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When Blair was content, she would let a certain softness overcome her voice and demeanor that few—if anyone—besides Chuck had the pleasure of knowing intimately.

Chuck walked quietly into her dark bedroom, not wanting to scare her. He sat down on the edge of her bed and watched her as she slept blissfully unaware of his presence.

He reached up to comb his fingers through her hair, slowly lulling her awake without startling her.

It didn't take long for her eyelids to flutter open.

"Chuck?" she whispered with a soft smile on her face.

"Hey you" he whispered back.

He moved his hand to cup the side of her face.

"Am I dreaming?" she sighed "You're not supposed to be here."

Blair of course was referring to the fact that Chuck was scheduled to be on his business trip to Hong Kong until Sunday.

And it was only Friday night.

"I caught a plane back a few days early" he told her "I couldn't stay away."

"I missed you" Blair said as she moved her hand to cover his.

"I missed you too, sweetheart" he said as he leaned down to kiss her.

"Are you coming to bed?" she asked coquettishly—despite still being half-asleep.

"In a minute. I'm gonna take a quick shower."

"Want me to join with you?"

Her offer was offset with an adorably big yawn.

"No, you're exhausted. Go back to sleep" he told her, a smile playing on his own lips.

"I'm not tired."

But even as she said the words, her eyes closed again.


As Chuck stepped under the hot spray, he sighed in relief that he was finally home.

It was an easy decision really. Blair wasn't the only person in their relationship who had abandonment issues. Between his parents' untimely deaths and those closest to Blair often leaving her behind without a second glance—her father, Serena, Nate and even him long ago, the two of them spending time a part proved to be a nearly impossible task.

Unfortunately, since becoming the CEO of Bass Industries on his 18th birthday last year, certain out of the country trips were often unavoidable. He would have taken Blair in a heart-beat—he wanted nothing more than to be able to wisp her away from New Haven (she had an apartment there while attending Yale) and show her parts of the world she's never seen.

But school was far too important to Blair and she continued to have the same irrefutable morals she's had since grad school—that not even Chuck Bass could rid her of after nearly a year and a half of dating.

They had been doing okay on this latest trip, but some odd 20 hours ago Blair called him in tears. She missed him. She was hurting. She needed it to be Sunday.

She needed him to be home with her.

So Chuck made it happen. A few phone calls and a few emergency board meetings later, he was on a commercial flight back home to Blair.

The same Blair who made the whole ordeal worth it just by saying his name in the voice that he loved.


After drying off and running a towel through his hair, Chuck padded his way across the floor and climbed into bed.

Blair, who appeared to be sleeping, opened her eyes as soon as she felt the bed dip.

"Hi" she whispered before bringing her lips to his.

Chuck instinctively reciprocated her eagerness, kissing her with all the pent-up frustration he experienced from being away from her for nearly a week.

When he felt Blair's hand wrap around his member and begin to stroke him slowly, he pulled away.

"Blair, let's go to sleep" he coaxed her, despite a certain part of his anatomy screaming for more attention "You're too tired."

"No I'm not" she said "I've slept enough. Besides, I want to be with you."

She continued to stroke him, sending waves of pleasure over Chuck's jet-lagged body.

"I want to be with you too" he told her.

"Then make love to me" she whispered.

Chuck didn't respond; instead he moved himself on top of her. After easily ridding her of her nightgown, Chuck propped himself up with his arms so he could drink in the view of Blair lit in the moonlight.

Everything about her was soft. So soft, and yet he was barely touching her.

She was always so effortlessly beautiful, especially at night. No makeup, no headbands, no cold exterior she reserved for the public, and absolutely no insecurities.

She was perfectly at ease in this moment; perfectly warm and trusting and comforting.


"I love you" she said reached up to brush his still damp hair off of his forehead.

Chuck's eyes closed at the sensation of her words and act of affection. He never thought they would be here. He never thought the day would come—despite the hope of 'in the future'—where Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf would openly love and trust each other enough to find the happiness they've always deserved but never had.

"I love you too" he said as he moved down to kiss her.

After a few long, deep, breathtaking kisses, Blair whispered "I'm ready" against his mouth.

"You sure?" he asked, knowing how much she loved her foreplay.

"Yes" she panted "Please."

Moving his hips ever so gently, Chuck positioned himself before hesitantly sliding himself inside of her.

When he was met with absolutely no resistance—but rather the searing heat and wetness that never failed to astound him—he quickly pulled back before thrusting into her with much more urgency than before.

Blair cried out at the sensation, rolling her head from side to side as Chuck attacked her neck with his mouth.

She lost the power of speech then. Not one "Oh god" or "Faster" or even a "Chuck" left her lips. The only noises that filled the room besides the sound of their bodies fusing together were her gasps, moans and whimpers.

Chuck followed in suit—the only noise leaving his mouth was the panting of hot air against her neck and shoulders. Tonight was not about competition. It was not a "who can scream the loudest" or "come the hardest" type of sex. It was a mutual surrender both physically and emotionally.

It was desperate, but not violent.

It was gentle, yet deeply passionate.

It was the type of love-making that only two people as damaged as them could experience together and only together.

The only signal Chuck had of Blair getting close to reaching her peak was the sensation of her finger-nails caressing—but not clawing at—the expansion of his back.

He lifted his head to look at her face and nearly came at that very moment.

Her eyes were scrunched shut at the feeling of the excruciating pleasure she was experiencing. Her lips were swollen and periodically opening and closing—though nothing but her ragged breaths escaped her mouth. A thin layer of sheen danced its way across her forehead and collarbone, enticing Chuck to lean down again and taste the sweetness her body was offering him.

When he felt her bring her legs up to wrap around his waist, Chuck altered the angle of his thrusting in order to stroke her most sensitive spot.

Three strokes later, Blair's whole body pulsed around him tightly—she held his body to hers with an urgency to get him as close as humanly possible as she felt Chuck bit down on her shoulder and explode inside of her.

It was the first time they reached their climax at the same time.

Chuck vaguely registered her tears that moistened his neck and they continued to hold each other close.

Still breathing heavily, Blair threaded her fingers through Chuck's hair.

Gently, he lifted his head from her collarbone to face her.

With tears shining in her dark brown eyes, she cradled his face in her hands and sighed his name contently.


She could say his name so many ways; hell, depending on the day of the week, she could make it sound like a curse or a prayer.

Once upon a time, Chuck was convinced that he loved all those ways equally.

But that was before this moment.

This perfect moment where no one could touch them or hurt them.

Chuck Bass was certain he had never felt so loved in his life.

He leaned forward to press his forehead against her.

"Charles" she whispered again.

Yeah, that was definitely his favorite.