on the blade.

"No…" I mutter, feeling all hope drain from me.

Karasuba flings the blood from the blade, the crimson fluid splattering to the floor. Karasuba half turns toward me, and looking over her right shoulder smiles happily at me.

"Hello, Yu-chan…" Karasuba trails off, sounding happy to see me. "I took care of this problem for you, and you couldn't stop me."

Tears run down my cheeks, and I open my mouth to scream, to yell, to roar in anger but instead only a sorrowful wail escapes my lips. I yell at the top of my lungs for a moment, crying out to the entire world before I fall to my knees and begin to weep. The sound of clicking footsteps passes me by, the footsteps slowly and deliberate.

"Now there won't be a problem, and you've got nothing to worry about."

Karasuba walks out of the room while I weep in mourning for my fallen comrade.


After that, years pass. The entire time I'm made to avoid Karasuba, and the few times our paths do cross, another Sekirei had to drag me away before Karasuba and I ended up trading blows. Ever since the 'incident' where Karasuba killed the young Musubi, I tried to kill Karasuba the first time I saw her, and since then I lost my position as leader of the Disciplinary Squad, and even got removed from the Disciplinary Squad and kept on a short leash, gaining the nickname 'Fallen Sekirei.' When the new tower was completed, I was moved there and basically confined there. I've since lived in the lap of luxury, but at the same time, I'm nothing more then a prisoner…

Until one day I'm summoned to the office of the CEO and President of the Conglomerate Corporation MBI. The man doing the summoning is named Minaka Hiroto, the one who discovered my kind on this planet and the creator of this 'Sekirei Plan' game that he intends to plunge the entire Japanese capital into. He's supposed to be some kind of genius, though I think he's more insane then intelligent.

I walk through the halls of the MBI building, my footsteps clattering lightly against the polished marble floor. Inside the tall skyscraper the building is the epitome of luxury and high technology. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it I've extremely familiar with the tower's set up, and I know exactly where to go to find the President's Office. I still wear the same black clothes I wore during my time as leader of the Disciplinary Squad, but I no longer wear the long cape like robe that Karasuba now wears. Though, no one in MBI or anyone part of the Sekirei Plan mistakes me for a Disciplinary Squad member, since nearly everyone knows the 'Fallen Sekirei.'

I turn right and walk down the bronze walled hall, the white floor and bronze walls a start contrast with the overhead lighting. Ahead is a rather large set of ornate double doors, and in front of those doors, set off to the left slightly is a receptionist's desk. A human woman sits behind it, a headset on her head and a computer on the desk casting blue light on her face. I approach the 3 foot high U shaped desk and the woman glances up from the screen.

She's a blonde haired woman, with lavender eyes and fair skin. She wears a white blouse and a black mini skirt and probably high heels.

"You're Yume-san, correct?" The secretary asks, and I nod. "Good, Hiroto-sama is expecting you."

"Thank you." I thank the woman, and then walk to the double doors.

I stop at the doors, and I cast my eyes up at the 20 foot high bronze colored doors. I lower my head and shake my head, sighing inwardly.

He has a size problem…

I put my right hand on the right side door and I shove, pushing the heavy door open without much effort. The door slides with a light groan on its hinges, and stops after it opens 90 degrees. Inside the office I see Minaka's ornate desk with the man sitting behind it and a brown haired man standing in front of it on the left side of the desk. Minaka wears his usual white suit and cape, while the other man wears a black 3 piece suit and his brown hair is ear length around his entire head.

"Ah, Yume-chan!" Minaka shouts through his office, standing up from behind his desk and opening his arms in a welcoming gesture. "Please, come inside."

I slowly walk into his office, and once I've cleared the door, the giant door swings closed, closing with the sound of the bolt latching.

Even un-winged and out of the Disciplinary Squad, I'm still more then capable of killing two human beings. I don't know what they think locking me in here will do.

Minaka walks around the desk, motioning me forward.

"Please Yume-chan, there's something I'd like you to meet." He beckons me forward.

I slowly walk forward, making sure to stay out of arm's reach from either of them. I glance to the brown haired man, who wears a smile on his face, and Minaka, who also has a sly smile on his features…

"What do you want with me Minaka?" I ask with distaste in my tone. "I'm nothing to you but your 'Fallen Sekirei' aren't I?"

He smiles for a moment, and then shakes his head no.

"Ah, Yume-chan, Yume-chan, you really misunderstand." He informs me, placing a gloved hand on his desk.

He walks around his desk, sliding his gloved hand across the surface.

"This is Natsuo; he's a new employee of MBI and I'm making him the Ashikabi of the Disciplinary Squad."

I glance at the man, seeing him smile again before I look back to Minaka.

"What does this have to do with me Minaka?" I ask him again. "You removed me from your precious Disciplinary Squad and have had me locked up as your 'Fallen Sekirei' for years." I point out again.

"I know Yume-chan, I know." He reminds me. "The reason I called you here today is I'm willing to forgive your transgression against Karasuba and resume leadership of the Disciplinary Squad."

His words click in my head, and I realize just what Minaka is getting at.

"You want me to let this man wing me, and become your obedient little puppet again, is that it Minaka?" I ask, and the man nods.

"Yes, once winged by Natsuo you'll be stronger then you were before, and you'll be able to order Karasuba to do whatever you like…"

My hands ball into white knuckle fists at the mention of her name. I glance to the man, seeing him again smile a white toothy smile, and I feel nothing looking at him.

No, he isn't the one for me, he isn't my Ashikabi…

I look back to the President, glaring at the man.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn down you're oh so generous offer." I tell him in a sarcastic tone. "I feel nothing for this man, and I won't lead your little pack of dogs!"

"Oh really?" Minaka asks, sitting down behind his desk. He steeples his fingers. "Even Karasuba was winged by Natsuo…"

I slam my fists down on the desk, glaring angrily at Minaka.

"I don't care!"

The Ashikabi shifts and I quickly move away from the desk and away from him. He has a comforting expression on his face, as though he understands what I mean.

"You don't have to feel anything for me, just let me wing you and you'll be able to use your full power, regardless of how you feel for me."

I glare at the man with bloodlust in my eyes, and I begin to gather photonic energy on my palms, ready to forcibly repel the man is need be. Upon seeing this, the would be Ashikabi raises his hands, palms out, and steps back, gaining a look of worry on his face.

"Hey, calm down, I'm not going to make you do anything…" He admits, taking another step back AWAY from me.

"That's fine…" Minaka begins, and the energy on my hands disappears. Both Natsuo and I turn to face the man, and he still sits with his fingers steepled together. "Sekirei No. 8 Yume will seek out her own Ashikabi, and will be a full participant in the Sekirei Plan." He announces to both of us. "Now, the game begins soon, so go forth, and search out your destined Ashikabi." He finishes, waving his hand and motioning for me to go.

I quickly turn away from him and my feet start moving before I even think about it. While I head toward the door, I hear the Ashikabi speak toward Minaka.

"Are you sure it's wise to let her just leave, she is the Number 8…"

"It'll be fine…" Minaka assuages him. "After all, she's an even match for Karasuba, so even if an Ashikabi does manage to get other Sekirei then her, we'll always have a means to neutralize her power."

We'll see about that…

I open the same large door I opened to enter the office, and I quickly close it, not even casting a glance at the secretary.

Musubi, I'll live for both of us, from now on, I'll live for both of us…

(Well, what'd you think of my idea of replacing Musubi with Yume? That was the spark that started this, because I wondered how the story would be different if Musubi ended up dying in the past and Yume hated Karasuba for it. I hope this has been an entertaining read, and if you enjoyed it, either send me a PM or leave a review. Please, do keep the questions and comments about The Demon In The Hyuga Clan to a minimum )