150 years later

Epilogue: Snow

The end of the invasion was both sudden and gradual. Most Souls, though horrified by what we had done, did not want to completely waste the lives of their Hosts, and most remained if the human never came back to "claim the body." No human's were used as Hosts again, except on the rare case where a body was "donated" for a Soul who remained on Earth when they needed it, much like how human's used to donate their organs for others to use when they died.

At this point, there are only a few Souls left on Earth. Those of us who have been asked to remain behind as counselors and ambassadors for our kind; myself, Wanderer, Burns, and a handful of others who are remaining on as instructors at Universities to help impart our knowledge in the areas of Healing and Engineering.

I had originally thought the Seekers, who were the most human-like in their personalities and attitudes would balk at leaving Earth. But it turned out that the existence of beings that couldn't be used as Hosts (the vampires and werewolves), scared them to death, and none had any desire to remain on Earth after their Host died.

Regarding my supernatural friends, they did not reveal their existence to the Souls cavalierly, and it was their wish to return to their quiet, secretive lives. It was agreed that nothing would be recorded about their existence, and that rumors and stories about them would remain just that, eventually returning them to the realm of Mythology.

Speaking of the Cullens themselves, they are coming back to Forks to "start over" once again. Of all the places they call home, this is their favorite, and we are all happy to see them come back, because there are many reasons on both sides to celebrate their return.

Bella and Edward are overjoyed that they would be close to their daughter again, since other than visits back and forth, they hadn't been able to see much of her over the last few decades. With Jacob being the Pack's Alpha, it is difficult for him to leave for long periods of time, and of course, Jacob and Nessie are inseparable. As for me, I'm very glad to have my dear friends Carlisle, Esme, Wanderer and Ian in such close proximity.

Ian and Wanda fit in well with the Cullens. While no one could ever replace Emmett and Rosalie, those two did help fill the void. It has been difficult at times for Ian to maintain a relationship with Wanderer since she's in a human Host, but he's never faltered, and they have a wonderful relationship. It does help knowing that even if Ian did slip, Wanderer could be placed in a new Host, though thankfully it's never come to that. Bella and Edward, having a unique understanding of their situation, have also been very supportive to the two of them over the years, and it's helped immensely. Though there have been no more vampire/human hybrid babies – Renesme is unique in the Cullen family, and from what I can tell, Wanda and Ian wish to keep it that way.

Another area of celebration is the return of Alice and Jasper. Jeb, being the curious man that he was, and having struck up such a great friendship with Fords was invited to be the human ambassador to the Souls and tour the galaxy with Fords and Sunny for a time. He in turn invited Alice and Jasper to accompany him, and they readily agreed to go for a while. With the cryogenic stasis he was placed in for every travel, he has aged perhaps only five years since he left Earth 150 years ago. Based on the reports he has sent back he is having the time of his life, and won't be returning any time soon.

Sunny chose to accompany Jeb for a time, and then to go back to the Bears after Kyle died. She simply couldn't handle being human without him.

Melanie and Jared intended to live normal human lives out at their "old cabin" with a few of the other cave dwellers in a clan of sorts, and have a half a dozen children. Even though Melanie claimed she just wanted a quiet life with Jared, she was meant to lead, and eventually ended up being one of the prominent human world leaders, while Jared and the rest of her clan provided her with all the support she needed. And yes, they did still have the half dozen children.

As for Jamie, he grew up, went to college, fell in love and got married… to a Soul. They lived very full lives, and he eventually ended up following in Jeb's footsteps after his children had grown, and is currently still an acting ambassador to the Souls with his wife, Sings in the Night.

Leah had a hard time getting over the death of her brother, but with Burns' love and support she was able to carry on. The two of them are very much in love and well suited to each other, so of course, eventually got married. Leah got her wish for children, since, like so many human couples have had to do over time, they adopted. They are still together to this day, and as a matter of fact Burns was just placed in his third Human host (donated of course), and I foresee centuries of love and happiness, and children, between the two of them yet to come.

As was his right, Sam chose not to be immortal since his beloved Emily was gone, and so lived out a natural life, and eventually died over ninety years ago. We lived a long full life together, both of us making it to our late nineties before dying of natural causes. We had our two children, many grandchildren, and countless great-grandchildren, and they are all beautiful.

I cannot blame my husband for not desiring to stay in this mortal world any longer. No one should have to be immortal against their wishes, and while I know to his dying day he pined for Emily, I also know that he truly and completely loved me as well. So I am content and I am happy.

I write this knowing that this, my second life as a human, will be coming to an end soon. Once again I find myself old and bent, and weary with age, but more than that, weary with life. I'd never intended on taking a second host, wanting only to follow my husband even in death, and it was only at my old friend and colleague Carlisle's insistence that I was still needed that I agreed to be inserted in one last Host. But the truth was, without my dearest Sam and precious Little Em and Little Sam, life no longer holds the color and joy it once had. I find that I am ready to join them in whatever comes after this mortal existence. And I think I'm ready to finally meet Emily.

Earth is still a paradise. There has been no global war so far, but eventually things will go back to how they were, despite our guidance and presence here. Rich, poor, love, war – it is what makes them Human.

It is what makes them beautiful.

The End

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