Have I done the right thing?

I have asked myself that question a hundred times since that day just one month ago. With Minaka dead I effectively took control of the company. The next day an announcement message was sent to all the remaining Ashikabi that the Sekirei Plan was canceled, there would be no winners or losers, and no one else had to fight. There would be no more matches, and no more Jinki would be given out.

Officially Minaka Hiroto was murdered by domestic terrorists hired by a rival corporation, shot in the head with his own pistol. In his will the entire company was left to his eldest son, me, and once I was legally in control of the company I began to move, using my new position as CEO of the largest conglomerate corporation in the world to do what I felt was right. I released all the defeated and still alive Sekirei that MBI recovered, fortunately those Sekirei that simply lost their crest or were beaten until deactivation weren't dead, and were now free to return to their Ashikabi, if that Ashikabi survived the events at the tower.

The official story at the tower was that the group of terrorists attacked the tower looking to kill Minaka and wound the company, giving their employers time to take over foreign operations. Fortunately no one has questioned the story, and I haven't spoken to my mother since that day. I've spent the majority of my time living in the penthouse at the tower or in the Sekirei ship still on Kamikura island. The island and everything on it belongs to MBI, and with Matsu at the ship's computers there is nothing to worry about as far as defense of the island. Miya has remained with me since that day, the 'first' Sekirei doing her part to protect her people.

Staring down at my cell phone I'm dressed in a white suit with a matching tie, clean shaven with my hair in it's normal style, I look somewhat respectable. On the screen the cursor sits on my mother's number, my finger hovering above the send button, a simple button press away from calling my mother and speaking to her for the first time in over a month...

After Minaka was 'murdered' she'd called me to try and contact me, and even tried to come up here to the penthouse to force her way in, but I locked down the elevator and sealed off the penthouse. If Okaa-san found out the truth about what I did she would be mad, and if she learned what I was doing she'd probably do anything in her power to stop me...

Pressing the button the phone dials the number, the phone ringing twice before Takami Sahashi answers her phone, her voice coming out in a panicked flurry.

"Minato!" She blurts out in surprise. "Minato, is that you!"

"Yes Okaa-san, it's me." I answer her calmly, my slow calm words a stark contrast to hers.

"Where have you been? It's been over a month since everything went upside down and I went to Izumo Inn and found it locked up and..."

Trailing I get the feeling that she doesn't know what else to say. I can hear the worry in her voice as she vents, and I can't help but shake my head.

"I was the one who killed Minaka, Okaa-san." I explain to her evenly. "He told me what he was planning on doing, and I had to stop him before his insanity killed more Sekirei."

There's a long pause on the other end of the connection, my mother absorbing the information I've just given her.

"So...it was you." She says quietly. "You were the Ashikabi that attacked the tower and were responsible for everything that happened."

"I am." I admit without a hint of guilt in my tone. "He had to be stopped, I only did what you refused to do."

"So why call me now?" Takami asks quietly. "It's been over a month since that day..."

"I wanted to tell you in person before the official announcement." I explain to her. "I'm going to reveal everything to the world."

The line goes as silent as a tomb, my mother literally speechless for several seconds before her words come out in a rush.

"You can't be serious! If you tell the world about them and everything we've kept secret all this time it will cause a major uproar! People will flock to Japan to try to see an alien and the other nations of the world will think that Japan owns the alien ship and..." She continues, but I speak up.

"I'm going to explain things." I cut her off. "I've already made a deal with the Japanese government to secure human rights for the Sekirei, so there's no fear of them being treated as someone's property here. The other nations of the world will follow suit, or they will suffer the consequences, it will all be in the announcement."

With that I end the call and shut off the phone, sighing before I slip the now deactivated mobile phone into one of the many pockets on the suit.

"I take it she didn't take the news well?" Yume asks curiously, and I look up, taking in the sight of what has become my office.

All of my Sekirei save Matsu are in the room with me, each of them standing around me in a loose circle while I lean against the front of my desk. Miya stands near the door, her sword in hand, the owner of Izumo Inn still dressed in her Disciplinary Squad uniform.

"She took it as well as can be expected." I answer Yume, smiling at her in spite of the task now before me.

"It is time Minato." Miya says matter of factly from her position near the door, and I nod in understanding.

"Got it."


Standing behind the podium in the Press Room of MBI Tower Yume, Kusano, Tsukiumi, Akitsu, Kazehana, Homura, Uzume and Miya all stand behind me in their normal attire. Uzume chose to wear her day to day clothes for this, rather than only her white veils. In front of me is a mass of reporters and news cameras, a white screen behind me displaying three large capital black letters: M.B.I.

Dressed in the white suit I feel more like a Yakuza than a legitimate CEO, and I could've just as easily gone out and purchased several suits to wear in my new role, but with everything that's happened and what I plan to do I feel as though that it's poetic justice that I continue to wear the white clothing my biological father favored.

I've already secured human rights for the Sekirei within the boundaries of the nation of Japan, but until the rest of the world feels the same way the Sekirei will never truly be free. They'll be trapped in Japan and unable to explore the world and they will never be considered truly equal...

"Thirty seconds to air." A male voice says in a clipped tone, the words coming through an earpiece in my left ear.

Nodding briskly the reporters in front of me are all completely clueless as to the reason they have been summoned here. Each of them are professionals however and know that if they were to inquire about that subject they would be told to wait for the announcement. However that doesn't keep them from looking at me and the Sekirei behind me curiously, none of them even remotely suspecting the truth.

Glancing behind me at the assembled Sekirei I can't help but remember when I appeared before the Japanese government, they were all with me as I made my case before the elected representatives, and once I was done nearly all of the assembled leaders agreed to my proposal. Now I intend to take that proposal to the entire world...

The cameras come on, and I feel a shiver of fear run down my spine at the sight of the red lights suddenly flickering on above each lenses, telling me that each and every camera is broadcasting and record.

"Ach-hem..." I clear my throat into my hand, looking up toward the cameras. "My name is Minato Sahashi, and I am Chief Executive Officer and majority owner of MBI Corporation. I have called for this press conference because I have an announcement." I pause, the image on the wall behind me changing to a picture of Kamikura Island with the Sekirei ship partially exposed. "Twenty years ago my predecessor found an alien ship on an alien near the edge of Japan's territorial waters, that island came to be known as Kamikura. Inside that ship were one hundred and eight life forms, one adult, eight new born babies and ninety nine fertilized eggs. These beings became known as Sekirei, and the eight individuals behind me are all one of these Sekirei." I pause, looking out at the mix of reporters and members of the press.

Stunned disbelief is etched on every face I see, the shock at the enormity of the announcement hitting them all like the proverbial 'ton of bricks.'

"Not all of these individuals were female." I continue, not giving the reporters time to ask questions. "Over the last twenty years they have all matured and been released into the general population. The incidents of late that have been occurring within the Capital are the responsibility of my predecessor, he believed these creatures should be made to fight against one another until one remained. However, myself along with several others disagreed with that decision, and with his unfortunate death I have been able to put an end to that irresponsible foolishness." I pause again, showing a change in subject. "Each of these Sekirei all possess superhuman abilities, some more powerful than others." I turn back toward Tsukiumi, smiling at her. "Tsukiumi, if you would?" I ask politely, and the blonde Sekirei blushes lightly.

"Of course, honey." She answers demurely, raising her hand palm up toward the ceiling.

Stepping away from her my other Sekirei give Tsukiumi plenty of room as a ring of water forms around her. A sphere twice the size of a softball forming above her right hand a moment later, my Sekirei slowly moving her hand left and right to show her control over the condensed water.

"This is no trick." I continue, turning back toward the assembled press as the water around Tsukiumi dissolves. "I come here day to request human rights for the Sekirei from all nations of the world." I explain to the assembled press. "No government on the planet shall have access to the Sekirei ship or the technology within, it will be at my sole discretion how said technology is to be used. I have no desire to rule or any demands beyond basic human rights for each of the one-hundred and eight Sekirei, something that is freely given to every human born on this planet in a civilized country." I continue speaking. "The nation of Japan has already acquiesced to this request, and I shall wait 24 hours for the nations of the world to respond to this request. Those who deny this request face no threat of violence or action from me or the nation of Japan, instead these nations shall simply never benefit from any advances made by my company as a result of the alien technology aboard the ship. Any violence attempted against me, any Sekirei or any nation that has granted human rights to the Sekirei shall be met with equal force. I can only warn the leaders of this world not to try this warning, that is all."

With that I pull back from the podium, the assembled press immediately flying into a flurry of questions as I turn away from the podium. Walking to the edge of the stage my Sekirei all follow suit as camera flashes snap incessantly, reporters shouting questions even as we go through the door to leave the press room and enter into a private office with a private elevator.

The doors closed behind us, and I can't help but look around at the assembled Sekirei in the room with me.

"How was that?" I ask curiously, and Miya is the first to speak.

"It was good." Miya praises me.

Each of my Sekirei nods their agreement one by one, and seeing that a wave of relief washes over me. I've practiced that speech more times then I care to count and I wanted to get it right, but I truly had no idea how it would work or how it would come across, so I'd just ran with it.

"I hope the nations of the world agree to my request without any trouble, but I don't think that's possible..."

I know that won't happen, but I can at least hope...


Sitting behind my desk in my office a large TV on the wall on my left side displays a female newscaster explaining that announcements by world governments are being made all over the world in response to my request.

Assembled in the room are all of my Sekirei, save Matsu and including Miya. Rather than standing near me most of them sit around a coffee table that I'd had brought in to the office and put in front of my desk along with a pair of easy chairs, a sofa and even a love seat all arranged around the table. The only Sekirei not sitting are Akitsu and Miya, the stoic Sekirei standing near the sitting area watching the TV, while Miya stands near the window, looking out at the city skyline solemnly.

"The United States, United Kingdom and European Union have all agreed to grant Sekirei human rights on the condition of access to the alien ship and the technologies contained within." The newscaster explains to everyone listening, and I shake my head in frustration.

"They weren't listening..." I mumble to myself.

Reaching up I gently touch the earpiece in my right ear, the device alien technology given to me by Matsu after she'd returned to the ship.

"Yes Mina-tan?" Matsu's voice comes from the small speaker in the earpiece. "What can I do for you?"

"Would you prepare another broadcast?" I ask her curiously.

"Sure Mina-tan." She answers cutely.

In front of me a small silver orb the size of a softball slowly rises into the air, hovering at head height. On the side facing my body a small section of the silver sphere opens, revealing a black lenses.

"Go ahead Mina-tan, I've got you broadcasting over every channel on the planet."

Nodding I turn my full attention to the floating camera in front of me.

"Greetings, you all know who I am." I begin calmly. "I am speaking to all again to restate my request. By granting the Sekirei human rights the nations of the world are doing just that. No nation will be allowed access to the Sekirei ship or it's technology, that ship belongs to the Sekirei, and humanity has no claim to it. As the representative of the Sekirei I assure you that they only desire peace, but the weapons on the Sekirei ship shall never fall into human hands. Humanity has proven that they cannot be trusted with such technology, and would only use it to destroy themselves. That is their judgment, and their judgment is final."

With that I nod, and Matsu kills the feed, the 'eye' on the sphere closing before the silver orb slowly settles in it's place on my desk once again.

The newscaster reappears a moment later, a bewildered expression on her face.

"As you just saw, the backlash from that statement will surely be far and wide..." The reporter says prophetically.

The earpiece chirps, and Matsu's voice comes through the small speaker.

"North Korea has just launched missiles toward Japan." Matsu says seriously, and the information doesn't surprise me at all.

"Do it." I answer her calmly.

"Yes, Mina-tan." She answers seriously.

The screen changes, showing the direction of missiles in mid flight, and as I watch the missiles change direction. Watching as the missiles turn around I know that Matsu has hacked into their guidance systems, redirecting them back toward their source. I watch as the missiles return, North Korea's missile defense systems disabled thanks to Matsu's infiltration of their systems, the computers on the alien ship literally thousands of years more advanced.

The missiles hit, exploding and annihilating their silos in a sea of nuclear fire that spreads throughout the land. I force myself to watch as the blooms of heat from the satellite feed fade, slowly shaking my head in disgust, the emotion forming in the pit of my stomach.

So many innocent people dead, so much destruction... Hopefully that will be enough. Hopefully no more innocent people will need to die before the leaders of the world see the truth...


Three Days Later.

Walking into the United Nations Supreme Council chamber I emerge into a large circular room with a map of the world emblazoned into the rug in the middle. All around the room more than thirty diplomats sit at their respective seats, each seat marked with a placard showing which nation the diplomat hails from. At the center of the room sits a podium and a microphone, the podium for use by any guests who wish to address all the members of the United Nations, or those who are summoned to speak to them, as I was.

"This meeting will now come to order!" The Ambassador from the United Kingdom speaks to the assembled diplomats, the English man acting as a moderator for the rest of the group. "This emergency meeting is being called to discuss the announcement made by the conglomerate corporation MBI and the cyber-terrorism that resulted in the deaths of millions of Koreans and the nuclear poisoning of millions more."

"My company did not launch any thermonuclear devices, and as such is not responsible for the tragedy that befell the people of North Korea." I respond immediately. "If the people of that country wish to blame someone, they should blame their leader, who chose to use those weapons without proper provocation."

"That is an absolute lie!" The Chinese Ambassador decries, a translator in my ear working to tell me what the man is saying. "The computer systems for those missiles were remotely infiltrated and their targets were changed!"

"Those missiles were launched in an unprovoked act of war against the nation of Japan, a nation which does not possess such weapons. Had they gone on their intended course millions of innocent Japanese would've been killed, as things are now the only thing those missiles destroyed were their silos, and any personnel working in those facilities."

"My people have been murdered!" The North Korean ambassador speaks up, slamming his fist against the table in front of him. "The responsibility lies solely with MBI and the nation of Japan!"

"Those missiles belonged to your country." I retort calmly. "Poetic justice that your own weapons killed millions of your own people, isn't it?"

The North Korean ambassador grinds his teeth, my implication hanging in the air.

"There must be a peaceful resolution to this matter." The ambassador from the United States speaks up.

Turning to him my voice is even and calm.

"All I have asked is for the Sekirei to be recognized as people and given basic human rights. If every nation in the world chooses to disagree to that request then those nations shall not benefit from any medical advances made by my company as a result from our possession of the technology on the Sekirei ship."

"Many of the nations of the world would agree to your request, Mr. Director." The US ambassador counters. "All we ask in return is access to the Sekirei vessel."

"That will not happen." I answer absolutely. "That vessel belongs to the Sekirei, and as a race they have chosen not to allow their technology to fall into human hands to watch it destroy our home as it destroyed theirs. I am nor was I ever bartering, the nations of the world will acknowledge the Sekirei as sentient creatures and grant them human rights, or they will be denied any advancements not yet brought to market by my company. It's as simple as that."


Pushing the door to my bedroom open I sigh as I walk through, the darkly stained door closing behind me. Still dressed in a white suit I reach up and pull at the collar, feeling exhausted by the meeting at the United Nations with the leaders of the free world.

"That went stellar..." I mutter sarcastically as I pull off the tie, tossing it aside before doing the same with the jack and vest.

Flopping onto the bed I feel exhausted.

Well, at least most of the nations of the world have agreed to my request, though the Sekirei are hesitant to leave Japan...

With the announcement of real aliens existing and living in Japan millions of UFO fanatics and scientists have flooded to the country in the days since the announcement. The names and faces of each Sekirei soon became common knowledge, a website for Sekirei fans was created with profiles for each of them, each profile containing all the known information about each of them. It's quickly gotten to the point that a Sekirei can't walk down the street in the capital or any other city without being stopped by random people, some wanting pictures, other asking questions, even more (mostly nerds) wanting to marry them. As such the Sekirei are hesitant to even go out in public, much less travel to other countries.

In time things will get better, the novelty will fade and they will be nothing special in a few months...I hope...

The door opens, the sound of the hinges sliding open drawing my attention as I sit up, Yume walking into the room and allowing the door to swing closed behind her.

"Minato..." She says my name, smiling at me.

"Hello, darling..." I respond with a smile, soliciting a blush from my first Sekirei.

Since the death of Minaka and the end of the Plan Yume and Tsukiumi did fight a friendly match as promised, and it was Yume who came out the victor, claiming the title of 'legal wife' for herself. Tsukiumi and the others seem content to accept the title of lover or mistress, and I've accepted the fact that they have to share me, working out a rotation where each of them takes turns with me, unless they chose to invite another into my bed as well. I can't count the number of times I've had a threesome with either Kazehana, Tsukiumi or Homura being the one to invite another to share our bed. Yume and Uzume haven't, and I'm not laying a finger on Kusano until she grows up, and I'm more than willing to spend my time with her playing and going to movies and parks and things like that.

"I'm proud of you Minato." Yume says as she sits down on the bed next to me, tonight her night in the rotation. "You've done more for my people than Minaka ever would."

"I couldn't just sit back and watch the Sekirei be persecuted." I answer with a shrug of my shoulders. "Though...I don't know how long the current agreements will remain in place... The nations of the world are going to begin to stockpile weapons, and they're all going to be aimed at MBI and the ship. If they can't have it, they'll try to destroy it I'm sure."

"Don't worry about that for now." Yume dismisses my concerns, placing a tender hand on my cheek she brings her lips toward mine. "I've missed my husband's touch..."

Smiling I place a hand on her left cheek.

"I've missed you too." I whisper, meeting my wife half way as our lips meet in a passionate kiss, the worries of the world fading away as her wings of light snap into brilliance.


(Well, what did you think? It feels good to finally finish a story, and now that this is done I'm going to go back to working on my other projects, both published under my pen name and not. For those Sekirei fans, I've been kicking around the idea of a Miya/Minato ongoing story for a while now, don't really have anything yet, but I've been thinking about it. Let me know what you think if you're interested, if not, I hope you all enjoyed the ride and had fun reading this. PEACE OUT)