"Yay! Yay! Today's Jack's birthday! Yay!" Jeff cheered as he gave his son Jack Eskimo kisses. Today was Jack's first birthday and they were planning on celebrating with a giant party before the Smackdown tapings.

Jack giggled and grabbed Jeff's nose. "Dada!" he cooed happily.

Jeff kissed Jack's little hand. "Yeah, Dada's here. I'm glad you decided to call me that because Phil was convinced you were going to be calling me Mama."

Randy came back into the hotel room holding a balloon. "Look what I got you Jack."

Jack stared up at the balloon with wide eyes. "Loon! Loon!"

Jeff laughed as he got off the bed. "I think he likes it," he said as he kissed Randy. It had been over a year since they're wedding and Jeff was finding himself growing more and more in love with Randy each day. He hadn't thought that was possible, but it was happening.

Randy handed the balloon to Jack. Jack immediately put the string in his mouth. "Everything's set up. We're just supposed to bring him over whenever we're ready."

"Are Phil and Miz being supervised?" Jeff asked. The party was being held at Chuck E. Cheese, so those two had to be watched at all times or bad things would happen. The two of them had been thrown out of three different Chuck E. Cheese's across the country.

Randy nodded. "Kofi and Lillian have them under control." He grinned at Jack. "You ready to go get presents? You want the presents?"

"Da!" Jack replied.

Randy kissed Jack on the head. "I think that might be a yes."

Jeff put Jack in a clean set of clothes and Randy drove them to Chuck E. Cheese. Being WWE superstars, they were able to get the whole place reserved for themselves. That was probably a good thing, because Phil and Miz had gotten free of their spouses' control and were now wrestling in the ball pit.

"I thought you were controlling them," Randy said to Lillian.

The eight month pregnant ring announcer just rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well, I can't do much of anything now when I'm big as a house. Mike can outrun me now."

"What about you Kofi?" Jeff asked.

Kofi shrugged. "Playing like a kid makes Phil happy. And if he's happy, I'm happy."

Matt and Katie brought their twins Aaron and Jenny over to the table. The two of them were only a few months older than Jack. "Awen! Jenny!" Jack said as he pointed at his cousins.

Matt grinned at his nephew. "Is this one of those days where he's naming everything?"

"I think it's starting to be," Jeff replied. He put Jack down in a high chair. The table was filled with a giant birthday cake and a whole bunch of presents. "Is everyone here yet?"

"Mark and Glenn are on their way," Katie answered as she smoothed out the wrinkles in Jenny's party dress. "They had to go pick up Grace and Kylie." Mark's ex-wife Sara had just recently died, so Mark was now getting full custody of his daughters back.

"Pooh!" Jack yelled. He had just realized what was on the birthday cake.

"Yeah, it's Winnie the Pooh," Randy said. "We have to wait for Mark and Glenn to get here and then we'll eat some."

"Want Pooh. Want now."

"Soon Jack. You'll get Pooh soon."

Jeff reached into Jack's stroller and grabbed his stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear. "Here Jack. Hold this Pooh for awhile."

"Mine," Jack said as he snatched his favorite bear away from his dad.

One of the people who worked for Chuck E. Cheese walked over to them. "Could one of you please control your friends over there?" she asked, pointing to Phil and Miz. "They're going to break something."

"Get down from there you jackasses!" Mark yelled as he, Glenn, Kylie and Grace entered the building. "Don't make me come over there and kick your asses!"

Phil and Miz quickly abandoned their quest to climb on top of everything and sat down at the table. "We're sorry," Phil said.

"We'll be good," Miz added.

"You better be," Mark growled. He set Jack's present down on the table. "How's the birthday boy doing?"

"Grandpa!" Jack exclaimed. He held up his arms. "Up! Up!"

Mark picked Jack up and then sat him on his lap. Jack was really attached to Mark. The rest of the group (which now included Maria because she was dating Morrison) sat down and started eating the cake. Once they were done with that, it was time for Jack to open his presents.

Of course, there were several problems with that. First of all, Jack was torn between wanting to eat the wrapping paper and wanting to play with his presents right then and there. Then Aaron tried to take the toy dinosaurs Phil and Kofi gave Jack, which led to gigantic fits thrown by both Jack and Aaron. And then, to top things off, Ted and Cody got Jack some sort of singing Elmo thing, which for some reason, signaled to Miz that he needed to press the button so many times that Glenn had to threaten to choke slam him to make him knock it off. There were only so many times they could stand listening to Elmo before wanting to kill someone.

"Hey, there's still one left," Cody pointed out. He grabbed the box and held it up. "Who brought this one?"

Nobody raised their hands. "Dude, that was there when we got here," Mickie said. "It said it was for Jack so we thought it was from one of you."

Jeff took the box and looked at it. It was addressed only to Jack. It didn't say who it was from. "I don't know about this you guys," he said slowly. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Mine!" Jack said. He was reaching for the box. "Mine Dada!"

"Just let him open it," Matt said. "If it's for the kid, it can't be that bad."

So Jeff reluctantly handed the box over to Jack. Jack ripped the paper off to reveal a closed shoebox. He took off the lid and an overwhelming stench nearly made them all puke. "Birdie," Jack said. He looked at the box, very confused about it's contents. "Birdie no fly."

Jeff looked inside the box. To his shock, horror and fury, there was a dead bird in there. "What in the hell is this?" he yelled. He snatched the box away from Jack. "Randy, somebody gave Jack a dead bird!"

Randy looked pissed and confused. "Well who in the hell would do that?" He looked at the Chuck E. Cheese employees. "Did you see who put this box here?" he asked.

The girl who had complained about Phil and Miz earlier stepped forward. "Some guy wouldn't leave until we put it on your table. He insisted that he was a friend that just couldn't stay for the party."

"Who was he? Did he say his name?"

"He just said "Quote the Raven, nevermore". He didn't say who he was."

Jeff froze. The girl didn't know it, but that phrase told them exactly who had sent it. "Raven," he said quietly. "Why would he send this? What does he want?"

"I don't know," Randy said. He was shaking from his anger. "But I'm going to find out."